Book of the Month : June 2018


I really am loving being able to do this new series that is also so beneficial to me and my mental health! After all the Curvy E Chronicles is about a journey to a happier, healthier me!

This month’s book is Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure.


A friend of mine posted a photo of the cover of this book on her Instagram and the title grabbed me, it sounded like the perfect book for me! So a week later I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to find my next book of the month.

Now when I was looking through the sections at Barnes & Noble I really honestly thought that this book would be in the self empowerment area. So I spent about 30 minutes looking through each shelf and each section but couldn’t find it! I was about to be really bummed because then I would have to order online and wait for it to come in and well I really wanted to get started on it so I didn’t want to have to wait (instant gratification moment here). But I asked for help and they pointed me in the direction of the religion section. This kind of caught me off guard just because that wasn’t my first thought when I wanted to pick up this book but either way I found it and I was excited to start reading it.

This brings me to my first point with this book. It is very heavy with versus from the Bible and Candace talking about her faith as a Christian. Now this can be too much and a turn off for some, but for me I appreciate her outlook through out the entire book and how she shares her faith with the reader; agreeing to disagree and knowing what is important to her might not be important to others. It’s not preachy or forceful it’s just about her. And the reason I wanted to highlight this as a first point in because I know everyone has their own religious views and sometimes a book like this isn’t going to be a good fit for everyone so just a heads up.

Now with that being said I want to share one of the many quotes I found in the book that just stood out to me to be so real and true and amazing!


“Opinions are just that: opinions. They are personal, but a person is always far more than their intellectual stances, and every person is always worthy of respect, even if we don’t agree with their views.”

How powerful is that statement!

The world we live in today is all to quick to judge and to hate just because another individual shares a different belief or opinion. I just don’t understand where we lost the ability to agree to disagree. Having a civilized conversation about two apposing sides is almost unheard of any more which is sad but isn’t that where ideas are form and if we all agreed wouldn’t this make life boring?

I mean after all having different opinions is what allows us to be unique and individual.

The real skill is when you can respect another opinion even if you don’t agree with it or believe.

I am absolutely loving this book and think it has so many great points on being a kind and classy person! If we all took a moment to put kindness first and lead with a kind heart imagine how much of the world we can change!

I don’t want to spoil anymore of the book but just know it’s worth the read!

What should I read next? I’m looking for any great book recommendations if you have them! Comment below!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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