Simply Breathing

Last night as I was heading up to bed I came to a mangled mess of blankets, our two furbabies and my husband all fast asleep.

And I couldn’t help but feel my heart just fill with warmth.

So happy with something so simple as watching them all curled up and cuddling on the bed fast asleep without worries or cares. Watching them all just breath in and out….in and out….in and out.

It really is sometimes the simple things like this that can mean the most. In this constantly fast moving world I find it’s times like this where I just want time to slow down and stand still. I want to remember these simple moments of pure bliss!

Remember it really is the simple things in life that will add all of the happiness  you need to your every day. Relish in those simple things and cherish them to the very end!



Keep and eye out for what’s around the curve!

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