Sephora PLAY! Review : June 2017

In a Summer State of Mind

Sephora PLAY!: June 2017

Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.

Now to see what was in my June Bag!

img_6336The bags are cute but not really practical for use beyond when the items come in them.

img_6337BVLGARI- Omina Crystalline Perfume

This one I actually enjoyed! According to the Sephora website it has notes of bamboo, nashi, lotus flower, and balsa wood and it has an airy, radiant and feminine style. And it really does have the airy smell. I wore it to work one day and loved it! And I’m not one to normally wear perfume.





Benefit- The Pore-fissional Face Primer

A cult favorite but not for me! I have used this in the past and with my oily skin type it isn’t very friendly and ends up clogging my pores instead of blurring them and I end up a hot greasy mess by lunch time. I will be passing this on to a friend.


Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick- Lovesick ( a mauve nude)

Before I get to carried away let’s just take a look at this sad, heart breaking site. I don’t know when or how this happened but my cap came broken!!!! I am sooooo bummed!!!! But nothing alittle bit of tape couldn’t help me out with!

I haven’t had the chance to try Kat Von D before so this was a nice treat in my box! It swatches beautiful and is a gorgeous cool tone mauve. I love this color!!! And it wears so nicely! But make sure to bring it with for touch ups. I made this mistake and after eating lunch it was pretty much gone off of my lips. Other than the wear time not being great the formula is extremely smooth and comfortable.



Coola- Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30

What a genius idea!? SPF in a setting spray! Brilliant…..Kind of….. I have been using this the last few days and it sets my make up really well. Nothing moves! However there is definitely a weird sticky feeling to the face and an odd finish. The other things that is a kind of off-putting about this setting spray is the SMELL! Now the directions do say to close your eyes tight and to hold your breath….FOLLOW THESE!!!! If you inhale within the first 30 seconds after you spray this stuff it will BURN!!! And it is the most unpleasant sensation. And to be quite honest the smell after spraying is unpleasant as well. It definitely has the smell of sunscreen but like the cheap stuff our parents used when we were kids. This also left some spots on my face where the mist wasn’t as fine. I will keep trying it but I don’t know that I would purchase a full size of this. img_6341


KLORANE Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

According to the Sephora website this was an Allure Best of Beauty winner for 2016. And I can see why!!! This stuff is AMAZING!!! At first I wasn’t sure because when it comes out in a very strong white cast! I will admit I may not have shaken this enough but it was very strong white cast. Now that I have blonde hair I don’t notice it as much but I’m not sure how those with dark hair would fair with this. Now to the best part…. I am on day three and haven’t had to touch up my hair with any more product!!!!!!!!!! DAY THREE PEOPLE!!! That is a miracle for my oily head!!!! It doesn’t even hint at being oily or having that gross “I have too much dry shampoo in my hair” look. And the volume is just an added bonus! img_6343I will for sure be buying this in the full size!


VERB Sea Salt Spray

The claims for this spray is that it is formulated to take “landlocked hair to the beach for loose, languid curls.” And it does exactly that! I personally don’t buy things like this for my hair because mine tends to loosen up naturally but it will still look like tighter curls that have just relaxed rather than beach waves. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I did spary this on my hair and I think I may have used too much for my first time but with in minutes my hair started to loosen up and gave the soft loose beachy look that is super on trend. Now that I have short hair I have a feeling I will be using this all summer long! And I will say this deluxe size sample will last me through the summer!!! Not to mention it smells GREAT!!!

Well that’s all for my Sephora PLAY! for June! Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment me a comment if you found this helpful or if you subscribe as well and let me know what you got in your June bag!

Keep an eye out for what’s up around the curve!

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