Sephora PLAY! : March 2018

Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.

Lets get into this months bag!


I love that they are changing up the bag styles and materials! This one is a fun dark blue tie-die kind of feel with the theme on it “Beauty is my Spirit Animal”.

Now for this months items!

Buxom; Plumpline Lip Liner; Shade- Hush Hush/cinnamon              Full Size Retail $17

I have always wanted to try a Buxom product and have been eyeballing their lip glosses for some time now but just haven’t spent the money and gotten one, so I was really excited to see this in the bag this month! This is a nice neutral nude that would go with almost any skin tone in my opinion. This lip liner comes with a brush on the other end to help feather out the edges of your liner. The formula is super creamy and I really enjoy how this feels on the lips!

Sephora Collection; Matte Perfection Powder Foundation; Shade- 14 Neutral Linen      Full Size Retail $20

Getting samples like these in my subscriptions always makes me happy because then I can try it before I buy it! Especially when it’s something that is a high end product or expensive. First things I notice about this powder is that it’s very yellow for my skin tone. I am more of a pink undertone with my skin. When I applied it to my skin I also noticed that it almost made my foundation seem darker than it really was on my skin. Now I did use this over the top of a liquid foundation so the slight cakeiness can be expected when using it like that but I just wasn’t a fan of how that looked on my skin. I do want to give this a try on a “no make-up” make-up day to see how it sits on my bare skin. I’m not sure I would recommend this or even spend the money on the full size.

Murad; Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Specturm SPF 30 PA+++        Full Size Retail $65

I have heard great things about this brand and the skin care products they have, so this was an awesome sample to get in the bag. Plus I always like to try out different primers for my oily/combo skin. This is a really nice primer, it has a nice slip when you first apply it so a little goes along way and then as you smooth it out over the skin it dries down. I will say I didn’t notice anything imparticularly different with my skin but I did notice my make up still looked good at the end of the day and didn’t separate as bad as it can on my forehead and around my nose. I’m hoping to use this more and get a better feel for how it works with my skin but I don’t know that it is worth the full size price tag.


Verb; Ghost Oil             Full Size Retail $16

I wasn’t sure how I would like this because it is a hair oil and I already have an oily scalp so I was worried that this would just make a bigger mess but I was pleasantly surprised my hair needed this! Now I will start by saying I only used this from mid-strand to the ends of my hair and I was so surprised at how much this helped my damaged ends feel soft and healthy. I still have some bleach left on the ends of my hair from when I went from red to blonde (another story for another day if you interested) and my ends tend to get brittle and feel damaged, but after I applied this I was surprised at how soft they ends felt! I applied this on damp hair and just let my hair air dry and I’m on day two with a curl in my hair and it feels amazing! I have one other product from Verb that I really like as well so I think this would be one of the things I would look into getting a full size in-especially with my blonde hair.


Lancôme; Miel-En-Mousse Foaming Cleansing Makeup Remover with Acacia Honey              Full Size Retail $40

This is another really nice product! Skin care I find hard to review especially if you haven’t had it for very long but this one I really liked! It foams up nicely when you massage it into the skin and even with the small sample size I feel like I will get a few uses out of it because I don’t need much to get my face clean. It did help remove the excess makeup on my face and had a really nice smell to it. Like other skin care products I am hopping to get some more use out of this so that I can see if it makes any sort of difference in my skin especially when it comes to removing excess make up. I wear almost a full face every day for work so I really need something that helps to get my skin clean every night.



Ouai; Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets              Full Size Retail $18

This is our bonus item this week rather than a perfume! I am super excited to give this a try! The idea behind this product is really cool so that when it’s one of those frizzy hair days you can rub this all over your hair and it will leave hair shinny and smooth without static! This will be perfect on the windy days in town when there isn’t much moisture in the air and my hair has a mind of it’s own!



Well this concludes my Sephora PLAY! box for this month and my subscriptions for this month as well! I have officially had this subscription for a year now. I always said I would give it a year before I thought about canceling and so far this year they have been making some changes and have had some pretty nice products; so I am going to hang onto this one for awhile longer and decide later if this one might not stay around. Only time will tell!!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Yes, Oh YAS! : March 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box ! They offer 3-7 full size products each month for $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become a brand promoter for their new subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!

Bella Pierre; XII Eyeshadow Palettes-Go Smokey                                  Retail Price $45

This month we had the option of two different palettes either the Go Smokey (pictured) or the Go Natural. I personally would have liked to get the natural palette but I figure getting the smokey palette is pushing me out of my comfort zone! The matte shades in this palette are very pigmented! I just need a small amount on my brush to make them go a long way. They also blend beautifully. The shimmers come out very dark and smokey and are more pigmented when used with your finger than with a brush. I did try to use the brush that came in the palette but I struggled getting the color payout I wanted with the shimmer shades. I do really like this but I feel like I am limited to use this for special occasions and nights out. I am playing with more and more to see what different looks I can create!


Bella Pierre; Eyeshadow brushes; #18 and #35

Retail price $13 & $20

I believe I have gotten these brushes in one of my first boxes from Yes, Oh YAS! They are great brushes! Very high quality and very nice to use. They are soft and work nicely. I use the liner brush with shadow more often so that I can make a false liner with shadow just because I don’t wear liquid liner often. The eyeshadow brush is also really nice because it applies shadow all over the lid cleanly and is nice for backing on. I will say I don’t think that these brushes are worth the money if you were to buy them outright. I really like them but I think you can get just as nice of quality brushes from the Wet and Wild line. I have some that are very similar that I got at the drugstore and the dollar store that are similar to these and work just as well. I know each eyeshadow packing brush is different but I have found that sometimes the more inexpensive ones are the way to go when working to build you brush collection.



Bella Pierre; Shimmer Powders; Shades- Lavendar, Calm, Exite ; Make Up Base   Retail Price $15 and $19

I was slightly disappointed to see these in my box this month because I have gotten these before. I know that they partner with Bella Pierre often but I was looking forward to possibly getting one of the other options of the box that had the Beauty Coco Smile product that was a charcoal treatment for you teeth that is supposed to make your teeth whiter. But I figure I will hold on to these and maybe one of these days when I get either duplicates or a bunch of products I won’t use I will do a giveaway or pass them along to friends who might like them. These three powders are beautiful and I really like them for a nice pop of purple color. The makeup base I also really enjoy using when I know I need my makeup to last a very long time! It is slightly yellow for me but I blend it out with my foundation so that if blends a lot nicer on some of the weird area’s on my face.


Bella Pierre Precious; Complete Nail Care System         Retail Price $75


This was fun to get! And different! I normally don’t like to do my own nails because I’m not very good at it but I have decided recently to give my natural nails a break and work on growing them out and painting them myself so what a perfect time to get this kit in this months box! So pictured right is the Hand and Body lotion. It smells very much like a spa type hand lotion and is very nice on the hands. I will say I find it to be a slightly runny formula which I don’t always feel like works on my hands but I am giving it a try. I haven’t noticed a difference in my dry spots on my hands and arms just yet but I am going to keep using it and see what happens.  img_0320The next thing we got was the cuticle treatment oil which also contains sweet almond oil. I have wanted to always try a cuticle oil because I tend to get very dry hands in the winter time so this was a nice addition to add to a nail care routine. It smells really good too! *Update* I did give this a try on my cuticles and it’s such a life saver! I normally like to wear acrylic’s but with the recent change to wanting to let my natural nails grow and change it’s nice to add this and help repair the cuticle area. We also got a two more times in the box with the nail care system which were the nail buffer block and the nail file.

These are both really nice quality items. I will say that the buffer block isn’t super useful for me at the moment because I just recently removed my acrylics but I think as I get my nails healthy again it will really come in handy helping me to fix my nails and smooth them out nicely to apply polish. I’m really jazzed about getting this nail kit because now it’s motivation to start doing my own nails again to make them nice and healthy! I know eventually I will go back to having acrylic’s because I just love the way they look and how long I can have them but for now this is going to be fun!


So that concludes all of the products I have got in this months box. Grand total comes to:


How awesome is that!! I am so impressed with how this box continues to grow and get bigger and bigger! I just recently when to the website and found out they have been growing so much that they have upped the price but they also have upped the option for products in the box. They still do charge for shipping but hopefully soon they will get to the point where there is free shipping! I am excited for next month as the teasers look amazing and to be apart of this growing subscription community!!

Remember you can use the code CURVYE to get 10% off of your first box!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Ipsy Review : March 2018

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know.

Lets get into this months bag!

img_0299img_0298This month the bag was super cute with a theme of “Create”. They sent it with two markers that you can use to color on the bag with! I love this idea and I think it’s super cute and fun. Not to mention this bag is one of the bigger one’s Ipsy has made.

Now for the products.

Hikari; Cream Pigment Eyeshadow; Shade-Shine                         Retail Price $13

This pigment is gorgeous! I absolutely love how shinny and pigmented this is! And I’m pretty sure this is a full size eyeshadow! The gold is very yellow toned which isn’t always my favorite but I really enjoy using this one! I will say it does apply better with the finger than it does with a brush. I love adding singles like this to my collection so that I can build a wider variety of shadows to use and put be out of my comfort zone, which is what gold’s like this do!


Skyn Iceland; Pure Cloud Cream                  Full Size Retail $55

We have gotten skincare products from this brand before and I do really enjoy them. This is a daily moisturizing cream that helps with dry and sensitive skin. And I am sure happy to be getting this because this time of year my hands are still recovering from the winter and are having lots of dry patches. I also like the fact that this is a travel size so I can put it in my purse and take it with me as any where to help heal up my hands. Not to mention this stuff smells amazing! I think some of it has to do with the “Arctic Berries” that are in the formula. I don’t know that a full size of this would be totally worth it but I really love having this sample this month.

Benefit Cosmetics; Bad Gal BANG! Volumizing Mascara                          Full Size Retail $24

I’m all for trying new mascara’s but it’s hard when I think I found my new all time favorite in my boxy charm this month but I still gave this one a try. When I first opened it I wasn’t sure about it because the wand is the rubbery/spikey kind that I really don’t like. But none the less I wanted to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that this brush didn’t seem to be pokey like others I had used and it also made for a soft application. The formula on this mascara is also kind of think so it adds a lot to the lashes. The one thing that I don’t like about wands/applicators like this is that it’s hard for me to get the thick and voluminous lashes that I really like. These kinds of brushes tend to separate my lashes and not make them look fuller. This does however had some really nice length to my lashes that I can appreciate.


Skin & Co Roma; Truffle Theraphy Cleansing Cream                          Full Size Retail $ 35

Skin & Co Roma is one of my favorite skin care lines all thanks to Ipsy. This cleansing cream was one of the things I also hadn’t tried from them yet and it’s really nice! I love the smell these products have and how soft and smooth my skin always feels and looks! I have been using this line for almost a year now and I am so in love with everything! It makes my skin look and feel great and it’s not overly potent on my skin. This cleansing cream is nice in the fact that it helps take off my makeup and is very smooth on the skin but I still use the Truffle Therapy Cleansing Foam to help remove everything from my skin. This line is also not super expensive. It’s very reasonable for the quality of products you get!

Steve Laurant; Orchid Lip Oil                                                       Retail Price $ 18

This is another full size for this month and I love it! I didn’t realize this was an actually lip oil until I put it on but it’s extremely nice on the lips and it smells sweet almost like vanilla frosting! I have only applied this to my lips before bet but I really want to try it over the top of a liquid lip to see if it acts as a nice gloss. I will say the nights I put this on when I wake up my lips are very soft and plump and I feel like my lip products apply a lot nicer. This will be getting a lot of use in the coming months!

Well that concludes my Ipsy bag for March! What did you get in your bag? What different things did you get? Leave a comment!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Boxy Charm : March 2018

Boxy Charm is $21 a month for 4-5 full size products. The box is always guaranteed to a value of $100 or more each month. They offer a wide range of brands from emerging to well known. There is a beauty quiz you can take similar to Ipsy to go over your skin tone, skin type, hair color, eye color, so on and so forth. They also offer a user friendly website to allow you to review the items in your box.

Let’s get into this month’s box!

img_0254This months theme was Bae-cation. And I have to say I am loving everything we got this month!!!

PUR with Boxy Charm; Eyeshadow Palette                                      Retail Price $36

This month Boxy Charm partnered with PUR to create an amazing Palette! My photo doesn’t do this palette by any means! It’s gorgeous! I absolutely love the variety of colors and the pigment is amazing! The last time we got a PUR palette in a box it was one of my favorite palettes and I still use it at least once a week. This one has a nice variety of colors with some neutrals and some pops of color. My eyes were immediately drawn to the pink/purple and the blue! It also has a nice variety of mattes and shimmers. I have been using this almost every day since it came in the mail! Loving it!

South Mane Beauty; Eye Gels                                                              Retail Price $9

I really like getting fun things like these in my subscriptions to try. I don’t normally buy things like this on my own because I don’t really think about buying things like this! Now I haven’t had a chance to give these a try but the packaging alone is just beyond cute! These have a claim to help with softening the skin and moisturizing to help with a rested and refreshed look! I can’t wait to give these a try!

Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics; Make Them Blush; Shade-Hush Blush         Retail Price $26

First off this is such adorable packaging! I love how this brand packages all of their products! I mean the attention to detail is incredible! To top it off this blush is just as incredible! Super pigmented and just the right neutral shade that will suite just about any skin tone. At first I did think this might be a little too dark for me given that I am still pale form the winter but this is very subtle and gorgeous! I have been using it almost daily because it’s really a stunning product! The only one downside I can see to this is that it does have some kick back when dipping in the brush and it’s very easy to get carried away with this product but other than that it’s amazing!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company; Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set        Retail Price $21.76

Brushes! Yes more brushes! I am a happy camper any time there are brushes in my box! These are great quality too!! This company is a UK based company but provides free shipping to the US which is really nice. This is another brand with adorable packaging that just adds to the product! I love it! This little eye set is super nice and is great for travel if needed. The other thing I really like about these and think is cute is the fact that on each brush is tells you what it’s supposed to be used for, ie: shading, blending and smoking out the lower lash line. The quality on these brushes is awesome and they are really soft and nice to use! Another win for this months box!

Butter London; Double Decker Lashes Mascara                                  Retail Price $20

Ya’ll I think I have found my all time favorite mascara!! This stuff is AMAZING!! I never thought I would find a mascara that is this good! The brush is one of my favorite kinds being fluffy bristles. The formula is not super think but think enough to make my lashes look amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this! This claims to add 200% thicker lashes in just one coat and I couldn’t agree more! It also claims to add 314% increase in lash curl which I can for sure figure out but I will say it does it’s job! I love my lashes wearing this mascara! I also like it slightly better than my favorite drugstore mascara lash paradise because it is softer almost. For the first time I think I will feel the need to purchase a high end mascara! I can’t believe it!


So the total for this month’s box is…


And I forgot to mention that we got a 25% discount code for Butter London in the box! So I will be ordering myself another mascara here soon!

But that wraps up the March Box! Still by far my favorite subscription!! It just keeps getting better and better!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Kiss Me Club : March 2018

Kiss Me Club by Live Glam is a monthly subscription for lip sticks. These are the Kiss Me Club brand lipsticks. You get 3 liquid lipsticks (they are adding in glosses and satin finish to some months) for $19.99 a month and free shipping in the US. Each month includes 3 different shades that you haven’t received before. You can cancel at any time and skip months you don’t want. They also offer a points and perks plan that allows you to shop different make up and things on their site.

Live Glam also offers a brush club subscription for $19.99 with Morphe Brushes and they have an eyeshadow club coming as well that looks to be $19.99 for 6 eye shadows.

This month I took advantage of the lip exchange. When they posted the lip colors for March I knew I wouldn’t like any of them and I didn’t want to pay for colors I know I won’t use and plus I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the exchange feature of the subscription. So these were the colors for March:


This photo was taken from the Live Glam website.

The only shade I might remotely even try would be tease but I’m pretty sure it would be way to brown for me so I decided to trade! Now when you exchange your lippies you need to do this prior to billing for that new month. They gave me two options for September 2017 or October 2017:

Both of these photo’s were taken from the Live Glam website.

As much as I love the colors for October being dark and vampy and so up my alley I decided that I would go out of my comfort zone with the nudes from September. I also was excited to give another one of their glosses a try! So For March I am actually reviewing the September lip bundle!

img_0240First off sorry for the wrinkled product pamphlet my dogs got a hold of the mail…


These are in the traditional frosted tube with the rose gold details which I absolutely love and as you can see these are all in the nude family. Now lets dive into the colors and swatches.




The hand swatch photo was taken just after I had applied it so looks shinny but in fact is a matte shade. This color I think is very flattering and I actually really enjoy! It’s more of a peachy, coraly, nude but I do really like it! The formulas as has been consistent with the other mattes is very light and mousey feeling but applies opaque and even. I really enjoy this color!

Single AF

img_0270img_0246I was really excited to get this gloss from them to compare to the gloss from last month. This gloss is different in the fact that it does have more of a pigment to it which is a kind of brownish nude and it seems slightly thicker. This formula however is the same and takes multiple dips into the tube in order to get an even and nice application. Now this isn’t the worst thing in the world because it’s also not a sticky gloss and it’s also very pigmented but I’m afraid I will go through these faster because I need to dip in so many times but only time will tell.

Happily Ever After



This color is so up my alley it’s not even funny! I absolutely love this color! It’s a pretty peachy pink that is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. I really like these light pinks and even though this one has more of and warm peach undertone I still really like it! It has actually been one of my go to lip products the last couple of weeks. I think this one for sure will be getting good use!


I really enjoyed the fact that I could switch out the lip colors for this month and get shades I am more likely to wear. I am really enjoying this subscription and looking forward to more to come!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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Wedding Wednesday : March 2018

It’s time for March’s Wedding Wednesday!!

This month I thought it would good to go over the top 5 reasons to have make sure that as a couple you have a gift registry at at least one store if not multiple. Now I know that in modern times like now most couples already live together and so this might seem futile or not necessary but let me tell you why it actually is beneficial!

1. Out of Town Family

By creating a gift registry and linking it to your wedding website or putting a link in your invitations it allows for your out of town family to buy you a gift and have it sent right to your door step. Or even people who can’t make the big day can go online or even into the store and have something mailed out to you. Most large retailers offer some sort of registry process and they also offer gift wrapping services that are also sent out with a gift receipt. I have found this to be really great when I am sending out gifts to friends and family weddings that I can’t actually be there. This was also really convenient when my husband and I got married because we got quite a few gifts prior to the wedding this way.

2. Prevents Duplicates

This is also a nice feature of the digital age and registry’s being online, it helps prevent people from getting you the same gifts. That is of course if you aren’t asking for multiples. I found this to be really nice because then we got things we actually wanted and only what we needed. We didn’t have to worry about having to take things back because it was a duplicate and something we didn’t actually want.

3. Replacing what you have

Most modern day couples already live together prior to getting married so you will most likely have a lot of common things together already; things like bedding, kitchen supplies, décor…yada, yada, yada. But this the time to take inventory of what you have and what you want to upgrade. This was really nice for my husband and I because we had a lot of weird odds and ends we had gotten when we initially had moved out. I had a lot of hand-me downs from my sister, my husband had a lot of bachelor pad things and then together we had gotten some cheap things because we were both broke college students. But at this point we decided to go through what we had and ask for nicer options to make for a more cohesive kitchen and home area because after all we are now moving into a different part of our lives being a married couple and odds and ends just don’t cut it.

4. For Those Gift Giving Relatives/Friends

We all have those relatives who are just gift givers. They don’t want to give you cash or a check they want to get you someTHING, an object or and item. So this is where having a registry comes in handy because then you know that these gift givers will be getting you exactly what you want and exactly what you have asked for. No disappointing faces when you open something that you know was bought with love but that you didn’t really want.

5. Bonding Time with your future spouse

Ok so this might seem like a weird point about making a registry but when it really comes down to it going into stores and registering for gifts is time consuming and daunting (especially if you are going to Bed, Bath and Beyond). Use this as a time to really connect with your partner and talk about different things. I know my husband got bored really quickly when we were trying to do our one registry but we used it as a time to joke around and have a good time. A lot of times leading up to the wedding weekends are filled with planning and finishing things and sometimes it’s not the easiest to stay connected so it’s these little moments that mean a lot. After all the big day will go by so fast so relishing in the small things is always a must!


I know it’s always what you want to do but having a wedding registry can be very beneficial to the big day and can be fun if you make it fun. I was the person who didn’t want to do one but seemed to be getting pushed from multiple directions to create one and in hind sight it was the best choice we made!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!



Sephora PLAY! : February 2018


Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.


The theme this month was “Feel the Love”. I was definitely feeling the love with the products this month!!

Sephora Collection; Rouge Matte Lipstick; Shade-M11 Rebel Chic      Full Size Retail $12.50

This month we got two lip products in our bags. This is one of the two! This probably is one of my favorite Sephora PLAY! bags because of that! I was hoping for high end samples but this one is still nice! I like the color but I’m not head over heels for the formula. It’s not as smooth as I like especially after getting my ColourPop Lux lipsticks but it does apply evenly for the most part. Over all the Sephora Collection lipsticks are nice but nothing to write home about.

Nars; Velvet Matte Lip Pencil; Shade- Let’s Go Crazy                  Full Size Retail $27

This is more of a lip stick type pencil than a lip liner type pencil. The color is beautiful and super fun! It looks a lot darker in the tube than it applies to the lips which I don’t mind. I really enjoy the formula and the longevity of this lip product! It glides on smoothly and has very even pigmentation. This is a perfect color for me in the coming spring and summer months as well. Definitely a favorite for me!

Laura Mercier; Caviar Stick Eye Colour; Shade- Rose Gold                    Full Size Retail $29

This was super exciting to get in the bag this month! I love these stick eye colors or crayons or what ever you want to call them and this one is awesome! It’s creamy and a beautiful shade! I would say that this has more of champagne shade but it’s still gorgeous. My favorite thing to do with these is too put them on as a base for my powder shadows. From there I like to layer a similar color powder shadow or even a different colored one just to brighten it up. The formula on this eye color is very smooth and creamy and very easy to blend. I will be getting so much use out of this sample!



Peter Thomas Roth; FIRMx Peeling Gel                               Full Size Retail $48

This stuff is awesome! It’s grossly awesome! Basically this is an exfoliating gel cleanser that helps to remove the dead skin from your face. I love how my skin feels after using it but watching the amount of dead skin ball up on my face is the most oddly disgusting/satisfying thing! I really enjoy using this once a week to just clean up my skin! I am really considering purchasing a full size of this even though it is on the more expensive side I think that it is completely worth it!


Belif; Moisturizing Eye Bomb                   Full Size Retail $48

Even though I like to get more makeup related items in my subscriptions this skin care product I am so happy about! I have gotten the Belif face cream before and really liked it but ran out quickly of the sample size. This one being an eye bomb I don’t use as much so it is and will last me longer but it is amazing!!! I am so loving using this both at night and in the mornings just as a moisturizer before I put my make up on! It’s has such a nice feel and really has made my skin feel smooth, plump and look less tired. This is getting a lot of use and is a current favorite for me! I might consider buying the full size but I am going to look for a more affordable dupe for this one!

This month we got another perfume in the bag as the bonus item….not to be the broken record but I really am not a fan because I don’t wear a lot of perfume. I don’t like the way they smell on me and I really just don’t like getting them. To fill you in  this month we got:

Atelier Cologne; Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume Full Size Retail $140

And this is also the other reason I don’t like perfumes! They are expensive for full sizes even if you find on you love! I personally just like using simple body spray’s and lotions more than anything!


This concludes my Sephora PLAY! bag for February! I know I am so incredibly late on this one but I have been slammed at work and this was the soonest I could get it up! Just keep yours eyes out because before you know it we will have March subscriptions being posted!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Time Flies — Over the Winter Blahs

I feel like I have been completely swamped with work and have completely forgotten about keeping up on my posts! We recently have been down a person at work and it’s caused for more of a work load put on me. Thankfully it hasn’t been stressful but just a lot of work and the day’s are going by very, very quickly so before I know it I’m headed out the door home to do house work or just sit and relax for that matter!

I have felt a little lost because I haven’t had the time to meal prep or even blog prep (I try to do them at the same time on a slow day) and this is driving me crazy because the control freak in me doesn’t like not having a plan for things!

But the nice thing about spring coming in is that it means time for spring cleaning and taking the time to really organize and plan things out! This is my goal this next weekend it so organize my desk and to organize my makeup collection and my closet. I will say if I took a photo of the current hazard zone that is in my office/beauty room you all would be horrified by the sight! I like to be super organized and super put together on the outside but sometimes my inner dwelling is a disaster! But that’s just the controlled chaos that I like to go in and organize! So now that I am out of the winter blahs the organizing is started and in full force.

I don’t know about any of you but I seem to get dragged down in the winter time. The short day’s, the gray skies, the constant cold! I find myself not in the mood to self start and not in the mood to do anything but the regular house work-you know dishes, laundry, sweeping and mopping. I just feel well


But with daylight savings having just come and gone I am so ready with the nicer weather just around the corner and the lighter days coming that means time to get things started and going and organized!!

I also need to get back on the workout grind! I know I can do it because I was sticking to it so well in January until I fell and was out for a short time but I just haven’t gotten back to it. I know I can and I know I will but I need to get back started! I need to stick with it! I need it for me!

So with spring weather let the fun begin and let the organizing start!


Any how that is a simple update on my absence! But never fear there is much more to come! March subscriptions are already starting to come in and I want to get up my everyday make up routine (we will see if I can accomplish this) but never the less more to come and even better coming up on one year of the Curvy E Chronicles!!!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

New at ColourPop

ColourPop is a USA made company based out of L.A., California that makes high quality affordable make up!! I have been ordering from them for years now and they quickly became one of my favorite makeup brands!

I love all of their new launches and I’m always get excited to see what they will come out with next!

One of their newest launches is their new:

Lux Lipsticks

Their PR packages when out early enough to be able to watch all of my favorite YouTuber’s review and swatch all of the colors, giving me a good idea of what I wanted to buy. This round I did only buy 4 just to make sure I loved them as much as I thought I would and that way I could get a feel for the formula and shades. To get free shipping I tossed in an eye shadow to put me over the $30!

A little bit about these lipsticks from the ColourPop website:

 “Our exclusive LUX blend of Acai, Jojoba and Pomegranate Seed butters hydrate and keep your lips looking fresh AF. Natural antioxidants protect your lips from environmental stressors and premature aging.”

The packaging itself is also so lux! These lipsticks feel like they should be in a high end boutique but have a drugstore price! The rose gold tube really fits with the sophisticated look of these lipsticks. I was so impressed when I first opened these beauties! I don’t know how else to explain how lux these feel than that they feel heavier and more prominent than your average drugstore lipstick.

And to top it off they are only $7 each!

Now for the shades!

Stone Fox


Stone Fox is a peachy pinky nude. The website lists it as a pale pink but with my pale skin down it comes out more peachy than true pink. This is a beautiful nude and something I am stretching out of my comfort zone having. While I am much paler I struggle wearing this color because I feel like it washes me out. I think in the summer when I have more of a tan I might like it a bit more. I am bound and determined though to wear this color more and push past my comfort zone.

Money Side Up


Money Side Up has quickly become one of my favorites even making it into my every day lipstick bag. This to me is the perfect every day pink shade. It’s not so bright that it makes you feel bold and it’s not so pale that you don’t feel like your face is being washed out! It’s seriously the perfect pink! This one to me is the my lips but better color! The ColourPop website describes this as a bubblegum pink but I would say it’s more of a muted bubble gum pink.



This is another everyday shade for me! Ghosted is darker than Money Side Up but is still a beautiful medium rose shade. It’s deep enough to add just a bit more mystery but not so deep that your making a statement with a bold lip! I have been really loving this color and it also is getting a lot of use.

What If


I want to apologize for my lip swatch on this one as I did a terrible job and my lips were some what stained and raw from lip swatching one of my monthly subscriptions. However, What If is very bold and bright! It’s a stand out shade that makes a statement. Described as a cool tone fuchsia this color is fun and perfect for the up coming spring weather! I can’t wait to wear this one a bit more over the spring and summer!


All and all these lipsticks are Amazing!! The formula is like no other I have ever tried and I have been wearing these almost daily. The difference I have seen in my lips is incredible with the softness and my dry lips are completely gone! I can’t wait to get more of these in different shades and I highly, highly recommend these!! The quality is like no other and the price point can’t be beat!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

Disclaimer: None of the links listed in this post are affiliated.

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When the Day’s Pass By

This week seems to have been going by like crazy!

Each day I feel like it’s four o’clock in the afternoon before I know it and it’s almost quitting time, then heading home to cook dinner and attempt to accomplish something before going to bed.

Before I know it, a whole week has gone by and I haven’t taken the time to just sit and put out a few thoughts!

Do you ever find this happening to you?

Do you ever feel like for no apparent reason you are already at the next weekend and didn’t realize it?

Do you think-Wow?! How is it already Friday again?

I personally look forward to Friday every week because that is the end of my week and I look forward to having time off with my husband. But there are times that this almost feels like it just flies by too fast.

Day’s begin to blur together. Remembering distinct differences about each day goes away. Finding the shinning moment in each day disappears.

The more I think about that it makes me sad, because I know there are so many beautiful things that happen just in a day that I need to focus more on. I need to pick out the beautiful moments, the shinning moments, the ones that make each day unique.

Wish for the next weekend and for the next Friday to come is no way to live. Because in fact you aren’t living-you are wishing your precious time away.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wish my time away! I want to spend every moment embracing all there is to live and be happy about!

Today I stumbled upon a post with a link to a song called:

“Fear is a Liar” By Zach Williams

I played it twice over and all I thought was that I really needed to hear this song today. Doubt and fear are heavy things to carry around with you every day. This morning I for some reason was just having a rough time. I was down on myself I was just plain down. I couldn’t tell you one particular reason or anything specific that was getting to me. But after listening to this song I just couldn’t help but look at myself and think-do you really have anything to be down about? I had no real answer for my question.

But the more I thought about it, the more I just came to realize that I needed to slow down. I need to take a moment and “smell the roses”.

So I guess my whole point is that all too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what we “should” do or what is “socially acceptable” and we focus less on what the really important things are that are right in from of us. We let the fear of the unknown consume us and keep us from straying off to “smell the roses”.


I know it is easier said than done to not live in fear of what could be, might be or could have been but that is what I am going to try and accomplish! Starting today I am going to take a moment each morning and evening to thing about the one important thing in my day that stands out and that makes me smile, laugh or just feel good!

I know not everyday can be great but I know I can make every day great!!