Yes, Oh Yas! : October 2017


(Also sorry this is so late the Post Office hasn’t been very friendly with my deliveries)

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box that is up and coming! They offer 3 full size products each month for $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become a brand promoter for their new subscription box. I am still waiting to get my first box but they did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets dive into my first box!!!!!

img_7025For being a new subscription they are really selling it with the delivery! How cute is all of this pink in the box!!! I love it! I was really excited to see 4 full size items in the October box as well! I mean how awesome lips and eyes all in one box!!!!!

Now for the products in the box!

img_7029img_7030Beauty Creations; Nudes Palette                                   Retail Price $9.99

The first thing I thought when I got this pallet was that it looks almost identical to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. But there are many differences. This palette has only 3 matte shadows, the rest are all shimmer shades. They are decently pigmented but do have a lot of kickback. I also have worn this a few days in a row and it’s very nice and doesn’t crease on the eye. I am very excited to continue using this palette to see of some different looks I can come up with. One thing is this palette is very cool toned. I happen to love cool tones and find it fun to play with them. I really wish that this palette had more matte shades because it makes it less versatile. But again I am excited to try this some more.

BellaPierre; Waterproof Gel Lip Liner; Shade: Nude                   Retail Price $18

I have heard of this brand but I haven’t tried anything from them before. I was really excited to see almost an entire lip kit in the box from BellaPierre! This lip liner is a great neutral shade. It is however a bit more pink than nude. The formula is slightly stiff and the pencil is hard. But I am finding that the stiffer formula’s are actually better at helping and keeping my liquid lipsticks from bleeding which I really appreciate! I am excited to use this more!

BellaPierre; Kiss Proof Lip Crème; Shade: Incognito                        Retail Price $20

This is such a beautiful shade! It is a little warmer toned than it looks in the tube but I wonder if this has to do with my skin tone and PH. However this formula is very light weight and very comfortable! I was really impressed with it and in fact it is “Kiss Proof” I tried it out on the back of my hand and also on my husband and I was really impressed that it didn’t come off. However it did come completely off when I was eating. I thought with it being kiss proof that it would hang on all day and that wasn’t the case. I had to reapply at lunch. Thankfully this was a light color and didn’t bleed beyond my lip line with the liner but I could see with a darker color that this could have ended differently.

BellaPierre; Kiss Proof Lip Finish; Shade: Gloss                                   Retail Price $15

So this is the topper that goes with the Kiss Proof Lip Crème’s and I was skeptical that this wouldn’t be kiss proof like it claims and weirdly enough it is and isn’t. This has an interesting formula. It’s thin like a liquid lipstick but still gives a glossy finish. The reason I say that this is and isn’t kiss proof is because when I applied it over the lip crème there was no transfer and when I kissed the back of my hand there was some glossy residue left on my hand but my lips still had a shine to them. So the gloss part does transfer some but the color does not. It’s an interesting formula and interesting concept. I honestly haven’t seen anything like it. The only thing similar would be the Lip Sense stuff which I refuse to try because of how expensive it is and how it’s said to burn your lips. But this is a pleasant feeling on the lips!


Alright so total cost of this box is $62.99! And the cost of the box is $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping or $16.98. So that is a really great value and for full size products! Over all for this first time box I am so impressed and so excited to get more in the future!!! And remember if you want to give it a shot use my code


to get 10% off your first box!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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