Boxy Charm : February 2018

Boxy Charm is $21 a month for 4-5 full size products. The box is always guaranteed to a value of $100 or more each month. They offer a wide range of brands from emerging to well known. There is a beauty quiz you can take similar to Ipsy to go over your skin tone, skin type, hair color, eye color, so on and so forth. They also offer a user friendly website to allow you to review the items in your box.

This month’s theme was Galaxy Glow!


Now for the break down on this month’s box!



Crown Brushes; WH100 Pro Brush Trio     Retail Price $29.99

I always enjoy getting brushes in my subscriptions! It helps to build my collection without having to fork over all of the cash upfront! These three are an awesome trio making it easy to complete any look. This comes with two face brushes and a shading eye brush. All of the brushes are very soft and apply products beautifully. These are very well made and what ergonomic shape of the brush handle makes them comfortable to hold (as weird as that sounds) with a easier sturdier grip on them. I have been using the largest brush to apply my bronzer and I am in love with how it blends everything out so that I don’t have a harsh line of product on my face. The medium size brush I have been using to apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer. It’s just the right size to fit under my eye and doesn’t cause any cakeiness or streakiness. The eye shader brush works as designed and is great for packing on color. These will be getting a lot of use!

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind; Smokey Eye Pencil; Shade- Jet Black    Retail Price $21

The packaging on this is super cute and very classy with just a simple black on white decal with a rose and the brand name. I really think it’s sleek and unique. The pencil itself is a very creamy formula and is very smooth to apply. I personally don’t like black pencil liners because I don’t use them. I try to always try them out when I receive them in my subscriptions so that I can write up this review but I don’t use them in a normal day to day or even on special occasions. I just find it to be too much for my eyes and I haven’t been much of a black eyeliner wearer anyway. I prefer colored just for a fun pop to any look.

Ofra Cosmetics; Pressed Blush; Shade- Winter Rose Glow                     Retail Price $15

Ofra Cosmetics; Pop Up Palette                                                                     Retail Price $21

So I thought this was pretty cool! We got a magnetic palette along with the blush from Ofra this month. I like having the magnetic palettes because it makes it easier to travel with look powders and shadows when needed and it make it easier to pick and choose which. (P.S. After doing some further digging this palette is set up to be able to stand up!!!!)  Now for the blush! I normally don’t gravitate toward darker colors like this one but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy the blush and how smoothly it applies. I have been using this almost every day since I got it and I really like it! Normally I am a peachy kind of person but I am enjoying this shade! It’s for sure a good color for fall and winter and I think I will use it most during those times and possibly just ever so lightly in the summer!

Pur Cosmetics; X-Faux Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator                         Retail Price $17

This is super cool! I love lip exfoliator because I wear lipstick almost every day it’s nice to a couple times a week go in and do some rehab on my lips. This one is super nice too! It’s not too abrasive like some scrubs can be on the lips. The other nice thing about this is that it’s got shea butter in it so once it has been on the lips for a min it has a moisturizing quality. I applied this from the tube then rubbed it around on my lips for a few seconds. I also really love the vanilla sent/flavor to this! It’s very subtle and works great to help rejuvenate dry and crusty lips!

Cover FX; Shimmer Veil; Shade- Amethyst                                                Retail Price $28

And I have saved the best for last! The pictures really don’t due this product justice! This Shimmer Veil is super cool because it can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks! I have used it on both my eyes and lips and it’s absolutely stunning! Not only does it leave an amazing shimmer and shine to anywhere you put it the color flip is stunning!! When I went to look up this product the other shades available are stunning as well and I honestly am considering purchasing another shade that’s more warm tone or has some gold’s and pinks in it as that’s more of what I wear. Even though these are expensive the pay off is amazing and totally worth every dollar!! The other great thing about this product is that it applies very opaque and doesn’t crease! I repeat- does not crease!! I wore this all day at work and when I got home it still looked as great as it did when applied. This is a stunning win to get in this months box! And  I totally forgot but Cover FX offered a 20% off coupon in this box as well!! So I might be placing an order soon to get those other shades!


So total for this months box was…


I mean wow!! I am so impressed with Boxy Charm each month and I am really glad I have this subscription! It has led me to some amazing products I don’t think I other wise would have come across or even tried on my own given the price point of some of these! I seriously highly recommend this box if you don’t already have it!!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Ipsy Review : February 2018

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know.

Now for this months bag!


This month the bag is a soft pale pink with a black lace trim. I love how dainty and simple the design is on this one. The only thing I don’t like is because the type of material attracts a lot of fuzzies and hair. I have two dogs and a cat so no matter how hard I try to keep things clean it’s not the easiest.

Now for this months products!

Mellow Cosmetics; Liquid Lip Paint; Shade- Tehran                            Full Size Retail $14

I have gotten Mellow Cosmetics in my bags before and I really like the products! This one is just another win to add to the list! This liquid lip is creamy and smooth and easy to apply! I have been loving all of the lip products I have been getting in my recent subscriptions. The only bad thing I have to say about this one is the shade isn’t my favorite. I’m not much of a brown person and this is a browny nude color. I don’t know how much I will wear this one but I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try!


Biobelle Cosmetics; #Primer Tencel Mask     Retail Price $4.99

As we have established many times in the past I love sheet masks and I love getting them in subscriptions because it gives the opportunity to try them out and is a nice little pamper yourself treat when it’s been a long week at work! This mask is actually said to be best if used before getting ready and before make up. I think this would be something nice to use before a big night out. I’m curious to give this a try one day before I put my make up on and see how it works.


Luna by Luna Cosmetics; Baked Highlighter; Shade- Electra                 Retail Price $23

So Ipsy with another winning full size item! I have one other Luna highlighter and I absolutely loved it! This one is no different! I actually think I will end up wearing this one more often because it’s more of a warmer tone than the other one I have and it’s extremely wearable. Its a soft gold with a slight pink undertone. I like that this highlighter is baked as well because I feel that it gives off more sheen and I don’t feel like I’m using a tone of product. This will be perfect for every day and will be getting lots of use!!


Luxie Beatuy; Blending and Shading Eye Brush #249

I love getting brushes! These dual ended ones are really nice for traveling too because it’s twice the brush with the space of one! Luxie is an awesome brand as well, with great quality brushes. I really like ones like this one with a fluffy/blending side and a shading/packing on side. It makes life much easier when your in a hurry and needing to apply some shadow quickly. This is another product that will be getting lots of love!



IT Cosmetics; Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer; Shade-Light                      Full Size Retail $24

I’m so impressed by this! A pale concealer for my pasty complexion! This concealer is awesome! A little bit goes a long way and I really enjoy the consistency. It’s not super heavy feeling and it provided good coverage. I found it blended really well using my finger and using my beauty sponge. Even though this is a sample size I think I will get good use out of it because such a small amount goes such a long way.


That concludes my February Ipsy! I really love my Ipsy bag and I feel like I continue to get great products month after month!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Wedding Wednesday : February 2018

It’s that time!

Here is February’s Wedding Wednesday!

This Wednesday’s topic is the top 5 reasons why it’s important to have a wedding website!

In today’s age of technology I think it’s extremely important to have a wedding website. The most common place that offers a free website that you can design is (to be totally honest I don’t know of any others). They make for an easy way of setting up a website with different style options and different area’s of focus for your wedding. I had a great time when I started mine! It was nice to customize all of the different aspects of the sight to be most similar to your wedding style. It also gives the options of what you want to prioritize about your wedding!

So now for the top 5 reasons to have a wedding website!

1. Introducing You & Your Significant Other as a Couple

On the website one of the main sections is the “Our Story” section.  This is a nice and easy way to let your friends and family that you haven’t see in awhile about how you met this new important person in your life! I find this can become a repetitive chore when you have a bunch of family and friends that you haven’t seen in some time and haven’t had the chance to meet your significant other. It also allows you to in detail go over how the proposal went and all the beautiful pictures to a mass amount of family and friends all at once! This will help you save time and breath when it comes to the big day and everyone wanting to ask you all of these burning questions. This part will probably be the most time consuming but so worth it and I found it fun to upload photo along with it so that everyone could see how much we had grown and changed as a couple leading up to our wedding day.

2. Sharing Important Information with Guests

This is one of the easiest ways to share important information with your guests. Things like time, place, directions, hotel accommodations, registry, etc. It’s nice and conveniently all in one place! It also makes it so that you don’t have to send 5 different little slips of paper in your actual invitations that people can easily loose. You just print off your beautiful invitations and put your wedding website link on the bottom and list “please visit our website for further information”. I know not everyone like Grandma Sue us the internet but any more these day’s if you aren’t using the computer then you are practically in the stone age so this makes it really nice for you to direct all of the questions your guests have to the website rather than having Aunt Patty calling you ten times leading up to the big day asking where to book a room.

3. Most Registries Can Link-Up to Your Website

I thought this was probably the coolest thing about having a wedding website! We only did one registry at Bed Bath and Beyond because by the time we finished that it was so overwhelming that we didn’t want to even attempt another store! My husband also wasn’t the most enthusiastic when it came to picking things out unless he got to use the price/scan gun. However when it came time I was able to link our registry online with our wedding website and let me just tell you how easy this was for some of our out of town family! By having them linked many of our friends and family could do their shopping online and have the gifts send right to our front door! I mean how great is that! They also could choose to have it gift wrapped or just sent to us! We probably got about 1/3 of our wedding gifts via the website! I was so shocked because I didn’t realize this was a feature until our first couple of gifts showed up! But I thought how convenient for our out of town family! I think people also liked the idea of the online registry because they could purchase gifts two months prior to the wedding which gave them flexibility when it came to having money for the gifts. I know I appreciate this aspect being a guest at a wedding so that if I need time to plan for a purchase I have that time.

4. RSVP Tracking!

This feature was a life saver for me. The website offers a way of adding in your guest list and allowing for RSVP information. It was nice and easy for guests to list who was coming and by name if they were brining a plus one or their kiddo’s and it was nice to have a ball park idea of how many people we were expecting to come on our big day. I was pleasantly surprised with how many people we had not only RSVP but also show up! We sent/gave out about 150 invites including out of town family expecting about half to show up and we ended up with almost 120 people RSVP’d. Now some of this was because we started inviting people by verbal invites and I didn’t always take into account how many kiddo’s or plus ones we would have but I will say this was the best ball park I could have had when it came to food and drinks and being prepared for the day. I was totally surprised with how many people we had come to our wedding and I was glad we had a centralized spot to keep track. The nice thing about the RSVP feature as well was that you could add and subtract people out as time went one. So if someone said they would make it and then had something come up and couldn’t you could take out their RSVP and for all of the traditional mailed in RSVP’s you can add them in to keep track all in one place.


5. Count Down to the Big Day

The other great thing about this website service is that at the very top is the daily count down to the big day! It makes it easy when you are six months or so out from the big day to be able to see easily the number of days left. I found this very convenient  when people would inevitably ask me this question and thankfully I could easily pull up the website and it would have the days left. The other thing I absolutely loved about the website was that it was easy to share on my social media’s to let friends and family know that way as well.


I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful when planning for your big day and getting ready for all of the fun and festive times coming a head! I know I found it so beneficial to my planning process to have the website and for my out of town family to keep up on all of the fun and changes that came up along the way!

A wedding is an exciting time hopefully you find this helpful!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Kiss Me Club : February 2018

Kiss Me Club by Live Glam is a monthly subscription for lip sticks. These are the Kiss Me Club brand lipsticks. You get 3 liquid lipsticks (they are adding in glosses and satin finish to some months) for $19.99 a month and free shipping in the US. Each month includes 3 different shades that you haven’t received before. You can cancel at any time and skip months you don’t want. They also offer a points and perks plan that allows you to shop different make up and things on their site.

Live Glam also offers a brush club subscription for $19.99 with Morphe Brushes and they have an eyeshadow club coming as well that looks to be $19.99 for 6 eye shadows.

Let’s dive into this months liquid lips!


This month the lip colors were very themed to Valentines Day! I absolutely love this because pinks, berries and reds are so much of what I love!


This month the bag was a cute pink silky material! I really just love this color but what else is new!


Now for the colors!




This is the first gloss I have gotten from Kiss Me Club. It’s got gold glitter in it which is hard to see in the photo but it’s so fine that it doesn’t feel chunky on the lips or even look chunky on the lips for that matter. This is a really nice gloss topper for any different type of liquid lip. The only down side to this is that it takes a couple of dips into the tube for to cover both lips especially with a different lipstick underneath. I have found myself having to dip in 3 to 4 times to get an even layer over my lips. I do really like the formula but this simple glitter isn’t totally my favorite. (P.S. my lips in the photo are stained and a little raw from lip swatching other lipsticks prior to this.)



So the color difference in the hand swatch and the lip swatch are purely due to natural light vs. florescent lighting. Obviously the natural light is most true to color. This is an adorable cooler tone pink! This color is extremely opaque and if you are a pink lover this is the an awesome everyday pink! I really loved wearing this on Valentine’s Day and I have even tried applying the gloss Flirt over the top of this and it adds the nicest of sheen and glimmer to the lips I really love it! This color will be getting a lot of use in my collection!



Secret Admirer

I am going to apologize for this lip swatch! This is awful! haha I had already swatched another 6 lipsticks by the time I got to this one and my lips were beyond raw! This color is a very deep berry color and is beautiful once it dries down. I was worried when I first swatched this because the swatch came out very patchy! But as I applied it to my lips it came out very smooth though still alittle patchy I just had to move it around a bit on the lips make sure it was totally even. I really like this color but think I will be wearing it more in the fall and winter time.


All in all for the second month of this subscription I am really enjoying it and looking forward to the coming months. These are all colors this month that I know I will use which I appreciate when it comes to lip products! I’m hoping to get another gloss as I would like to get a shade that doesn’t have the glitter in it to compare to this months!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Yes, Oh Yas! : February 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box that is up and coming! They offer 3 full size products each month for $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become a brand promoter for their new subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!

This month we got three products but the over all retail value was pretty incredible!

Crown; Nova Pro Face Palette                                                          Retail Price $ 49.99

I always get excited when I get full sized palette’s in my subscriptions! This one is no exception! I was so excited to see such fun and different colors for the shimmer shades! Photo’s don’t really do these justice! There is a vast range of pops of color that I am excited to experiment with! I want to step more out of my comfort zone with these fun kind of shades! This palette is also a full face palette coming with two blushes, two highlighters, three lip options and an eyeliner. The blushes and highlights are subtle and very easy to use, I even used them as eyeshadows as well.  I’m not a huge fan of lip products like this when they are in a pan because I feel like it’s messy and I don’t like using lip brushes so I haven’t tried these lip products. As for the eyeliner I’m not a fan. It’s very stiff and not easy to use. I tried this on my waterline just for some added umf to my look and I got almost nothing off the pencil. I tired using it on my upper lash line to make a slight wing and again didn’t was extremely stiff pulling at my eyelids and offering no color pay off. I will try to work with this some more and see if I can’t get it to work but to say the least I’m not impressed by the eyeliner.

Chaleur Beauty; Thermal Zyme Heat-Powered Renewal Mask          Retail Price $49.99

This is a new brand for me and I was super excited to get a new full sized mask to try out! This one intrigued me too with the title of being the “Heat-Powered”. I haven’t heard of anything like this before! Now with skin care products it’s hard to have a total review in a short period of time because most need time to sink into your skin and help with any given area of problem. This mask is said to help with anti-aging.  I really enjoy the packaging for this mask. When you take the cap off the whole top presses down and the mask comes out through a small opening in the center. The mask is a cool gel formula with small sparkly like particles. When applied it leaves a sticky almost tacky feeling all over the skin with the slightest sparkle, which is just fun! I have only used this a couple of times so I can’t say that I notice any direct benefits or changes in my skin but I do really enjoy the style and classy feeling of this mask.

Sheree Cosmetics; Matte Liquid Lipstick; Shade-Chic Nude                       Retail Price $17.99

YASSS! Another lip stick! I love lip products in subscriptions! It gives me the opportunity to try things I normally wouldn’t purchase for myself! P.S. This liquid lip is currently on sale for $11.99 if you want to give it a try! I recently have gotten what seems like a lot of nude colors in my recent subscriptions. For me this is actually stepping out of a comfort zone because I am normally a pink, mauve, berry kind of person. This shade is a pretty pink nude and I pair it with a lip liner just to give my lips some dimension because in some light this color almost seems to wash me out some. The formula is very creamy and soft and I find that it’s easy to apply and comfortable to wear! Here’s to venturing out with more nude lip colors!


So that wraps up our box for this month and the grand total value was…


I mean wow!!! For being a new subscription this one is surely growing quickly and aiming to please! I am so impressed each month with how they bring out lesser known brands and really going above and beyond each month! Can’t wait to see what March has in store!

Remember using code CURVYE you can get 10% off your first box!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!



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The Best Part of Valentines Day

So many people I know loath the holiday that is

Valentines Day

I used to be one of these people.

I thought that Valentines was a holiday spent with a significant other getting notes and chocolates and flowers and surprises and all of the lovey, dovey, gooey, mushy stuff we all see in the mass media. But the truth of the matter is that’s not realistic! We all want it to be and for some it might be but for a vast majority nothing is really how it looks on TV.

In my years of adolescents I always seemed to have this unrealistic expectation that my current crush would somehow know all I wanted was a single rose just to let me know they liked me. Or I thought maybe I would finally find Mr. Right. Each year I was disappointed to get cookies from and a card from my mom and brother! Some years it would crush me as I watched my friends and their boyfriends spend time and effort and a lot of money for our age to surprise and dote on each other. I just wanted what they had! Why couldn’t someone love me enough to do those special things for me!


Boy, if I could go back now and tell my tween/teenage self to be patient because there would come a time when I realized that I wouldn’t need the chocolates, the cards, the flowers, the stuffed animals, the cookies and that I had the best valentines in the world growing up!


In my adult life I have changed my out look on Valentines day (and all holiday’s for that matter). I have decided that it’s about celebrating the love I have for all of the people in my life! The material items aren’t the important part of day’s like today! The important thing is spending time with the ones I love even if it’s a simple phone call, a text or even just a few moments together in a day.

Being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a best friend…that is where the love in my life is! And I challenge everyone to look at Valentines day differently and remember that it’s not about just having a significant other! It’s about having the ones your closest to close to you!

It’s all a matter of perspective!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Disappeared For a Week

Was MIA for the last week. The even worse part is I have no good reason for being gone.

It was mostly a mental block of not being able to find the right thoughts to put into words.

I have been trying to plan and have things set to go ahead of time but last week was just one of those weeks I couldn’t seem to get set up or planned ahead of time.

Some weeks just end up being slump weeks and last week was one of those.

Hoping to dive right back in with keeping up regular posts.


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve.


Powder to Cream….WHAT?!

Recently a friend of mine on Facebook posted about these crazy products and was asking for 12 people to review the product. I chimed in because being the #lipjunkie I am I thought I would give this strange products a try.

Disclaimer: I did purchase these at a discounted rate to review. I will always keep my opinions and thoughts my own!

Here is a link to the website so that if you are interested in these babies you can purchase them!

Regan Alires Younique Presenter

Regan is super sweet to work with and even sent me an extra goodie along with this little note.


Now for the product and some details on it:

These are called the MoodStruck Crush lip powders, “featuring encapsulated water technology that transforms from powder to cream instantly.”

There are three shades:


This is the most wearable of the three shades and is a lot lighter in the bottle than it is when applied as you can see here.



This is a red shade in the trio and has a very warm undertone. I find that in certain lighting it can look like it has some gold flecks in it. This is very much a bold red.



This is a deep berry shade which are some of my favorite to wear. This one is a rich plummy raspberry.



This is a simple swatch on my hand of all three of these lippies.

Now for my thoughts:

When I first saw these in the post on Facebook I was really intrigued by the aspect of powder to cream! I mean the main question is how!? And after having these and giving them a good wear test I think I have a good feel for the product. These are very creamy once applied to the lips and smooth. The texture is strange when first applying but once on feels like most lipsticks.

Like I said up above, the shade Casual is the most wearable shade of the three and probably the easiest to apply. The other two shades took more work and the darkest shade Captivating was very patchy when applied. The powder is some what hard to work with to get a nice clean line on the lips. Even with a lip liner it is challenging to apply cleanly.  Once applied you can feel the powder feeling slowly melt away and the creaminess on the lips comes through. The struggle I had with these was after pressing my lips together a few times there are particles of the powder that gather on the inner part of my mouth and then get onto my teeth and into my mouth. And I had a challenging time removing it from my teeth without smudging more of it into my mouth. I have been trying to find different ways to apply the lip powders to avoid this but I have yet to figure out a good way to keep it from getting all over my teeth and tongue.

The colors are very pigmented and look great in the beginning of being put on but the wear time with these isn’t as long as I would have hoped for. Now being a cream finish I know that they won’t last as long as say a matte finish but these wear off really quickly with simple eating and drinking. I applied each shade before I left for work like I do with my regular morning routine. With drinking coffee and water at work I was already having to touch up the center of my lips by 10 am and by the time lunch rolled around I was removing completely and reapplying. And this happened in the afternoon as well. I noticed with the darker two shades Curvaceous and Captivating the center of my lips seemed to wear off pretty quickly in comparison to the rest of my lips. I also noticed that Captivating does stain the lips a bit. When I wiped it off at lunch I ended up with some slightly left over on my lips which made a perfect base for gloss but at other times wouldn’t be ideal.

Over all thoughts:

All in all these are an interesting product but not for make up beginners. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means but I happen to really love lip products and this product definitely takes some work. I love the colors and I think I will get the most use out of Casual and Curvaceous. Captivating though it’s a pretty color is very patchy and needs more work than I sometimes want to put in when working with a dark lip color. I do have some what of a struggle with the price point on these as well. They retail for $60 for the set of three. I feel this is a steep price for this type of product. If you are a lip lover like myself you might totally love these and be ok with the hefty price tag but personally if I had seen these in passing I think I probably would have passed on them. There is a lot of product in each component but I also find that they spill easily (my cool pictures above started as a happy accident). So to kind of round out this review I don’t think these are for beginners with lip products and I would see if there is a way to find a deal through a Younique consultant if you are really dead set on trying these. I don’t think they are worth the price.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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What Should Be- 4 Week Update

This is week 4 of my attempt at being healthier and meal prepping and getting my act together….

Well I have done; like many times in the past; fallen off the wagon…

Some of it had to do with a tumble I took down the stairs….

There is a reason Grace is not my middle name because I’m about as clumsy as  a new born calf. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s pretty darn close. Long story short I caught the heel of my shoe on the steps at the movie theater with my mom and with my hands in my pockets of my jacket and I fell really hard on my left knee, rolling into the seat arm closest to me and finally settling on my rearend two steps down from where I started! It was very very painful. And just so you can get a giggle (I can now laugh at myself about it too) make a mental note of that scene of me falling.

Your Welcome! You can now laugh through your morning!

So this has put me out for about a week. Not the best excuse but when given that it was a struggle to walk let along do yoga I took some time off.

In the mean time I have been unexplainably tired and had some other weird things with my health (yes I plan to see a doctor at some point) nothing to crazy to be worried about. So this has put me back two weeks… UGH!

This is also why my meal prep posts have disappeared and why I haven’t done a progress post. I look at it this way…there has been no progress because I have gotten in my own way!

But after having an epiphany last night I know that I am making lame excuses and I need to get up and just work harder! So I’m jumping right back in! No need to wait no need to stall now is as good a time as any!!

So here is me trying to keep myself accountable! My husband has been the best cheerleader for me and helping me stay on track and I couldn’t be more thankful for all that he does for me!

This is week 4 progress and I am headed toward week 5 full speed ahead! I have to remember why I am doing this! I have to remember that I am doing this for me! I am putting myself first and making it a priority to make me happy. Because if I am happy then I know I can put that out into the rest of my life!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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