The Wedding Advent Calendar!


It’s wedding season full tilt!

The other day I found myself in need of a gift idea for a bridal shower for a friend and I couldn’t think of what to get her! I wanted it to be something sentimental that wasn’t from her gift registry because that’s what the wedding day is for. Plus I found this to be a fun alternative to traditional bridal shower gifts!

From the many different idea’s behind the wedding advent I decided to make a fun spin on it and do the 12 Day Count town (similar to the 12 days of Christmas) and making it a wedding day emergency kit (all the little things people don’t always think about for the big day)



First we will start with the supplies you will need to wrap the gifts and present them!

I purchases a majority of my supplies between TJMaxx and Wal-Mart.

  • décor box
  • wrapping paper
  • sticky numbers
  • tags to label each dat
  • note cards to go with each day
  • bags to put items in
  • a card for the bride

Next well move into the different items for the wedding day survival kit!

Most of these things I got at the Dollar Store or at the travel section at Wal-Mart.

  • Large bag for carrying all the emergency items and then some
  • a journal
  • a pen
  • baby powder
  • face wipes
  • Q-tips
  • Band-Aids
  • lint roller
  • wrinkle release
  • Tide-to-Go
  • Kleenex
  • Tylenol
  • Eye drops
  • compact mirror
  • safety pins
  • sewing kit
  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • hairspary
  • bobbi pins
  • dry shampoo
  • nail kit
  • clear polish
  • hand sanitizer
  • mouth wash
  • lip balm
  • small wine bottles or a big one
  • face sheet mask

Now each day will be something fun to open and I will break down the days and what I put with each not for each day.

12 Days to Wedding

A Journal and pen to keep track of all the last minute details or even your vows. Write it down so you don’t forget.



11 Days to Wedding

Baby powder or in this case Gold Bond and Make up wipes- to help img_6591with any sticky, sweaty or messy situation!




10 Days to Wedding

Band-Aids or First aid kit and Q-Tips for any slips or misses, accidents or boo boo’s from your make img_6592up to your shoes.


9 Days to Wedding

A lint roller for so nothing is too clingy, wrinkle release to smooth out any of those pesky lines and Tide-to-Go because we img_6593all know white is no ones friend!




8 Days to Wedding

Kleenex and Tylenol. To dry your happy tears and for the hang over we img_6594all know you will have that morning!


7 Days to Wedding

Eye drops and a mirror! To keep your eyes from being to red from those img_6595happy tears and a mirror for any of those touch ups!



6 Days to Wedding

Safety pins and a sewing kit. Anything can happen and you want to be prepared to sew, pin or even staple anyone into their dress if need be on the big day. Dead serious though we had to sew my sisterimg_6596 into her dress on my wedding day!


5 Days to Wedding

Some lotion and deodorant. Just to make sure there is no ashy legs, rough knees or elbows and we all know your gonna sweatimg_6597– it’s natural- so just to keep you fresh and FUN!


4 Days to Wedding

Ahhh! So close it’s almost here! Now I know someone will be doing your hair but it never fails that they are long go and your in need of a touch up so here is your img_6602saving grace hair spray, dry shampoo and bobbi pins!


3 Days to Wedding

Now I know your not the biggest nail person but this is a day when your hands are gonna get photographed more than you even realize so img_6600here’s a few things to keep ’em clean and sparkly neat- Clear nail polish and a nail kit. I added the hand sanitizer just for good measure! Ya never know when something or someone weird wants to hold your hand!

2 Days to Wedding!

It’s almost here! Can it really be! Well to keep your funky breath fresh and img_6601those lips ready for that kiss that seals the deal here is some chapstick!

1 Day to Wedding!

It’s the night before the big day! Are you ready!? Can you believe that it’s finally here! You get to start your forever tomorrow! So to help you relax and unwind on this amazing night here is aimg_6603 couple of things to pamper yourself! A sheet mask to help to give you glowing skin and a few bottles of wine to help ease your nerves.


I hope your ready to marry your best friend and love of your life!




I can’t wait to give this gift to her this coming weekend! I will try to update this post with a photo of the finished product when I get everything all wrapped and put together into the box!

I hope you enjoy this Wedding Wednesday gift idea for the next bridal shower you are headed to! Each Wedding Advent Calendar is different but this is my fun take on one!


Keep an eye out for what is up around the curve!




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