Powder to Cream….WHAT?!

Recently a friend of mine on Facebook posted about these crazy products and was asking for 12 people to review the product. I chimed in because being the #lipjunkie I am I thought I would give this strange products a try.

Disclaimer: I did purchase these at a discounted rate to review. I will always keep my opinions and thoughts my own!

Here is a link to the website so that if you are interested in these babies you can purchase them!

Regan Alires Younique Presenter

Regan is super sweet to work with and even sent me an extra goodie along with this little note.


Now for the product and some details on it:

These are called the MoodStruck Crush lip powders, “featuring encapsulated water technology that transforms from powder to cream instantly.”

There are three shades:


This is the most wearable of the three shades and is a lot lighter in the bottle than it is when applied as you can see here.



This is a red shade in the trio and has a very warm undertone. I find that in certain lighting it can look like it has some gold flecks in it. This is very much a bold red.



This is a deep berry shade which are some of my favorite to wear. This one is a rich plummy raspberry.



This is a simple swatch on my hand of all three of these lippies.

Now for my thoughts:

When I first saw these in the post on Facebook I was really intrigued by the aspect of powder to cream! I mean the main question is how!? And after having these and giving them a good wear test I think I have a good feel for the product. These are very creamy once applied to the lips and smooth. The texture is strange when first applying but once on feels like most lipsticks.

Like I said up above, the shade Casual is the most wearable shade of the three and probably the easiest to apply. The other two shades took more work and the darkest shade Captivating was very patchy when applied. The powder is some what hard to work with to get a nice clean line on the lips. Even with a lip liner it is challenging to apply cleanly.  Once applied you can feel the powder feeling slowly melt away and the creaminess on the lips comes through. The struggle I had with these was after pressing my lips together a few times there are particles of the powder that gather on the inner part of my mouth and then get onto my teeth and into my mouth. And I had a challenging time removing it from my teeth without smudging more of it into my mouth. I have been trying to find different ways to apply the lip powders to avoid this but I have yet to figure out a good way to keep it from getting all over my teeth and tongue.

The colors are very pigmented and look great in the beginning of being put on but the wear time with these isn’t as long as I would have hoped for. Now being a cream finish I know that they won’t last as long as say a matte finish but these wear off really quickly with simple eating and drinking. I applied each shade before I left for work like I do with my regular morning routine. With drinking coffee and water at work I was already having to touch up the center of my lips by 10 am and by the time lunch rolled around I was removing completely and reapplying. And this happened in the afternoon as well. I noticed with the darker two shades Curvaceous and Captivating the center of my lips seemed to wear off pretty quickly in comparison to the rest of my lips. I also noticed that Captivating does stain the lips a bit. When I wiped it off at lunch I ended up with some slightly left over on my lips which made a perfect base for gloss but at other times wouldn’t be ideal.

Over all thoughts:

All in all these are an interesting product but not for make up beginners. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means but I happen to really love lip products and this product definitely takes some work. I love the colors and I think I will get the most use out of Casual and Curvaceous. Captivating though it’s a pretty color is very patchy and needs more work than I sometimes want to put in when working with a dark lip color. I do have some what of a struggle with the price point on these as well. They retail for $60 for the set of three. I feel this is a steep price for this type of product. If you are a lip lover like myself you might totally love these and be ok with the hefty price tag but personally if I had seen these in passing I think I probably would have passed on them. There is a lot of product in each component but I also find that they spill easily (my cool pictures above started as a happy accident). So to kind of round out this review I don’t think these are for beginners with lip products and I would see if there is a way to find a deal through a Younique consultant if you are really dead set on trying these. I don’t think they are worth the price.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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