A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shinning and here in Washington it’s beginning to look a lot like summer! Who’s ready!?!?!

I know I am!

It’s day’s like today that I am thankful for the little things! There are times in life where you must take a minute or two just to sit and think of all the good things. Make a list, jot them down as you think of them, take pictures of them; however is easy for you to remember and think of the things that you are oh so lucky to have!

I know cliché at it’s finest but it really can make a difference! Or maybe it’s just the overload of Vitamin D that I have been lacking over the long and hellish winter we just had. Who knows….

But as I have embarked on this journey for self betterment I am learning more and more it is the simplicity that makes the most sense.


For instance waking up just a little earlier than I need to so that I can relax and enjoy the sun coming up with my cup of coffee.

Story time………

I had a professor in college who taught English. She was different and when she said that we would only be writing 4 essays the entire quarter I couldn’t help but think “Hell ya! I’ll breeze through this like a piece of cake! This will be my blah class while I work hard on the others.” Little did I know I would learn so much from this professor.

She was different….no tv…loved to run…kind of a hippy….always had her red hair wild and out of control. But there was something about her honesty and energy for each of her students in such a care free manner that it was impossibly not to be drawn in.

One day while in class she asked us to close our eyes and think of the things that really put us at peace. And she told us a story….

A story of waking up early just before the sun. And listening to the coffee brew and the smell it made wafting throughout the entire house. How she would pour a cup and sit there and take those few extra minutes to enjoy the simplicity that was a cup of coffee.


This has always stuck with me ever since that class! Though I never realized how important it really was until I started to do this same thing myself.

The journey to self betterment is an overall path…its not about just the inches and pounds, the spinach and chicken, the skincare and all natural blah….it’s about being content in mind, body and soul!

I know I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere and Day One was my start! All I can do is grow from here on out and starting with just me.


Now go get your damn coffee and rule the day!


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