Sephora Play : August 2017

Yes this is super late! But better late than never!

Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.


The PLAY! bags to me aren’t really user friendly. Last month was really cute but I just don’t ever see myself actually getting any use of the bags. However this one is pretty cute! Now for the products!



Clinique; High Impact Mascara and Primer

This was an interesting product. I haven’t ever used Clinique mascara and to be quite honest it wasn’t anything special to me. The formula is very wet and I’m not a fan of wet mascara’s because I have naturally long lashes and this makes for mascara all over my eyelid and lower lid. I also found that the primer didn’t really do much for my lashes.  I prefer my lash paradise over this.



Hourglass;  Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ; Shade Shell

This was a really great foundation! I have never tried this before and I really loved the finish and how it applied! It was creamy, smooth and blended well! The shade “Shell” was really yellow for me but I  balanced it out with some cooler bronzer and some pink tone concealer! But overall I may consider purchasing a full size eventually!


Beauty Blender; Micro.Mini

First off this is just supper cute!!! It’s a tiny little beauty blender! I do like this but find it kind of hard to work with. And that might just be because I’m used to having a larger beauty blender to work with but overall it did work well and was super easy to blend out concealer! I really want to try and use it for cream contour and bronzer but haven’t had the chance yet.



Caviar; Anti- Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist

I have used this twice now and I’m not really a fan. It’s very sticky in my hair and is incredibly hard to brush my hair out or even separate it in order to blow dry it. And even when I got it apart enough to blow dry I still struggled with getting it smooth and to look nice and it caused my hair to stay wetter longer than normal.


Korres; Golden Krocus Agless Saffron Elixir Serum

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the tiny sample size I got so I took this from the Sephora website. This stuff full size is extremely expensive and I really don’t know why. I used it a couple of days and nothing in my skin seemed different or to have changed. With the small sample size it’s hard to really get a feel for there’s never enough to tell if it really is effecting my skin care routine.


My Burberry Black

I’m really not a perfume fan and I’m really not a fan of this. I think it would eventually grow on me but just don’t love it!






Well friends this was my Sephora PLAY! bag for August! I hope you enjoyed it! I am thinking I may cancel my Sephora PLAY! just because I haven’t loved a lot of my bags and I think I might enjoy a different subscription. I will keep you all posted if I do end up changing!

Keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!



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