Mini Rant : October 20, 2017

I feel I can’t be alone in this but USPS is driving me crazy!!!!!!

I get monthly subscriptions as you can see from my different reviews here on the blog. This month is no different except that it has taken almost all month to get two of them!!!

Quite literally two of my boxes have gone from our local hub to across the state and then back again to the hub here and spending days at a time in these different spots! I would understand if these were new things or coming from somewhere weird but to have to travel across the state twice is down right ridiculous!!

Watching the tracking information on my two boxes has been about the death of me because I am excitedly waiting to that I can show you all of the cool things I get! But by the time I get them it’s the end of the month and too late to actually try things in a timely manner and be able to review it in time! I’m hoping that this doesn’t become a pattern but I guess we will see as the holiday season is picking up!


But really does any one else deal with this trouble in the US and with USPS?! I really want to call and ask why this is a thing! And then I have also wondered if getting a PO Box near our local hub would make my life easier. What are your thoughts? Does anyone else find it easier? Comment and let me know!

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