What’s In My Bag!?

Do you ever wonder what people carry around that helps them get through their day to day life?

I’m an avid YouTube junkie and I always love to watch the “What’s in my bag?” video’s. It’s intriguing to see how other people pack things and what they consider necessities to get through everyday, travel or specific events!

So I’m adopting the idea for my blog!

Here is what I carry everyday in my bag!

img_0881I recently got this bag at Shopko. It was on sale at 50% off making it only $25 so I couldn’t resist this adorable floral bag. Now it does look super yellow in this photo but it has more of a cream background to all of the flowers. I love carrying a tote back and as we go through all I carry with me you’ll understand why!

This bag is by Envision Studio and is the Floral Tote Handbag.

Now for what I carry with me everyday.

So to start there is the necessities check book, wallet, sunglasses, keys and of course hand lotion! I like to change my lotion with the seasons so that this moment I have Bath and Body Work’s “Pretty as a Peach”. It’s one of my favorite summer scents!


What seems to take up the most room in my purse is my stationary addition to planners and notebooks! The large 2018 planner I use for my meal prepping and planning for each month. I also call it my master planner as I put in all of the important dates and places and things coming up in it. This one was in my meal prepping post! Next up we have my budget book! This I recently started so that my husband and I can really focus on paying down our debts and getting ahead on our bills to set us up for a better future! This is a really good idea to do if you are struggling with debt and trying to balance out your finances! I found that writing down what we were spending money on and really looking at it was eye opening! (I spend way to much money on coffee! #sorrynotsorry) The smaller 2018 planner is my blog planner! I use this to help me keep track of what I want to post and when I want to post it! I also have been trying to work on growing my Instagram following so I keep work on planning out my posts there as well! Check out Curvy E Chronicles on Instagram! And finally I have a small note book that I use to put my grocery lists in. This makes is so nice to keep on track with my meal prepping and planning!




Of course I also have my current book I’m reading with me so if I have time to kill or a quiet moment I break out my book and read to my little hearts content! Stay tuned for Book of the Month coming on the 1st Friday of June to hear my thoughts on this book!





And of course there are the electronic necessities! Selfie ring light for my phone that I found on Amazon for like $13, head phones, and extra cube to plug in and of course my external charger! I try not to go anywhere without all of these because you never know when you might need them!




And of course I keep a plethora of pens in my bag just so I am prepared for anything and given all of the different planners and notebooks I have how could I not be prepared with pens!







Last but certainly not least is probably my favorite part of my bag! My lipsitcks! I am a lipstick lover and I always have a good selection of colors with me just incase my mood changes throughout the day or something else strikes my fancy! I have been using my April Ipsy bag to store all of these because of how adorable it is, how great it goes with my bag and how much it can hold! Right now my favorite lip combo is my Tom Ford sample lipstick in True Coral with Marc Jacobs Mini Gloss in Some Girls!



So this is what I keep with me in my everyday bag, things I can’t leave home without! What are some things you can’t live without in your everyday bag? Do you like seeing posts like these? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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