Track It ALL : My Fitness Pal

Recently I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and I have been using it to track what I have been eating. Talk about an interesting look at what you actually consume on a daily basis!

I was actually shocked at how much junk I was actually consuming. I didn’t realize the  calorie count and I didn’t realize the portions I was consuming until this showed me exactly what the break down was including my sodium intake and sugar intake. So let me break down how it works, how I’m using it and how I plan to have this help me move in the right direction.



How It Works:

My Fitness Pal starts with filling in all of the login information followed by the health information. The nice thing about this is that it asks how much weight you want to loose (reasonably), what your goal each week is, what your current weight is and what your goal weight is. This is then all calculated into what your caloric intake each day should be in order stay on track and head toward your goals!

At this point you are off and rolling to keeping track of what you are eating in a day as well as keeping track of the portion sizes. One of the great things about the app is that it allows for tracking by capturing the nutritionally information from the barcode on any specific item! This really helps when searching for different items. It also allows for you to make meals of things your frequently eat whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks.

With my Apple iPhone it also links my step count to the app to help add to my exercise. It also gives you a place to track what different exercise you complete in a day. The only catch with this is that the only thing that tracks actually calories burned is different types of cardio. Strength exercises don’t have related caloric out put.

The other nice thing I appreciate about the app is that at the end of each day you can “complete diary” which is completing your daily meal and exercise entry and it gives an estimated calculation of how what your weight would be in 5 weeks if you were to continue on the same path as that day. I find it very encouraging that even when you have days that seem worse than others it shows that there is a possibility of still loosing weight!


How I Use the App:


I downloaded the app probably a month before I actually started using it regularly. At first I would start and then forget to add a meal or forget to log something else and then I would always tell myself well

“I will be better tomorrow”,

“I’ll start completely tomorrow”,

“Monday is coming I’ll start then”,

“It’s almost a new month I will start with the new month”….

All of these are horrible excuses I kept telling myself on why to wait. I was being beyond lazy! I wasn’t even trying to work at it! I thought that by eating “healthy” I was fine and that I would eventually loose the weight. I have been telling myself this since May….Since my day one…..My day one where I wanted so much to change everything about my life but I wasn’t being honest with myself!

Well I finally took the time to start logging what I was eating. I finally committed to it! And I am so proud of myself! I stuck with it for a whole 4 weeks! I am currently on a week break because I have been going to a few fairs and rodeos and fair food just isn’t good for any one but it sure does taste good!


My Results: (so far)

I was completely shocked that in just four weeks of tracking what I was eating I was able to start to feel better and was even down 5 pounds. I know it might not seem like a lot in that short time frame but for me it was a huge step in the right direction! I think it was and is important for me to continue to track what I am eating each day so that I can fully get an idea of why I have struggle for so long with my weight! I think this is just the beginning and I am very excited to find out what more I can do by simply changing my diet!

Eventually I will start working in an exercise program so that I can really work harder for my goals but right now it is the baby steps. Every small step will help me get closer and closer to the healthier I want to me!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve.

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