Ipsy Review : January 2018

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know.

Lets get into the bag!


This months bag was modeled after athletic wear and is a mesh material with the bright colors and reflector strip in the center. This is super cute to toss in your gym bag for your simple makeup after working out! I love it and will be using it a lot!

Now for the products!



Oribe Hair Care; Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

I am a dry shampoo lover through and through! This stuff is amazing! When I have seen YouTuber’s rave about this amazing product I always thought it’s dry shampoo how great can it be….well I am a believer this stuff is AMAZING! It makes your day old hair look fresh, adds some volume and really gives a refresh to the hair. I will say the full size of this is expensive. Ranging from $22-$44 and I don’t know if I could see myself spending that but it really is a great dry shampoo.


img_7480-1NYX Professional Make-Up; Lip Lingerie; Shade-Satin Ribbon

First of all- THIS IS FULL SIZE! Ipsy is winning right now in the last couple of months and I’m really impressed! Now for this liquid lip…I have heard such great things about the NYX Lip Lingerie’s and this one is just not living up to what I was expecting! The formula is patchy and slips all over. I’m also not the biggest fan of the color but I think with a lip liner I could make it a little more wearable for my skin tone. I might have to play with this lippie some more before I’m totally convinced that it’s all it’s cracked up to be.


Dermelect; Microfacial Exfoliating Masque

I always love getting masks in my subscriptions! They are a nice way to spoil myself and refresh my skin during the week given that I wear makeup every day for work and it’s nice to give it a clean slate some days. I gave this a try and holy moly this stuff left my skin feeling so smooth and actually helped even out some of my redness. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up the morning after using this. My skin looked refreshed and rejuvenated. Now I know it’s not totally due to just using this mask because a lot of my other products help with keeping my skin fresh this just so happened to be something different that I used that I think made a good difference!

Dirty Little Secrets Cosmetics; Eyeshadow; Shade- Sangria

I have gotten this brand in quite a few of my recent subscriptions and I really like this brand! This eyeshadow is soooooo pigmented and smooth and buttery and just gorgeous! The swatch alone speaks for it self! I was able to use this both wet and dry and it looked beautiful both ways! This reddish shade is also something different for me so I am loving getting out of my comfort zone and giving it a try!

City Color Cosmentics; Contour Palette

This is the perfect little travel palette! I was so impressed with the pigment of the shades in this palette and how it blended out was incredible! I was surprised when I dipped my brush in to use this for the first time because it was almost a disaster with how pigmented it was and how much of a heavy hand I went in with! HAHA! I’m sure we have all been there with new products. The cream shade is really nice as well; it looks to almost have a sheen in the pan but when applied it looks smooth and nice on the skin. I was little worried about it just because when I swatched the cream shade it came off very chalky. But on the skin it looks beautiful!

Well that concludes my Ipsy bag for the month of January! I am so impressed by them always stepping their game up! This bag was really good and a great way to start out the year! Lets keep the ball rolling Ipsy!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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5 thoughts on “Ipsy Review : January 2018

    1. Thank you for reading! I think it’s this shade that is giving me trouble. I really have heard great things about them and was really disappointed that this particular shade didn’t quite work out how I thought it would. I am going to have to give some other shades a try!

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