5 Questions Every Bride Should be Asked

With wedding season in full swing I have been asked to help with a couple of weddings this summer and the planner in me has been going crazy in the best most creative way possible!


Disclaimer! I am by no means a professional in this area and I don’t market myself as such. I merely just like to help people and friends plan for their big days because I know how stressful it can be and how nice it is to have someone to handle all of the details so that the bride can enjoy her big and special day! Because quiet frankly there is nothing worse than worrying about the little minor details on the big day when it should be about sharing your love with one another and with the friends and family you have asked to join you on your special day!

So here are 5 questions that every planner or day of coordinator should ask her bride!


1. Describe your perfect wedding day

This is something really key to ask any bride when going into coordinating her big day! She has a dream and you want to help her make that dream happen. It’s also nice to have a big over all picture that can then be narrowed down and tweaked as time goes on. Not to mention this will help you greatly with being able to deliver everything she is expecting. Which brings up to question 2…


 2. What are you expectations for me (the wedding coordinator)?

This to me is one of the most important questions to ask any bride! You want to make sure there are clear expectation set for the big day! There is nothing worse than getting there on the day of and things not going according to the brides plans! A bride works very hard to plan all of the details from beginning to end of her wedding and wants it to go perfectly and smoothly and that ultimately is what a coordinator is there to do! Relive stress from the bride and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be.


 3. How comfortable are you with change?

So ultimately there needs to be a plan B for just about everything on the wedding day no matter what it is! And I am a firm believer in a plan B if things can’t or won’t go according to plan A. I feel this questions also goes hand in hand with the previous two questions because brides do put in a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears into making this day everything they have dreamed about. But as we all well now not everything will go perfectly! So that is where I like to ask how comfortable the bride is with change. I want to put feelers out there to make sure that if all else fails she is ok with my creative expression to help make her day great or if we need to make extra plans to make sure that everything she wants happens flawlessly.


4. Important people to keep track of

It really does take a small army to put together a wedding and when you are creating things from scratch similar to the wedding I am helping with it is essential to have a list of people to help you get the big day put together. It really is impossible to for one person to do everything at a wedding when it comes to décor, scheduling, keeping everyone on track and wrangling bridal party, family and guests. My bride was already prepared with this and this last weekend when we went and toured the venue.


5. What is the most important part of the wedding day to you?

The final of my top 5 here is to ask your bride what really is the most important part of her big day for her. For me I was more concerned about the photos we got and having a stress free day. For my bride she doesn’t want to  have to worry about anything and to make sure that we stay on track. So it’s important that I stay very organized and ready for anything that might come up in the day. I want to make sure that time management is the forefront and focus for our day and that it’s fun and enjoyable for all involved!


I hope these are some helpful questions to both coordinators and brides alike to make sure that their big day runs smoothly and goes off without a hitch!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Keep an eye out for what is up around the curve!

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