Twenty : Eighteen

Can you believe it’s already a new year?!

I feel like time just keeps flying by in the blink of an eye and I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it! But as crazy as it seems a new year brings for new beginnings, new goals and new trials.

Now I know any day can be considered a day to start a new beginning but for some reason we all look for the big one, the new start, the official start…some sort of for sure starting point. I am horribly guilty of this. I put things off until Monday or until the first of the month or until the first of the year and, well, it’s just not the right way of going about things.

But none the less I have done it to myself again…. I have waited until the first of the year to get started on my goals. I have waiting to finally put myself first and make a commitment to bettering myself. When I initially started this blog in May I thought that I would be committed and that I would stop doing this to myself but I slipped right back into bad habits and setting ridiculous expectations that I wasn’t meeting. I was frustrated, discouraged and disappointed in myself but yet I still kept falling back into the vicious cycle of waiting for the next day. And even though I am back at waiting until the next day I am finally going to make a promise to myself (and I have recruited my husband to help me) that I will stick with bettering myself no matter what! If I fall back or if something doesn’t work I will keep pushing so that I can keep on track!

I owe it to myself!

I am setting goals! I am going to keep track! I am going to make myself the happiest I can be!

Watch me!

So to prepare I have started with a new planner for 2018. I want to get off on the right foot! I have also created a workout calendar. I am starting my meal planning and food prep again. I am making a separate journal and planner just for blogging. I am going to make this year just that much better!

This is the year I am going to change my life!

I am still working on a list of specific goals for myself for this up coming year but so far I feel like I am getting started on the right foot by working to hold myself accountable. Change is hard for anyone but it is a must because that is how we grow as people and humans!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!




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