I won’t accept defeat…only change

I’m here to be real and honest in my journey to a better version of me.

So let me get this out of the way first! I am OVERWEIGHT! That is why I started this is because I am trying to better every part of me and I’m sick of feeling the way I do! With that being said PLEASE DO NOT judge me!!

I started my day one with a work out and I could only get through half of it. I was sore and winded and my back was aching! But I pushed through! I did my abs on the next day and I went into Day three with a vengeance…..well that wasn’t a good idea at all…..

I ended up severely straining my lower back muscles and spending the last few days barely able to walk and brought to my knees any time I stood up straight….

I was miserable and because of this I wasn’t able to finish  my first full week of my 12 week plan…I was disappointed in myself and disappointed I couldn’t stick with something I wanted to hard to stick with!

I had a whole system set up that for every 5 consecutive day’s I stuck with something I got a non food related reward to change my mindset and perspective. And I was so bummed I couldn’t make the first 5 days happen.

But then  CLICK!!!!

I had a total thought make over! I wasn’t skimping out on my workout plan I was merely just experiencing a bump in the road.

SO  WHAT if my first week didn’t go as planned…when does it ever

SO WHAT if I missed a couple of days….due to my own dumb fault

SO WHAT if I have to keep going longer than my 12 weeks…we all know I want to keep going beyond that!

SO WHAT!!!!!!!

That is why I won’t be accepting defeat but only change!

Change in myself

Change in my workout plan

Change in my attitude

Change in my who mind body and soul

I need to build up my strength and I need to find a way to get there so that I don’t hurt myself again.

So we are changing it up!

We are trying something new!

I will not let my mind defeat me this time! I am stronger than I think and stronger than I know!!!

So here we go! Into a new week and into continuing on my journey to a better and more well rounded me!!!

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