My First Trip to Kitsap!


Last weekend I made a trip over the mountains and across the bridge to the Kitsap Co. Fair and PRCA Rodeo! In my rodeo queen career I hadn’t ever gotten the chance to make it over that far with other rodeo’s closer to me and with being a working adult (not all it’s cracked up to be). Any who I’m glad I finally had the chance to make it over!

My mom and sister came along on the adventure as well and it’s never a dull moment with the three of us! img_6710



My sister and I enjoy a little horsing around!!!

This was the first fair I had made it to for the summer and it didn’t disappoint! We were able to watch the end of the pie eating contest and visit the dog barn and the horse barn with so many miniature horses I couldn’t handle the cuteness! Not to mention we also say the miniature horse costume contest and I admire the creativity of those exhibitors!

We also ran into some amazing ladies that I am so lucky to call old and new friends!


Left to right; Miss Rodeo Canada Ali Mullin, Miss Rodeo Washington Crystal Hart, myself and my sister Jessica

After getting more than our fair share of fried food and sweet lemonade- we had tickets to the rodeo thanks to an amazing friend! And what a joy it was to watch!!!


It was a great performance and an honor to watch my good friend Crystal Hart Miss Rodeo Washington carry the American flag! It gives me chills every time I watch someone carry the colors horse back because it reminds me so much of how lucky I am to live in a country that I have the freedom to spectate at my favorite sport! And to hear everyone join in singing the anthem makes my heart sing!!! Not to mention my little brother is in the United State Air Force and I couldn’t be more proud of him and the country and flag he defends!

After the rodeo I got some more time to catch up with some good friends and to make some new ones along the way and I can’t wait for you all to see what is coming up on the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


I couldn’t feel more blessed to know these amazing and accomplished women who not only represent our sport but also are the leading role models for young girls in the western heritage! I can’t wait to follow along with them more as we come up not only on some more Washington Rodeo’s but some pageantry fun as well!

Much, much more rodeo adventures and rodeo queen coverage!

All in all I had an amazing time and an amazing weekend with family and friends and I will be heading back to Kitsap the next time I get the chance!!!!

Keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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