What Should Be- 4 Week Update

This is week 4 of my attempt at being healthier and meal prepping and getting my act together….

Well I have done; like many times in the past; fallen off the wagon…

Some of it had to do with a tumble I took down the stairs….

There is a reason Grace is not my middle name because I’m about as clumsy as  a new born calf. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s pretty darn close. Long story short I caught the heel of my shoe on the steps at the movie theater with my mom and with my hands in my pockets of my jacket and I fell really hard on my left knee, rolling into the seat arm closest to me and finally settling on my rearend two steps down from where I started! It was very very painful. And just so you can get a giggle (I can now laugh at myself about it too) make a mental note of that scene of me falling.

Your Welcome! You can now laugh through your morning!

So this has put me out for about a week. Not the best excuse but when given that it was a struggle to walk let along do yoga I took some time off.

In the mean time I have been unexplainably tired and had some other weird things with my health (yes I plan to see a doctor at some point) nothing to crazy to be worried about. So this has put me back two weeks… UGH!

This is also why my meal prep posts have disappeared and why I haven’t done a progress post. I look at it this way…there has been no progress because I have gotten in my own way!

But after having an epiphany last night I know that I am making lame excuses and I need to get up and just work harder! So I’m jumping right back in! No need to wait no need to stall now is as good a time as any!!

So here is me trying to keep myself accountable! My husband has been the best cheerleader for me and helping me stay on track and I couldn’t be more thankful for all that he does for me!

This is week 4 progress and I am headed toward week 5 full speed ahead! I have to remember why I am doing this! I have to remember that I am doing this for me! I am putting myself first and making it a priority to make me happy. Because if I am happy then I know I can put that out into the rest of my life!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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