Colour Pop Haul : July 2018

Yes it is another Colour Pop Haul! What can I say! They have been dropping so many awesome products I couldn’t help but make a few orders!

So here is my most recent haul and review on the items I got!

Fortune Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is the sister to the Fame palette that I got in my last haul! Fortune has all warm tone colors, while the Fame palette has all cool tone shades. I was really excited to get the warm tones as I use a lot of warm tones now that I have learned to blend and build and make dimensional eye look! When I was beginning to dabble in make up I used to think of myself as strictly a cool tone makeup user and lover but I have finally seen the light and joined the warm tone mafia! This palette has so many beautiful warm tones both as matte and shimmer shades. The shade Miser is one of the most interesting shades in the palette with a warm terracotta red base and a duo-chrome blue-green shift! It looked amazing on the lid applied wet! I have been using the palette non-stop since I got it and I can’t put it down!

Next up we have the new dropped items from brand! These we all had been waiting for!


No Filter Foundation- Shade Fair 30

The world has been waiting for this for some time and here it is! The beautiful and amazingly priced foundation! First off I love how they came out with such an amazing shade range! I think they have 42 or something like that shades in both warm and cool tones. There are so many available to suit almost any skin tone and color. The website also offers a great matching tool that offers the ability to pick a shade you are in a popular foundation and it will tell you what your best Colour Pop Foundation match will be. I used this tool and was so impressed that it gave me my perfect shade! They also offer a “Find My Shade” option as well which allows you to pick you undertone and it gives you comparable options. I was so impressed with how well this matched and the formula is amazing! This is a medium to full coverage foundation which I love because one layer will cover my redness and it’s also buildable if I feel like I need more coverage in a certain area! I also love that a little bit goes a long way with this foundation. I normally can cover my whole face on a normal day with just one pump. The finish is what I would call a satin finish where it’s not super matte but not dewy either. This is quite literally my new favorite foundation and for only $12 you can’t beat it!

No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder- Shade Fair

The next item part of their new No Filter Complexion line is this pressed powered. I have loved using this to set the outer area’s of my face. The nice thing about this powder is that it layers amazing over the liquid foundation without looking cakey! I have been loving this powder. I also like to use this when I am having a no make up make up day and just want to help with my redness on my cheeks and just even out my skin. This is a very sheer coverage powder but is quickly becoming my new favorite for setting my face! Oh and did I mention it’s only $9!

No Filter Setting Powder – Shade- Translucent

Talk about an amazing line up! They came out with three different shades of setting powders; translucent, banana, and translucent deep. This is a fantastic baking powder! I have been using it to set my concealer and I have been so impressed! It’s very finely milled and applies really smoothly. It also doesn’t look cakey on the skin which I appreciate and it really sets my make up! This is such an asset to their complexion line!

No Filter Concealer- Shade Fair 02

With the new launch of the No Filter Complexion collection they revamped their concealer shade range. I hadn’t had a chance to try out the concealer yet even though it’s been out for some time and is so highly raved about! And I can say I completely agree with all of they hype! This is only $6 and the formula is incredible. It’s not only light weight but also very creamy and pigmented! The shade I got unfortunately was waaaaay to light for me! Haha! I like my concealer to highlight as well as conceal and I thought I would just pick my own shade rather than listening to the match tool and unfortunately I picked wrong! What’s worse is that I ordered another shade Fair 06 because it’s darker and I thought it would be perfect for my skin color and again I was wrong! Fair 06 is still super light for my skin. It’s better than Fair 02 but still not the shade that I like. I am going to probably place another order and try out Light 12 to see if this is more of the shade I was looking for.



Large Foundation Brush

As part of the promotion they offered a free foundation brush with the purchase of the foundation. I haven’t gotten any of the new Colour Pop Brushes since they came out with their new line of brushes. I really love how high quality this brush is! I have been using it to apply my foundation before I blend it out with a blender and I love how evenly and nicely it applies to my face! I really need to get more of their brushes!





Amber Crystal Setting Spray

So I had just gotten this before it went out of stock. When these initially came out as the crystal line I thought the whole line was really cool but I wasn’t really on board with it all. But I thought since I was ordering a bunch of face products I should give the setting spray a shot as well. I got the Amber spray because it is supposed to have a refreshing peach sent. I however can’t seem to smell the peach when I use it. It does have a nice light smell which I like but the spray itself just isn’t a good one for me. When I have used it I notice that my face ends up much more oily by the end of the day and it really defeats the purpose of a setting spray for me if I’m getting shinny by the end of the day. On another note the sprayer on this little bottle isn’t very good! I have to hold the bottle like a foot away from my face to get it to make a nice fine mist and not shoot straight out onto my face. I am going to keep trying to use this but I don’t think it will stick around for long in my collection.


This concludes yet another Colour Pop haul and I am so impressed with their new No Filter Complexion line! I have been wearing the foundation very day for work because it is such a nice match for my skin and I absolutely love it! I will hopefully get the correct shade of concealer soon but until then I will keep trying to make what I have work!

Let me know if you have tried out the Colour Pop foundation or powders and what you think! Did the shade match tools work for you?


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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4 thoughts on “Colour Pop Haul : July 2018

  1. I’m really impressed with the shade matching features Colourpop has! It seems like such a simple idea but no one else is doing it. I can’t wait to see what you create with the fortune palette!

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