Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Over the weekend I had my first wedding for 2018 that I helped with day of coordinating and let me just say it was beautiful!

The bride and groom chose to have their ceremony on the brides family property. With lush green grass backdrops and turning their working barn into a shabby chic reception area made for the perfect day for this amazing couple!

Day of coordinating can be a challenge at times but when a bride and groom have so many family members so willing and able to help it really makes all the difference! There were so many willing and able bodies that helped in each different area to not only make my job easier but also to put the bride and groom first to make for a beautiful wedding!

We did have a bit of rain just as the ceremony was starting and through most of the photo’s afterward  but after all was said and done no one really remembered the rain. And after all they say rain is good luck!


This wedding had a couple more challenges than I had totally prepared for but when it comes to these kinds of things that’s the exact reason I am there as the coordinator to handle these situations and keep the stress and pressure off of the bride.

Challenge #1 this wedding was a sick bridesmaid. At 11 am about and hour before they were to be at the house getting ready I got notice that one of the bridesmaids was sick and couldn’t keep any sort of food down and had a 103 temp.

Resolution: There was no need to tell the bride any of this. I would handle it and if it really came down to it and we were at ceremony time that’s when we would have a talk and let her know the situation. Thankfully the bridesmaid showed up only 45 minutes later than expected and after some bread and water she was feeling better. We had a conversation when she showed up to let me know her limits and that we keep her as comfortable as possible through the whole of things. It was important to me that we keep everyone healthy and that the bride only know what she needed to.


Challenge #2 was 45 minutes before the ceremony the grooms younger brother and groomsman comes up stairs in a panic because he had forgotten his suit at his house 45 minutes away.

Resolution: This was a lot a bit more challenging that I would have first thought but thankfully with the help of friends and family we were able to pull together pants, shirt and change up the jackets to make the ceremony flow and not look too broken up. And in the nick of time just as we were starting pictures another friend saved the day bringing in the missing suit! I wasn’t sure we could pull this one off but improvising and a little flexibility made it work!


Once we got through the ceremony it was smooth sailing and beautiful weather! The sun came out and everyone enjoyed the rest of the night with taco’s, cake and dancing! There was so much love shared and felt it was amazing to see everyone come together to celebrate two deserving and in love individuals becoming one!


No matter how much you plan there are always instances when things won’t always go according to plan and that’s what I am there for. I really enjoy being a wedding day coordinator no matter how crazy a day might get I know I am able to keep the stress of things away from the bride and make for an amazing day!

Again congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for asking me to be apart of your big day! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope your having the best time on your honeymoon!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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