My New Favorite Lip Gloss!

I am slowly but surely getting in on the glossy lip trend! I think mostly because now that I am older I have the money to afford nicer lip gloss that isn’t sticky, tacky or full of chunky glitter that makes me look like I am 5! That’s not to say I don’t like glitter in my gloss I just like subtle glitter now.

So for my work Christmas party I won a Sephora gift card and I got another one as part of the Secret Santa gift exchange that we did as a group. So this meant I was getting something new and something I wouldn’t normally splurge on!

So off I went to the closes Sephora on my day off to go and see what on my wish list I would buy…(there is a lot on my wish list-adulting/bills suck). After wandering the store for probably about 20 minutes looking through all of the options I had thought of I decided I was going to get a new lip product…surprised…..if you have read some of my other posts your probably not surprise that this would be what I would be drawn too!




Please let us take a moment for the beauty that is Marc Jacobs gloss…




Isn’t it just beautiful! This is the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in the shade “Allow Me”, retail price $28. This is a rosy color with the ever so slight gold glittery flip to it! I probably swatched this 3 times before I finally decided this was the one for me! Just because there were so many choices and I wanted to make sure I picked one I would use a lot considering the price point.


The swatch is stunning and so very, very pigmented! I was actually a little surprise that this was as pigmented as it was considering that it was a gloss. But to be totally honest I had never actually swatched one of these glosses because I never thought I would own one. One of my favorite YouTuber’s loves the shade “Sugar Sugar” which is more if a nude color and I think if I ever get another shade of this gloss I will get that one.

This gloss however is incredible! It applies amazingly on it’s own and layers even better to many of the liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks I already have in my collection! The formula is very smooth and comfortable to wear. It’s not sticky or tacky and last quite awhile even through drinking and eating. I am so impressed and totally understand the hefty price tag.


This is just the gloss on my lips. It’s almost a my lips but glossier color and I am in love! Look at that shine! I do have my selfie light on it to brighten the photo but this is just beautiful!

img_7448This is with the gloss applied over my favorite new lip color from my December Ipsy by OFRA. They both are pinky colors but I mean just look at how nicely it blends with the lip color! I am so excited to keep using this gloss.

The other reason I was so keen to getting a lip product that was higher end was because I know it will last a long time and not be something that I totally use every day like a foundation or concealer that tends to disappear pretty quickly (even though I have been using this every day haha).


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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