Wedding Wednesday : May 2018

We are in May already and here is the May edition of Wedding Wednesday!

This month I wanted to toss out the top 5 most important lists to make before the big day and that should be handed off to your wedding coordinator or person in charge of helping make the big day get off without a hitch!

So with out further ado the top 5 lists to have ready for the big day!

1. Song List

The song list is pretty important depending on how your planning on your reception being run. If you book a DJ they will most likely prompt you for this list because they are wanting make sure they have everything that you want for the big day. It’s also key to book a DJ that has the music style you want too(if you choose to go the route of a DJ). If you are having a friend do the music you’ll want to make sure they have the list of not only all of the important songs but also the songs that you want to dance the night away too. I worked on this one for about a month to make sure I not only had all the songs I wanted but also some that my now husband wanted. This music also sets the tone for the rest of the evening after the formalities so work on this one constantly.

2. Photo List

This is probably one of the most important lists you will make for the big day! A list of photo’s that you want on the big day! Any idea’s you have seen on pintrest or the internet that you know you want on from your wedding WRITE IT DOWN! Pictures are the longest lasting memories from your wedding and this is why it’s crucial to write down all of the different shots you want taken! This is the one regret I have is that we didn’t get all of the photo’s that I wanted because I forgot to bring my list with me. And this brings me to my next point make sure that your coordinator has all of these lists to make sure that everything stays on track and runs smoothly! Photographers also love when you are prepared with a list because then they know the direction you are looking for and are ready to accommodate you and make the best of the time you have to take photo’s.

3. Family List

This is one that I figured out after not only my wedding but coordinating my first wedding! When there is a large family it makes life so much easier when there is a list of them all! This is also helpful when it comes to family photo time because I will tell you right now family photo’s are like herding cats….practically impossible! Having their names written down makes for and easier time when it comes to running through family photos and when you need to make sure people are where they are supposed to be! And sometimes a family list is needed when there is people who can’t sit together or who don’t get along or who might cause a scuffle when they want their diva moment and by knowing who these people are it makes it possible to avoid these things because we can get timing just right that they don’t have the option for their diva moment.

4. Important People Contact List

Another really great list to is a contact list for all the main contact people. I always like to have this as a wedding coordinator so that I can contact the people I need to when setting up and getting things ready.  People I like to see on this list are the caterer, photographer, DJ, venue contact, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, cake person, décor person, etc. Basically anyone that might try to contact the bride on the big day with something that needs to be done. This will help to alleviate the stress from the bride on the big day! Because after all it’s supposed to be fun and happy and there is no need to be stressing over other ridiculous things.

5. Borrowed Things List

This one is more for if you have décor or items you are borrowing from friends and family to help keep costs down on the wedding. This makes it nice so you know who’s items belong to who and where they need to go at the end of the day! We did this for my sisters wedding because many of the items we had were borrowed from one person or another and the list was nice to keep things straight! This one isn’t as important as the other listed above but it does make fore a more seamless clean up when the bride who has planned everything isn’t there at the end of the night tearing down.

That wraps up another Wedding Wednesday Top 5! I really hope if you are a bride to be or if you are a amateur wedding coordinator like myself that you find these posts helpful to relive stress before the big day!

Thanks for stopping in and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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