Fitness Friday : June 23rd, 2017

Welcome to Fitness Friday!

This week we are going to talk about the one healthy choice you make for yourself.

This week my choice was to take a salad for lunch every day this week!

Believe it or not making a salad for every day of the week really brings out your creative juices because you have to think of new and improved ways of taking boring and bland to the next level and adding new and different toppings!

My favorite toppings are onions, cranrasins and chicken! We cook chicken most nights of the week so I take half of my chicken from the night before and use it for my salad the next day. The fun part about this is my husband is always trying new marinades and different seasonings, so this gives my salad a little something different each day as well. I add onions for crunch and the cranrasins give the bit of sweet I crave!


This is my salad from the other day: Spinach, deer steak (super lean protein) onions, cheese, and a salsa ranch dressing just to jazz it up.

With dressings I will only use one to one and a half serving sizes because usually that it plenty and that way my calorie count isn’t out of control.

I hope you enjoyed this first Fitness Friday! Let me know in the comments what one choice you are making for yourself each week! One small choice can change a whole lot!

Keep an eye out for what’s up around the curve!

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