2018 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant

Today I am headed down to the 2018 Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant! I couldn’t be more excited to be heading back as the social media specialist and assisting with the fashion show!

Each year I have attended the pageant it’s incredible to watch young women from around the state come and show their hearts and souls to all of us there helping, watching and volunteering.  Unlike most other pageants after 3 days of competition these ladies walk away with life long friends and a slew of experience that will go with them for the rest of their life! The hard work and dedication they put in is something to be admired! I know first hand how much time and effort goes in to these types of contests and what kind of courage it takes to put yourself out there.

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to the young ladies competing! This year there are six Miss Rodeo Washington Contestants and two Miss Teen Rodeo Washington Contestants. I wish them all luck on this amazing and once in a life time opportunity!

(I do not own these photo and they have come from the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant Facebook page)

Miss Contestants













Teen Contestants





Starting today these ladies will compete in a number of different area’s including multiple interviews, a written test, answering on stage questions, impromptu speaking and most importantly demonstrating their abilities on horse back.

I will be looking forward to sharing some of the experience and behind the scenes of the pageant with the world via my Facebook and Instagram both on Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant and on Curvy E Chronicles!

Thank you for stopping by and keep eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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