Wedding Wednesday : February 2018

It’s that time!

Here is February’s Wedding Wednesday!

This Wednesday’s topic is the top 5 reasons why it’s important to have a wedding website!

In today’s age of technology I think it’s extremely important to have a wedding website. The most common place that offers a free website that you can design is (to be totally honest I don’t know of any others). They make for an easy way of setting up a website with different style options and different area’s of focus for your wedding. I had a great time when I started mine! It was nice to customize all of the different aspects of the sight to be most similar to your wedding style. It also gives the options of what you want to prioritize about your wedding!

So now for the top 5 reasons to have a wedding website!

1. Introducing You & Your Significant Other as a Couple

On the website one of the main sections is the “Our Story” section.  This is a nice and easy way to let your friends and family that you haven’t see in awhile about how you met this new important person in your life! I find this can become a repetitive chore when you have a bunch of family and friends that you haven’t seen in some time and haven’t had the chance to meet your significant other. It also allows you to in detail go over how the proposal went and all the beautiful pictures to a mass amount of family and friends all at once! This will help you save time and breath when it comes to the big day and everyone wanting to ask you all of these burning questions. This part will probably be the most time consuming but so worth it and I found it fun to upload photo along with it so that everyone could see how much we had grown and changed as a couple leading up to our wedding day.

2. Sharing Important Information with Guests

This is one of the easiest ways to share important information with your guests. Things like time, place, directions, hotel accommodations, registry, etc. It’s nice and conveniently all in one place! It also makes it so that you don’t have to send 5 different little slips of paper in your actual invitations that people can easily loose. You just print off your beautiful invitations and put your wedding website link on the bottom and list “please visit our website for further information”. I know not everyone like Grandma Sue us the internet but any more these day’s if you aren’t using the computer then you are practically in the stone age so this makes it really nice for you to direct all of the questions your guests have to the website rather than having Aunt Patty calling you ten times leading up to the big day asking where to book a room.

3. Most Registries Can Link-Up to Your Website

I thought this was probably the coolest thing about having a wedding website! We only did one registry at Bed Bath and Beyond because by the time we finished that it was so overwhelming that we didn’t want to even attempt another store! My husband also wasn’t the most enthusiastic when it came to picking things out unless he got to use the price/scan gun. However when it came time I was able to link our registry online with our wedding website and let me just tell you how easy this was for some of our out of town family! By having them linked many of our friends and family could do their shopping online and have the gifts send right to our front door! I mean how great is that! They also could choose to have it gift wrapped or just sent to us! We probably got about 1/3 of our wedding gifts via the website! I was so shocked because I didn’t realize this was a feature until our first couple of gifts showed up! But I thought how convenient for our out of town family! I think people also liked the idea of the online registry because they could purchase gifts two months prior to the wedding which gave them flexibility when it came to having money for the gifts. I know I appreciate this aspect being a guest at a wedding so that if I need time to plan for a purchase I have that time.

4. RSVP Tracking!

This feature was a life saver for me. The website offers a way of adding in your guest list and allowing for RSVP information. It was nice and easy for guests to list who was coming and by name if they were brining a plus one or their kiddo’s and it was nice to have a ball park idea of how many people we were expecting to come on our big day. I was pleasantly surprised with how many people we had not only RSVP but also show up! We sent/gave out about 150 invites including out of town family expecting about half to show up and we ended up with almost 120 people RSVP’d. Now some of this was because we started inviting people by verbal invites and I didn’t always take into account how many kiddo’s or plus ones we would have but I will say this was the best ball park I could have had when it came to food and drinks and being prepared for the day. I was totally surprised with how many people we had come to our wedding and I was glad we had a centralized spot to keep track. The nice thing about the RSVP feature as well was that you could add and subtract people out as time went one. So if someone said they would make it and then had something come up and couldn’t you could take out their RSVP and for all of the traditional mailed in RSVP’s you can add them in to keep track all in one place.


5. Count Down to the Big Day

The other great thing about this website service is that at the very top is the daily count down to the big day! It makes it easy when you are six months or so out from the big day to be able to see easily the number of days left. I found this very convenient  when people would inevitably ask me this question and thankfully I could easily pull up the website and it would have the days left. The other thing I absolutely loved about the website was that it was easy to share on my social media’s to let friends and family know that way as well.


I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful when planning for your big day and getting ready for all of the fun and festive times coming a head! I know I found it so beneficial to my planning process to have the website and for my out of town family to keep up on all of the fun and changes that came up along the way!

A wedding is an exciting time hopefully you find this helpful!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday : February 2018

  1. I made a Facebook group for my wedding, mostly for getting information to everyone all at once. It somewhat worked. I felt like I was constantly begging people to RSVP and they never did, but it was nice just posting it on Facebook rather than having to call each relative.

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