Sephora PLAY! : February 2018


Similar to Ipsy this is also a monthly subscription bag that is $10 and comes with 5 deluxe size samples (and even some full size). This bag also comes with a sample fragrance each month.

This subscription bag comes with products based of your PLAY! profile which you create when you first sign up. It also comes with the PLAY! Book with tips, tricks and beauty advise, the PLAY! PASS that you can redeem for 50 points in Sephora and a one on one tutorial, and the PLAY! DATE which is a monthly meet up to discuss tips and tricks for the products in the bag that month.


The theme this month was “Feel the Love”. I was definitely feeling the love with the products this month!!

Sephora Collection; Rouge Matte Lipstick; Shade-M11 Rebel Chic      Full Size Retail $12.50

This month we got two lip products in our bags. This is one of the two! This probably is one of my favorite Sephora PLAY! bags because of that! I was hoping for high end samples but this one is still nice! I like the color but I’m not head over heels for the formula. It’s not as smooth as I like especially after getting my ColourPop Lux lipsticks but it does apply evenly for the most part. Over all the Sephora Collection lipsticks are nice but nothing to write home about.

Nars; Velvet Matte Lip Pencil; Shade- Let’s Go Crazy                  Full Size Retail $27

This is more of a lip stick type pencil than a lip liner type pencil. The color is beautiful and super fun! It looks a lot darker in the tube than it applies to the lips which I don’t mind. I really enjoy the formula and the longevity of this lip product! It glides on smoothly and has very even pigmentation. This is a perfect color for me in the coming spring and summer months as well. Definitely a favorite for me!

Laura Mercier; Caviar Stick Eye Colour; Shade- Rose Gold                    Full Size Retail $29

This was super exciting to get in the bag this month! I love these stick eye colors or crayons or what ever you want to call them and this one is awesome! It’s creamy and a beautiful shade! I would say that this has more of champagne shade but it’s still gorgeous. My favorite thing to do with these is too put them on as a base for my powder shadows. From there I like to layer a similar color powder shadow or even a different colored one just to brighten it up. The formula on this eye color is very smooth and creamy and very easy to blend. I will be getting so much use out of this sample!



Peter Thomas Roth; FIRMx Peeling Gel                               Full Size Retail $48

This stuff is awesome! It’s grossly awesome! Basically this is an exfoliating gel cleanser that helps to remove the dead skin from your face. I love how my skin feels after using it but watching the amount of dead skin ball up on my face is the most oddly disgusting/satisfying thing! I really enjoy using this once a week to just clean up my skin! I am really considering purchasing a full size of this even though it is on the more expensive side I think that it is completely worth it!


Belif; Moisturizing Eye Bomb                   Full Size Retail $48

Even though I like to get more makeup related items in my subscriptions this skin care product I am so happy about! I have gotten the Belif face cream before and really liked it but ran out quickly of the sample size. This one being an eye bomb I don’t use as much so it is and will last me longer but it is amazing!!! I am so loving using this both at night and in the mornings just as a moisturizer before I put my make up on! It’s has such a nice feel and really has made my skin feel smooth, plump and look less tired. This is getting a lot of use and is a current favorite for me! I might consider buying the full size but I am going to look for a more affordable dupe for this one!

This month we got another perfume in the bag as the bonus item….not to be the broken record but I really am not a fan because I don’t wear a lot of perfume. I don’t like the way they smell on me and I really just don’t like getting them. To fill you in  this month we got:

Atelier Cologne; Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume Full Size Retail $140

And this is also the other reason I don’t like perfumes! They are expensive for full sizes even if you find on you love! I personally just like using simple body spray’s and lotions more than anything!


This concludes my Sephora PLAY! bag for February! I know I am so incredibly late on this one but I have been slammed at work and this was the soonest I could get it up! Just keep yours eyes out because before you know it we will have March subscriptions being posted!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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