TJ Maxx HAUL!!!!



For one reason or another I have felt compelled to do some silly shopping at TJ Maxx! And by silly shopping I mean shopping for nothing that I need but for the pure fact that I wanted to SHOP!!!

Who else has those days where you just want to shop so you go and find cool things that you know you’ll use but don’t really need well that is what I did!!!

Check out the cute things I got!!!

These cute planners and note books!!! I love planners and note books of all kinds!!! And how cute are these! The floral print is just adorable! And I actually bought the floral planner and note book separately and didn’t realize they matched until I got home! The unicorn one I am saving to give to my best friend for her birthday coming up in September!

Now tell me how anyone could pass up these cute bags!!! The top bag is a light pink make up bag that is actually nicely large and holds everything I need when I’m traveling! (leave me a comment or message if you want to see my what I pack in travel make up). The adorable macaroon bag is made for holding all kinds of cord and different odds and ends while traveling! I am headed into the fall season when I will be traveling some for some different things and this is going to come in sooooo handy when keeping my cords and head phones and what not all organized!

These are a few odds and ends that I found and again couldn’t resist! The far right is a huge tote type bag that is great for the beach or a picnic or even just as a simple over night bag! And of course it has one of my favorite quotes on it! I also found these amazing smelling watermelon scented facial cleansing clothes. I had run out of my normal face wipes and needed some in a pinch and found these in the beauty section and I am so impressed! The clothes or wipes are very large and there are 60 in the back for $4. And when they smell delicious I couldn’t help myself! And the final thing I found was this adorable jewelry holder that I plan on giving to my best friend for her birthday as well! I thought it was incredibly cute and it says “embrace your inner unicorn”! How cute!!!

Well that is all that I have hauled recently from TJ Maxx! Look for more on how I like to use all of my different note books!!!


Keep an eye out for what’s coming up around the curve!



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