Fab, Fit, Fun : Summer Box 2018

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription that highlights some great products from each season. The box is $49.99 each quarter and you can usually get your first box at a really discounted rate if you follow just about any celebrity these days! I mean that’s ultimately why I finally took the chance and subscripted was because I got the box 40% off with a special offer code.

Fab Fit Fun offers the option of periodic payments for the year or to make a one time purchase for the 4 boxes in a year, this is called the Select Membership. By being in select it allows you to also choose some if not all of the items that are up for grabs in that quarters box. If you are a periodic payment membership you only get to choose a couple of the items the rest are a surprise. The Select membership also doesn’t include the Editor’s boxes that come out with each quarter as well as the editors favorites from that season!

The boxes are said to have at least $200 worth of product. There is also the option for add on items that are active prior to select member shipping dates. The add on’s are usually additional discounted products offered through Fab Fit Fun that are additional charges on top of the box charge.

So like I said in first Fab, Fit, Fun box I had subscribed to get the summer box and I also participated in their add on feature. We are now going to take a look at all the goodies that came in my summer box!


Whish; Shave Cream; Pomegranate           Retail Price $16

So I thought I would start out with the add on I purchased for the summer box. This was on sale for $5 additional on top of the cost of the box which wasn’t bad in my opinion. I really wanted to get a new shave cream as well because it’s been some time since I have found on I like. This one not only smells great but a small amount goes a long way! I have been loving using this!


Wildlife Conservation Society Straw

This was some what of an odd item to get in the box but none the less it was an item we received. This is a straw made from recycle material but that’s all I really know about it. When I went to look back at the website to link this item it came up with an error so I don’t know much more about this item.


Foreo Luna! fofo; Shade- Mint   Retail Price $89

This was one of the big items in the box this month. I have gotten a mini version of this in the past and I like it but there was no way to charge the small one. This one however is much bigger in size and comes with easy access to the batteries so that you can keep using this. This is a nice facial massager and helps with getting a deeper clean. It also has timed vibration so that as you are moving around your face you have the small pause reminder to let you know it’s time to move to a different area of your face. I really like the color of this as well. In the photo it look more like a blue teal but it’s more of a minty green color. I have used it a couple of times and it works nicely to get my skin clean. I’m not a huge fan of the small plastic nubbins, I usually prefer a brush like my Clarisonic has but this one is fun to use.


Erth TU Y YO Ring             Retail Price $55

This is a 14K gold plated ring with two freshwater pearls. I was super excited to get this ring because I really love pearls (being a June baby) and it has a more modern twist on such classic features. However when I went to try this on it didn’t fit! I was so sad because I was so looking forward to wearing this during the summer. When I do wear it as a knuckle ring it looks ok but slightly odd. I think I just need to give it a go and see how I like wearing it through out the day. Other than that it’s a very nice piece of jewelry.


Elemis; Papaya Enzyme Peel                Retail Price $ 45

I always enjoy getting skin care to try out! Especially more expensive brands that I normally wouldn’t try for myself. This product smells amazing! I have only used it a couple of times but I really enjoy how soft my skin feels when I wipe it off. And though it is labeled as a peel it doesn’t really act as a peel in my opinion. It has a nice soft exfoliating feel to it that I really enjoy!


Minor History Postscript Wallet              Retail Price $20

I absolutely love this! I have always needed something like this but never actually taken the time to buy one. This is so nice for a night out or like a concert where you want to just bring the bare essentials with you but don’t want to lug your whole purse or even your big wallet. I love that this is pretty neutral colors and can fit my ID, credit cards and a small amount of cash all in one cute little package! This will be my go to when going out!

Coola; Classic Face SPF 50 White Tea                                                 Retail Price $32.00

I have used one other Coola product and I had really like it but this one smells a little funny for me. I’m sure it’s the sunscreen smell mixed with the white tea scent. But other than that I have really like this is a light weight SPF that is nice to wear under light make up for a summer day! I also like that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy.

Pier 1 Imports; Marble Ring Dish                                                    Retail Price $ 14.99

This was such a cute décor piece to get in the box! I think this is so pretty with the marble and the gold trim! It’s a really nice quality dish too. I don’t have a lot of marble décor but my best friend does so I am hanging on to this to give to her for her birthday coming up!

Tarte; Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette                         Retail Price $45

As the only make up item in the box this month I was sooooo over joyed to get this in the box! I had always wanted to try it out but wasn’t really into spending the hefty price tag for this kind of palette. This palette is amazing! There are four highlighters, one cream contour color and one powder contour color. They look and blend beautifully on the skin! Two of the highlight colors are more subtle shades while the other two offer a more blinding highlight. I have been using this palette none stop since I got it and I have really enjoyed playing with cream contour. This palette is such a win for me!

Summer and Rose; Beach Towel; Design Rocky Palm Print                         Retail Price $55

So I almost forgot that this came in my summer box! This was one of the items I got to pick for myself and I was really excited to get a fun new beach towel as all of the ones I have had in the past were old and ratty. This towel is so incredibly soft and I love the bright and fun pattern! It’s also a really nice big size which I appreciate! Now for some reason on my Fab Fit Fun dashboard it doesn’t list this as an item in my box so the actual value of the box is more than what it says which is totally fine by me!

So the over all value for this box was…


That’s a really awesome value if you ask me! I paid $49.99 plus tax (this isn’t including my add on) and I got all of these good items! I think it’s a pretty good bang for your buck however I did end up canceling my membership for the time being because I am trying to focus my energy else where at the moment. I really enjoyed getting the Fab Fit Fun box and I think in the future I will look at getting it again but for now I am going to stick with just the three that I am keeping going forward into the future months!

Thank you for stopping in and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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2 thoughts on “Fab, Fit, Fun : Summer Box 2018

  1. I love Fab Fit Fun and it’s awesome to read other bloggers reviews too. It’s so fun seeing what other people got. What was your favorite item?

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