365 Days To The Moon and Back



My husband and I just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on July 31st!

It’s been crazy to think that a year has come and gone so quickly and all of the things that have happened in just a year!

We have moved 4 times!

We have added to our family (a furbaby)!

We made our first big purchase together-A new car!

All of these big events that have all happened just in one year!

How could it really be already a year?

I have asked myself this the last couple of days! A lot of people say time flies when your having fun and I can agree with that but how does time fly through the hard times?

We have had our experience with hard times starting in the first 6 months of marriage because of family letting us down, because of work not being all that we hoped for, for having to say good bye to our sweet fur babies for a couple of months before we could finally bring them back home! And as I reflect on this first year of marriage I am so thankful that through all of our good times and all of our bad times we have always stuck by each other as a team!

Because we are a team! Teamwork requires sacrifice. Team work requires trust and most importantly teamwork requires to people who put the other above themselves!

I have to say I feel so luck to have found my teammate for life. He loves me unconditionally, he pushes me when I need to be pushed, he questions me sometimes when I need to be, and he is there for me when I need him to hear me out.

Above all I couldn’t be happier to have him as my husband! And I have to remind myself daily to show him how much I appreciate him!

Another thing we have decided we will do for all years to come is yearly photos on or around our anniversary and here are some from this year…Year One!

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