Wedding Wednesday : April 2018

We have come to another Wedding Wednesday my friends!

For the month of April I wanted to offer up 5 alternative ideas for celebrating with your girls for a bachelorette party! I know we all watch the movies and see all of the crazy things that happen but that’s not always the scene everyone wants to be apart of!

In all reality the bachelorette party should be for a fun time with your girls to celebrate you as you head into this new life of being a wife.

So without further ado 5 bachelorette party ideas!


1. Spa Day

Schedule a day at a spa or make one at home either way this is a fun way to relax before the big day! Mani/Pedi’s, facials, massages! Get the works. There is nothing better than a day of pampering with your girls to just sit and chat. I know I love just hanging out and spending time with my girls having time to ourselves.

2. Schedule a Photo Shoot

This is probably one of my favorite idea’s, spending a few hours with your girls just getting fun photo’s of you all together! Find a fun place or a place that is sentimental to all of you and just have a great time! This might also be something fun to do with your wedding photographer if they are available because this will help you get to know them more and feel more comfortable on the big day when it comes to those up close and in your face shots! Plus it’s nice to have some group shots of you and your BFF’s that you normally wouldn’t always get!

3. Girls Night In

For all of you home bodies, this I think would be one of the better options to have a great time without having to get totally dressed up and spending a tone of money! With a girls night in you can build a couch cushion fort, order pizza, pick out a movie and just have a great time with your gal pals!

4. Volunteering

This is for all of you out there that want to give back! What a more fun way than to do some sort of volunteering event! It’s a nice way to get all of your friends and girls together for a good cause. This could be spending time at an animal shelter, helping with Habitat for Humanity, donating or helping out at a children’s home, really the possibilities are endless with this option and this is a nice way to make your bachelorette party mean something to you!

5. Camping Trip

For all of you who love to be out in nature this is a fun way to get out and relax before the big day! You can get some peace and quiet and just enjoy the simple things. I know I really like having some time to myself when I have been busy and stressed and taking some time to unwind and be away from the hustle and bustle is really beneficial before the wedding. This will also allow you to clear your head and have a level mind going forward into the final days before the wedding.


I know not everyone is all about going out and getting tanked so that’s why I wanted to put out some alternative idea’s for hanging out with friends prior to the big day! The possibilities are endless.

We are coming up on wedding season and I couldn’t be more excited!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


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