Welcome to the Curves of Life

Forget the straight and narrow! Forget the fast lane!

Life as we know it has more bumps, bends, twists and CURVES!

Follow along as I navigate this crazy, messy, winding, sometimes unorthodox, and beautiful thing called life!

If you have found your way here, WELCOME and remember to #sparklebright! I hope you enjoy food, adventure and anything beauty because those are the three guiding principles of the Curvy E Chronicles!

Each day is about growth and finding my place in this big wide world and this blog is here to document my journey through it! Product reviews, hauls, and a journey to a healthy, happier me are all pieces to this puzzle. I hope to share with you all the different things that I love and that inspire me each and every day! Explore, share and comment! I love to hear other ideas and broaden my horizons so that I can experience as much as I can in this life time. After all we only get one!

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