Lip Monthly : January 2018

Lip Monthly is $12.95 a month but the nice thing is the first month is only $5 as a promotion. The description below is what I pulled from the website.

“Lip Monthly’s monthly bags are bigger and better than ever. Now you get all full-sized products in your make-up bag. Every month we’ll send you a unique bag straight to your door and help you discover the best Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more. In addition, we’ve partnered with niche brands to big brands all around the world to deliver you 4-5 deluxe products every month.”

Lets get into this months bag!


Lip Monthly always seems to have really simple and cute bag designs that I really like. What I don’t like is that the bags are made very cheaply and I just feel that I won’t use this ever.

Now on to the products!

Laritzy Cosmetics; Lip Pencil; Shade-Beau                                           Retail Price$18

I really like this lip liner! I haven’t heard of the brand before but I am really impressed with how smooth and nice this applied. I really like the color as well because it’s the perfect reddish color that can be paired with many different lip shades and look nice! I don’t know that I would spend full price for this product but I really do enjoy it and I think I will get great use of this!

Cosmoholic; Liquid Lip; Shade- Prudish Pink                                             Retail Price $24.99

This one is a bit confusing for me. Another brand I haven’t heard of or used before but this is more of a gloss than a liquid lip. It doesn’t dry down and stays shinny. I’m also not totally sure on the shade this was just the closes one I could match it to online. The shade wasn’t listed anywhere on the tube. I do think the mirror on the back is adorable and really helpful when applying lips on the go. The formula is very nice and not sticky for a gloss and the pigment is amazing! Now here’s where my problem lies…when I looked this up on the Cosmoholic website the full size looks much bigger than what I actually received. The other thing I noticed is that the lippies on the website show a shinny light in the cap to light up your lips when applying…this doesn’t have that. So I feel like this is actually a deluxe size sample and not a full size product so the price really isn’t reflective of what we got.

Isabelle Dupont; Lip Color/Lip Liner; Shade- 402                                          Retail Price$16.99

Alright another confusing one. I tried to find this brand and color online to verify price and shade name but I struggled to find it. When I did eventually find it there was no price listed and the shade was listed as a number but no actually color matched the number. From what I can tell this is a brand out of Europe. The color for me isn’t one I see myself using very much but it applies very nicely and very smoothly. For me with fair skin I can see this working well as almost an invisible liner with different lip colors. When I did receive this lip liner it looked like it had just come out of the sharpener. It had a lot of loose wood shavings falling off of it. This one was lack luster for me.

Mirabella Beauty; Modern Matte Lipstick; Shade- Crimson                   Retail Price $22

This is a beautiful lipstick! The packaging is so unique and modern and I really love it! There is a sort of locking mechanize to help keep the lipstick closed for when putting in your purse or some other place to travel. The shade on this is beautiful! Another red to add to my collection! This lipstick is also very creamy and applies very smooth! It does have a matte finish without being drying. It does have slip and transfer so not a totally matte lipstick but still beautiful! I am excited to use this more as time goes on!


Alright so that concludes my January Lip Monthly bag. Like I have said in the past I haven’t been too sure about this subscription and in a coming post I will give you my overall thoughts. This months bag “totaled”-$81.98. But again I’m not totally convinced the Cosmoholic liquid lip is a full size and I also couldn’t verify a price for the Isabelle Dupont liner. With that being said I don’t think this subscription will be lasting much longer for me. Stay tuned to find out why.


Thank you for stopping my and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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