Why I Canceled Lip Monthly

Ok so like I stated earlier today this bag wasn’t going to last long and it didn’t. I got three months worth and I am extremely unimpressed. The website says it will be 4-5 full size products…it’s not. I have yet to get all full size products and there are some that they attempted to pass off as full size that when I compare to the website don’t look even close to the same. I also have had trouble finding the some of the products and the actual prices.

I feel that there is something shady going on with this company. In mid January I attempted to check the website to see if I could find out my tracking number for my January bag because I hadn’t received anything yet. When I looked up the website to my surprise it didn’t exist. There was a large warning that this website is currently unavailable because it’s time frame of 1 year was up….. WHAT!!! This literally made me so frustrated because there was no way to go on and cancel my subscription!

So from here I went on and checked their Instagram. I was curious what other people were saying about this. There wasn’t on stitch about the website not working….strange. Then as I was reading through the comments there seemed to be a lot of people frustrated over the shipping and tracking numbers not being sent out. Each had a response asking them to email “support@lipmonthly.com” to get it fixed.

Considering I hadn’t received mine either I sent and email. Within one day I was sent my tracking number. This I was actually surprised by. But that’s when I went and started to do some more digging on this subscription. I went to the My Subscription Addiction blog to read not only their post but also the comments. Sure enough in the comments I start reading how the people behind Lip Monthly will remove and block any sort comments and followers they deem “negative”. Now I understand that anyone has the right to block negative content on their site; I mean that makes perfect sense. But for some reason when I look at a lot of other places and the same reoccurring themes are popping up in my mind it’s cause for concern. Most people’s concerns are:

  • I ordered my first bag and have been charged and we are into the next month and I still haven’t received either bag.
  • I haven’t received my tracking number
  • There aren’t 4-5 full size items
  • Slow response time

Now these are just the things that I saw. I also watch quite a few YouTube video’s reviewing the Lip Monthly subscription and many of them expressed the same concerns listed above.

After doing some of this research I went back to the website a few days later and it was back up and running. I decided to cancel my membership. I feel there are just some scammy things about this subscription and they falsely advertise about their bag.

This is more of a buyer beware than and actual scam but just giving you all my two cents on why I am canceling this subscription. The three months I had it were ok but not something I wanted to stick with.

Now don’t fear I have found another subscription that will be coming later!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Canceled Lip Monthly

  1. That’s so interesting to me! Like, there’s clearly something that is not working right, but how are these businesses allowed to keep going? I know there have been a couple of clothes companies and that kind of stuff that has been awful. So unprofessional and just wrong to be scamming people like that. Even if the monthly cost is not much, some people are saving up to get 4-5 full sized lipsticks…


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