Yes, Oh Yas! : January 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box that is up and coming! They offer 3 full size products each month for $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become a brand promoter for their new subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!


So talk about getting bigger and better! Yes, Oh Yas! is growing, growing, growing! I mean we got 6 products in this months box! 6!!!



Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics; Pink Satin Cosmetic Case                Retail Price $12.99

This is such and adorable make up case! It’s just right to sick in your purse or to put lipsticks and things in for travel! It’s very nice quality and will be getting a lot of use from me!



Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics; Dual Headed Shadow Brush                 Retail Price $9.99

Another awesome item in this months box. This brush is very nice! I like the dual end of having the shadow brush on the one end and the liner brush on the other. I’m not skilled in liner so I don’t know how much I might use that end but I’m always game to try new things. The shadow end of the brush is very dense and really nice quality. I think it would work great for blending as well as packing on the lid!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics; Glitterliner; Shade- Amethyst                 Retail Price $ 19.99

This is a unique product! It’s a litter liner that is waterproof! I am currently testing this out while I am writing this and I am really impressed! It hasn’t smudged off and it hasn’t bled like some pencil liners do on me. I also really love this glittery purple color because it really makes the green in my eyes pop! It applies very even and creamy! I’m not usually a huge user of pencil eyeliners (could be my fear of poking my eye) but I really think I will get good use of this product! P.S. It’s currently on sale on the website for $15.96!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics; Mineral Lip Gloss; Shade- Lavender Kiss                       Retail Price $19.99

This was just a Bella Terra month with so many great products! This gloss is unique! I don’t think I ever would have purchased a lavender gloss for myself but this is really pretty. I think it will be a fun topper to different lip colors. I will say when I swatch it isn’t not super pigmented and it does feel like it has some stick to it. I haven’t had a chance to try it out on the lips but I am very interested in doing so to see if it is sticky or just seems that way. Gloss is really in and I am excited to give this a try.

Manna Kadar Beauty; Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo; Retail Price $21

Holy pigment! I tried out this bronzer for the first time the today and even the slightest tap into the pan my brush picked up so much product! This does take a little bit of work to blend but once it warms up a bit with the skin it seems to blend beautifully. Now it might sound weird that a powder product needs to warm up but I noticed the longer it was on my skin the more easily it blended out. The highlight shade is beautiful as well with giving a nice shine to the skin! It’s a neutral highlight shade with not too much yellow, not too much pink, not too much icy tone and it just looks beautiful! As you can see from the swatches it really is a pigmented duo.

Beauty Creations; Teal Beauty Blender                                               Retail Price $3.99

I was probably most excited to see this in the box this month! I have been in need of a new sponge so that I can do a one a day rotation and then wash them on the weekends (first world problems I know) But how cute is this sponge!!! I don’t have one this color and I think it so pretty! When I got it wet it expanded to be really nice and big. However; and I don’t know if this is because it’s new; it was really stiff. And I also noticed that even with it being damp it kind of soaked up my foundation a bit. I love applying my foundation with a beauty sponge and I’m super excited to keep using this. I also really like the flat side to the point because it makes it nice to really get in close to my under eye when blending out concealer.


So that concludes my January Yes, Oh Yas! and I am so impressed by how this subscription keeps growing!

This months box totaled-$87.95!!!!!

To me that’s pretty incredible for the price we pay! Remember if you use the code CURVYE you will get 10% off your first box! Give it a try and you will fall in love!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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