Day One!

This is the start. The start I needed to get things going and to try and make my life better in more ways than one!

There are so many cliché quotes I could paste across this but that’s not really what I am here to do! I want to be honest and to really show you the true me in all my entirety no matter how scary it might be!

Today marks a start to an endless journey that I hope will push me beyond the comfort zone I have fallen into and to push me to achieve and strive for more for myself!

So you may ask how day one went…well let me give you a bit of a run down!

Started off being woken up by my cats knocking over my ironing board….I being home alone thought I was about to get murdered….in broad daylight….I can be paranoid at times! This all happened 5 minutes BEFRORE my alarm goes off!!!! REALLY!!?? Yep that is what Monday started like for me. Oh well though I have made a goal and a commitment to myself that I am going to make this my Day One! My Starting Point!!

So I changed my clothes, put on a bra and got to my work out! I have made myself a schedule to start out and stick to so that I can make sure I am improving each and every week and working toward my end goal!!!

I start my workout and guess what!!!! My chunky butt got so winded in the first 15 minutes I could barely breathe and decided to stop. But I did get that 15 minutes in!

So the question is do I kick myself for not finishing the dance video?!?!?!?! Or should I be proud of the fact that I am making a choice to make my life better and to work harder???

The decision is yours.

But I’ll tell you I was pretty damn proud of myself for pushing for those 15 minutes and pushing to sweat and start working harder! Because after all we have to start somewhere!

Now remember today is Monday….and not just Monday but Monday the 1st…..I work in the banking world and for anyone else who does this they understand what this means! Prepare for battle! Put on your war paint, your relax fit pants and your most comfortable shoes because this day is about to OWN you!

Well before I even get to work I remember…oh ya I didn’t pack my lunch….missed step #1…..then I realize, oh ya I didn’t grab breakfast….then crap, I didn’t leave a check to pay rent….shoot, I didn’t make coffee either! You may ask what I did with the rest of my morning after just 15 minutes of working out well let me tell you….I was watching Peoples Court because that show is hilarious and I now know everything I could possibly need if I’m ever in small claims court!

Well I make it to work and guess what…my out of shape self now has a back ache….and YES after 15 mins of cardio workout I gave myself a back ache! Judge me if you’d like but I have to make a start and this is it!!!!

So through the pain and fake laughs at the number of times people admire the pet rock collection we have I have made it through my day! I get home check the mail and all is right with my world for the night! Not!!!! I forgot to stop and pick up my husbands 4-wheeler tire from getting fixed….

So what is the moral of this incredibly whinny and wonderful story I just told you………

No matter what you get thrown at you in a day you must make a start and work hard sometimes harder than ever to make it better than what it seems! Can you quit…sure but the question is should you quit??


Keep pushing and striving for better! Make your Day One and get on it! Get started on a better you no matter what!





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