Changes Coming in July

Changes are what I’m hoping I will see in the month of July!

This month I have made a deal with one of my coworkers that we won’t eat fried or fast food, we won’t drink soda or buy latte’s. Nothing crazy and not too hard by any means!

I also want to focus on cutting out bread and carbs in general to see if this will help me on my journey to be a happier, healthier me! I’m really hoping these subtle and simple changes will add up to make a difference in the coming months.

One of my big over arching goals over the next six months is to loose 50 lbs. by the end of the year. Starting small and building as I go are the best ways to get to this goal and that’s what this month is for!

So I have started with some small meal prepping but I’m hoping to post more about my meal prepping moving forward into the next couple of weeks.

So for the month of July Goals:

No purchasing lattes.

No fried food.

No fast food.

Limit bread.

No soda.

Walk a mile at least three times a week.

Meal prep four weeks of the month breakfasts and lunches.


Not only will these small goals help with my physical health but this will also help with my financial health! I have been keeping a budget book and boy it has been enlightening as to where a lot of my extra money goes! I plan on doing a post in the coming month all about my budget book and how I plan things out and keep track of my budget in order to save more money for future purchases and emergencies!


Here’s to seeing some change come in the month of July and here’s to giving it my best!

What are you goals for the month of July? What challenges have you had?


Thank you for stopping in and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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