Fab Fit Fun : Spring Editors Box 2018

New Subscription Alert!

Yes that is right I went and got another one!

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription that highlights some great products from each season. The box is $49.99 each quarter and you can usually get your first box at a really discounted rate if you follow just about any celebrity these days! I mean that’s ultimately why I finally took the chance and subscripted was because I got the box 40% off with a special offer code.

Fab Fit Fun offers the option of periodic payments for the year or to make a one time purchase for the 4 boxes in a year, this is called the Select Membership. By being in select it allows you to also choose some if not all of the items that are up for grabs in that quarters box. If you are a periodic payment membership you only get to choose a couple of the items the rest are a surprise. The Select membership also doesn’t include the Editor’s boxes that come out with each quarter as well as the editors favorites from that season!

The boxes are said to have at least $200 worth of product. There is also the option for add on items that are active prior to select member shipping dates. The add on’s are usually additional discounted products offered through Fab Fit Fun that are additional charges on top of the box charge. I added in an item for my summer box to see how it worked. I will update once my box comes in.

My first box was the Spring Editor’s Edition box. So lets dive in and see what I got!


 The box was an adorable cream cycle peach color that this is so spring it’s just adorable! Now for the products!

Free People x Understated; Leather Starry Eye Travel Eye Mask in Mint Retail Price $40

This is a vegan leather eye mask that is extremely soft has a removable cooling back that you can put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to help with depuffing your eyes. There is also an adjustable strap on the back of the mask that makes it easy to adjust for any different head size! I cannot wait to give this a try! I don’t know that I would totally travel with this but I think it’s super cute and would be nice to work into a pamper routine.

Kate Somerville; Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment                     Retail Price $75

A really nice addition to the box, this exfoliant is highly and widely talked about. I used it for the first time this week and it’s really nice! I don’t know that I would ever pay full price for this particular product but when I did use it my skin felt amazing! It was so smooth and supple! I couldn’t believe how clean and easy my make up when on the next morning and even how some of my small blemishes have disappeared. I really like this product but I don



Summer and Rose Striped Tote in Black                                                    Retail Price $54

I think this was one of the most exciting items in the box for me and was one of the reasons I really ended up getting the box! Not that I need another bag but I mean how cute is this tote! I love it! This is such a nice bag! The classic black and white strips are adorable and it’s made from a really great material. The handles are a nice soft rope that makes it super comfortable to carry and my favorite part about this bag…it has a ZIPPER! Yes a zipper to keep it closed while your at the beach or out and about! I love this aspect because it means that you can keep sand, dirt and unnecessary water out of it! there are also a few pockets on the inside which is really convenient!

Daily Concepts; Hair Towel Wrap                                                            Retail Price $18

I have always wanted one of these since I cut my hair but just never took the time to purchase one. So I was really excited to see this come in the box! The material is almost like microfiber and is incredibly soft. I love using it because it also keeps my hair out of my face while I’m doing my make up in the mornings! This also helps my hair dry faster. I was really surprised when I let my hair down out of the towel and it was almost dry.

Grace and Stella Bath Bombs; Scents-French Lavendar, Grapefruit & Manderine, Fig & White Peach and Red Rose                                                                             Retail Price $16

I have been wanting to get some new bath bombs and I really have wanted to try out the ones that have the rings in them because I think they are so much fun, so when I saw these in the box I was so excited because I really like to use these on a night when I need a bath and a glass of wine! These bath bombs smell heavenly too! They are very fresh and not over poweringly fragrant. They aren’t as big as I though they would be but they still make a splash and fizz nicely in the tub! I really enjoy them!

Tarte; Double Duty Beauty; Leave Your Mark Eyeshadow Palette          Retail Price $30

This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I am so in love with all of the colors and how easy this is to use on the go! I have been using it a few times when I have been going out of town for the weekend so that I can have a simple eye look without having to pack multiple palettes. The only downside to this palette is that there are only two matte shades. The top left two shadows are the only matte shadows so it’s different to build dimension using shimmers in the crease but it actually blends nicely and looks beautiful on the eyes! I love the size of this as well! It’s perfect for travel!


Briogeo; Don’t Despair Repair!; Deep Conditioning Mask    Retail Price $30

I really like Briogeo Products and I have gotten a smaller size of this in a different subscription not to long ago and it’s really nice on my hair. I like to use it once every two weeks because I have a very oily scalp and I don’t like to add too much moisture to the roots of my hair. This I have found works great on my color treated as a nice extra conditioner when my hair is feeling dry and brittle.



Ayesha Curry; Homemade Ceramic Mug                                           Retail Price $16

The final item we received in the box is this adorable coffee mug. I absolutely love the gold foil lashes and the phrase “I’d rather be in bed” on it! I always love to get new mugs to add to my collection! The color on this is just precious too as it’s a really nice teal color. I know I will get great use out of this one!


So that concludes this first subscription box for FabFitFun for me and I am so impressed! I have always wanted to try this box out but I’ve been too afraid to actually give it a try but I’m so glad I did. I am a little hesitant about keeping this subscription going just because it is $50 every quarter and that is a lot but looking at all of the product you do get makes it some what worth it. I did get my summer box and I am excited to see all of the goodies that come with that one!

This box totaled:


And this first one I only spent $25 on when I used a discount code from one of the many influencers I follow! I can’t wait to get my summer box!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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