Lip Monthly : December 2017

Lip Monthly is $12.95 a month but the nice thing is the first month is only $5 as a promotion. The description below is what I pulled from the website.

“Lip Monthly’s monthly bags are bigger and better than ever. Now you get all full-sized products in your make-up bag. Every month we’ll send you a unique bag straight to your door and help you discover the best Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more. In addition, we’ve partnered with niche brands to big brands all around the world to deliver you 4-5 deluxe products every month.”

Lets get into this months bag!

img_7275The bag is cute! I love the geometric design and the muted neutral colors that this offers! However the material of the bag does feel cheap and like a plastic vinyl. I noticed this about the first bag I got too. Now I will say I don’t use these bags often so how they hold up really isn’t a huge issue I just compare them to the other bags I receive in subscriptions and it just doesn’t compare.

Now for the products!



Manna Kadar Cosmetics; Glo Illuminator                  Retail Price $29

This apparently is a full size product. Which is surprising! This product is beautiful on the skin and leaves a very luminous glow without being glittery. I haven’t had a chance to wear this under my foundation but I think it would be really nice mixed with my foundation! I will most likely try that out in the summer. I feel like after swatching on my hand that this product will be more of a little bit goes a long way and last a long while but we shall see.


IBY Beatuy; Lip Liner Pencil; Shade-Berry                                             Retail Price $6

What a perfect winter/holiday shade! I love dark berry colors especially this time of year! When I initially swatched this pencil it was creamy and smooth on the back of my hand. Now when I went to apply it to my lips I was surprise that it came off kind of patchy and didn’t want to apply cleanly! It took some coercing to get to apply nicely how I wanted so as much as I love the color I don’t know if I will find myself reaching for this product often.



Hanalie Company; Lip Treatment in Rose                              Full Size Retail $20

So I was sad to see this in my Lip Monthly….This is a sample size product… it even says so on the packaging (I didn’t take a photo of the verbiage)…According to the information on the website this bag is supposed to contain full size products… This isn’t even close…..Now for the product I actually really like this! It has a definite waxy feel to it but this helps it to stay on the lips and really does help to moisturize! I was really impressed! Not to mention with the nice rose shade adds just a small amount of color to the lips for those no make up make up days. I was actually really happy with how this moisturized my lips and kept them feeling soft! I may considering ordering this in the full size but will have to wait and see.

BellaPierre; Kiss Proof Lip Crème; Shade- Orchid                                         Retail Price $20

This was probably the item I was most excited for! I have received this same lipstick before in a different subscription box and I really loved it! The color I got in the other box I wasn’t the biggest fan of just because it was slightly warm for me but this color I am in love with for this time of year! I also have the Kiss Proof Gloss that goes over these liquid lips and I love that I can wear this matte or glossy! One things that I can see might deter others from this product is that it can be rather sticky at first and until it dries down, but the sticky is only if you press your lips together. But other than that it I really love this product and I hope to get more of these in the future from the different companies that I order from.


So the total for this months Lip Monthly is $55! I didn’t include the Hanalei lip treatment into the overall price because we received a sample size and considering full size items are advertised I don’t think this fits the bill. I am a little frustrated that this bag advertises 4-5 full size items and I have yet to get that. Now this is only the 2nd bag I think I have gotten so I really want to give this a fair chance but I have not blown away just yet. I think I will give this bad 6 months before canceling.


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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