Wedding Wednesday : March 2018

It’s time for March’s Wedding Wednesday!!

This month I thought it would good to go over the top 5 reasons to have make sure that as a couple you have a gift registry at at least one store if not multiple. Now I know that in modern times like now most couples already live together and so this might seem futile or not necessary but let me tell you why it actually is beneficial!

1. Out of Town Family

By creating a gift registry and linking it to your wedding website or putting a link in your invitations it allows for your out of town family to buy you a gift and have it sent right to your door step. Or even people who can’t make the big day can go online or even into the store and have something mailed out to you. Most large retailers offer some sort of registry process and they also offer gift wrapping services that are also sent out with a gift receipt. I have found this to be really great when I am sending out gifts to friends and family weddings that I can’t actually be there. This was also really convenient when my husband and I got married because we got quite a few gifts prior to the wedding this way.

2. Prevents Duplicates

This is also a nice feature of the digital age and registry’s being online, it helps prevent people from getting you the same gifts. That is of course if you aren’t asking for multiples. I found this to be really nice because then we got things we actually wanted and only what we needed. We didn’t have to worry about having to take things back because it was a duplicate and something we didn’t actually want.

3. Replacing what you have

Most modern day couples already live together prior to getting married so you will most likely have a lot of common things together already; things like bedding, kitchen supplies, décor…yada, yada, yada. But this the time to take inventory of what you have and what you want to upgrade. This was really nice for my husband and I because we had a lot of weird odds and ends we had gotten when we initially had moved out. I had a lot of hand-me downs from my sister, my husband had a lot of bachelor pad things and then together we had gotten some cheap things because we were both broke college students. But at this point we decided to go through what we had and ask for nicer options to make for a more cohesive kitchen and home area because after all we are now moving into a different part of our lives being a married couple and odds and ends just don’t cut it.

4. For Those Gift Giving Relatives/Friends

We all have those relatives who are just gift givers. They don’t want to give you cash or a check they want to get you someTHING, an object or and item. So this is where having a registry comes in handy because then you know that these gift givers will be getting you exactly what you want and exactly what you have asked for. No disappointing faces when you open something that you know was bought with love but that you didn’t really want.

5. Bonding Time with your future spouse

Ok so this might seem like a weird point about making a registry but when it really comes down to it going into stores and registering for gifts is time consuming and daunting (especially if you are going to Bed, Bath and Beyond). Use this as a time to really connect with your partner and talk about different things. I know my husband got bored really quickly when we were trying to do our one registry but we used it as a time to joke around and have a good time. A lot of times leading up to the wedding weekends are filled with planning and finishing things and sometimes it’s not the easiest to stay connected so it’s these little moments that mean a lot. After all the big day will go by so fast so relishing in the small things is always a must!


I know it’s always what you want to do but having a wedding registry can be very beneficial to the big day and can be fun if you make it fun. I was the person who didn’t want to do one but seemed to be getting pushed from multiple directions to create one and in hind sight it was the best choice we made!


Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!



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