Book of the Month : May 2018

So I want to start a new series going into the second year of the Curvy E Chronicles!

On the first Friday of every month I want to highlight a book I am reading! I am trying really hard to read more and spend more time on making a better me! I started this blog one year ago to help keep myself accountable for making a happier healthier me and I think reading some good books is another step in the right direction!

This month I am reading Taking Aim by Eva Shockey.


I got this book as a gift for Christmas from my brother and I am just now getting around to reading it! I was really excited to start reading this because the main inspiration on the book cover is “Daring to be different, happier and healthier in the great outdoors.” That in itself is all I want in life so what a perfect start to this new series!

For those who don’t know Eva Shockey is a female hunter, conservationist, and television and social media phenomenon. She defies the stereotype that hunting is only for men.

Now you might not know much about hunting or the lifestyle but this book isn’t about just that, its about making a difference and daring to challenge the status quo. It’s about believing in yourself and trusting God’s plan. It’s about working hard and having the patience to know that in time all will work out!

I haven’t finished the book just yet but I have to say I am enjoying it! The message that Eva delivers is a strong one about being confident in yourself and remembering that you have so much to offer!


What books are you all reading right now? Do you have a favorite that I should read?

Let me know because my goal is to read one new book each month.


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