When the Day’s Pass By

This week seems to have been going by like crazy!

Each day I feel like it’s four o’clock in the afternoon before I know it and it’s almost quitting time, then heading home to cook dinner and attempt to accomplish something before going to bed.

Before I know it, a whole week has gone by and I haven’t taken the time to just sit and put out a few thoughts!

Do you ever find this happening to you?

Do you ever feel like for no apparent reason you are already at the next weekend and didn’t realize it?

Do you think-Wow?! How is it already Friday again?

I personally look forward to Friday every week because that is the end of my week and I look forward to having time off with my husband. But there are times that this almost feels like it just flies by too fast.

Day’s begin to blur together. Remembering distinct differences about each day goes away. Finding the shinning moment in each day disappears.

The more I think about that it makes me sad, because I know there are so many beautiful things that happen just in a day that I need to focus more on. I need to pick out the beautiful moments, the shinning moments, the ones that make each day unique.

Wish for the next weekend and for the next Friday to come is no way to live. Because in fact you aren’t living-you are wishing your precious time away.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wish my time away! I want to spend every moment embracing all there is to live and be happy about!

Today I stumbled upon a post with a link to a song called:

“Fear is a Liar” By Zach Williams

I played it twice over and all I thought was that I really needed to hear this song today. Doubt and fear are heavy things to carry around with you every day. This morning I for some reason was just having a rough time. I was down on myself I was just plain down. I couldn’t tell you one particular reason or anything specific that was getting to me. But after listening to this song I just couldn’t help but look at myself and think-do you really have anything to be down about? I had no real answer for my question.

But the more I thought about it, the more I just came to realize that I needed to slow down. I need to take a moment and “smell the roses”.

So I guess my whole point is that all too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what we “should” do or what is “socially acceptable” and we focus less on what the really important things are that are right in from of us. We let the fear of the unknown consume us and keep us from straying off to “smell the roses”.


I know it is easier said than done to not live in fear of what could be, might be or could have been but that is what I am going to try and accomplish! Starting today I am going to take a moment each morning and evening to thing about the one important thing in my day that stands out and that makes me smile, laugh or just feel good!

I know not everyday can be great but I know I can make every day great!!

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