Meal Prep Week 2!

Sorry this is so late! It’s been a crazy week at work!

So here we are for Week 2 of meal prepping and I think I’m killing it so far! Lets dive right in!


This week I decided to make egg cups for a bit more protein and to change it up a bit to satisfy my savory craving. I kept them very simple and easy.


Onion, mushrooms, ham and eggs

img_7458img_7460These are super duper easy! I get out my muffin tins and spray them with a non stick cooking spray. Then I cute up my options for this set it was ham, mushrooms and onions.

I find that lunch meat cut up is the easiest for me to add to my cups. Once I have all of the options added in I put one egg for every cup into a bowl and whisk them together with some seasoning before dumbing them in on top of all the other goodies in the tin.

From here I cook these at 400 degrees for 15 mins and presto:img_7475Yummy breakfast prep for the week. These bad boys are full of protein and are so easy to reheat and eat on the go! I eat 4 every morning that help fill me up and keep me full until lunch time which is nice because with my job I sometimes don’t get to lunch until 1pm or after.


Lunch Time!

This week I decided on salad! Since we did warm food I was thinking I would change it up and do something that I can add a little more variety too. Plus I really like salads and adding all types of different things together to make something super yummy! So here is this weeks salad:


Starting with wide mouth quart size mason jars makes it the easiest for stacking in ingredients and making the cool layers that you see on Pinterest.

I started with veggies and meat. My salads this week had onions, mushrooms, ham, cucumbers and cheese:

I also added in the dried cranberries and almonds for a small bit of sweet and crunch for the salad as well. Then once I layered in all of that good stuff I added the lettuce last on top. img_7469This completed the jars! Easy and done in less than an hour. I didn’t add the dressing to the jar because where I work I can dumb everything into a bowl or on a plate and add dressing after the fact. I also added a few crotons just because I love them and the crunch keeps salads interesting! All things in moderation isn’t bad! I also picked up two new dressings to try

And let me tell you both of these are amazing! They taste amazing and are a healthy choice for adding on top of the salad. And by picking out two different kinds this is another way of adding variety when I can!

The final product:img_7470I mean how awesome and pinterest worthy does these look! And I have enjoyed them all week!


Well that concludes week two of meal prepping! I am going to be trying to keep up on this more and more as I go along on my fitness journey!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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