Kiss Me Club : May 2018

Kiss Me Club by Live Glam is a monthly subscription for lip sticks. These are the Kiss Me Club brand lipsticks. You get 3 liquid lipsticks (they are adding in glosses and satin finish to some months) for $19.99 a month and free shipping in the US. Each month includes 3 different shades that you haven’t received before. You can cancel at any time and skip months you don’t want. They also offer a points and perks plan that allows you to shop different make up and things on their site.

Live Glam also offers a brush club subscription for $19.99 with Morphe Brushes and they have an eyeshadow club coming as well that looks to be $19.99 for 6 eye shadows.

Lets get into this months lip colors!


This month had a bridal theme which I think is oh so fitting given that we are in full swing of wedding season!






This month these beauties came in this adorable silver bag and this month it didn’t have the normal Kiss Me logo on the front so this makes it nice to use for something else! The lipsticks themselves came in their beautiful rose gold packaging that I really adore! Now for the shades!




This is a sheer baby pink gloss! It comes off with some pigment in a swatch but depending on the color of your lips it doesn’t have too much pigment when applied! This is just like the other glosses I have received from this subscription in the sense that they take a few dips into the tube to get the right amount on the lips but when you do it’s really beautiful! I enjoy getting glosses because glossy lips are starting to be all of the rage so I absolutely love getting new ones to try!

Bride to Be



This really is the most perfect wedding day shade! It’s stunning and the perfect muted dusty rose color! It’s one of my all time favorites and something I have been wearing non stop since I got it! I love how it wears and it looks great with gloss on top as well!




We all know I love my dark colors! And this is a beautiful color! The name I think is very appropriate because it’s a bold color for a bold night out! I normally don’t wear these on the day to day during the spring and summer but I think this will be stunning in the fall! This formula thankfully also wasn’t patchy like one of the previous dark colors I have gotten but I really love this shade and I think I will be getting this out a lot this fall!


I really love this subscription and though I don’t think I need more lipsticks every month I am always so drawn in my the new shades! I’m looking forward to next month!!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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