Wedding Wednesday : July 2018

For this months Wedding Wednesday I have decided I would put together a few tips and tricks and make up tutorial for all of the brides out there who are doing their make up themselves. I am kind of a control freak so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect as far as my hair and make up went and no one knows my hair or face like I do so I practiced for months leading up to the big day to make sure I had everything exactly how I wanted it! I thought I would share with you all what I found helpful and my go to bridal make up look.

And as always I am by no means a professional but I do enjoy doing hair and make up so I like to share what I find works. I have combination to oily skin and stick straight color treated hair. In this post I am just going to talk about make up but if you like it let me know and I will do a hair tutorial with a couple of different styles in one of the next months Wedding Wednesdays.

Lets get started!

One of the most important thing to remember when getting ready for the big day is to take care of yourself. This means eating good, taking care of your skin and making sure your giving yourself the best canvas to apply makeup too when the big day arrives. I can’t stress enough having a nailed down skin care routine so that you know what works for you skin. You don’t want to be experimenting two weeks before the wedding to end up with a breakout you have to figure out how to cover.

So I wanted to start out with a couple of products I recently found and have been loving!


Glow Recipe; Watermelon Set

I have never been so in love with how my skin feels after using these two products! I absolutely love using the sleeping mask over night and waking up to hydrated and supple skin! I highly recommend giving this a shot to add to your skin care routine. I personally have oily combo skin and I a beauty guru I follow with dry skin uses this like crazy and has the same results! And this stuff smells amazing on top of it all!

With this duo I would use the sleeping mask the night before and then the moisturizer about 30 minutes before you apply your make up so that it has had time to sink into your skin. I also recommend not wearing make up the whole day prior to the wedding so that you have a nice clean, fresh face to work with on the day of.


Now when it comes to the actually make up I recommend starting with the eyes just so that if you have any fall out or if you have anything mess up it doesn’t mess up your face make up. You should find an eye shadow primer that works well for you or you can always use concealer. img_1376A good eye shadow primer is this one from Wet and Wild. This is both affordable and good quality. Some other really good eye shadow primers are Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I personally like to use my concealer just because it’s easier and covers all of my discoloration on my eyelids.






Once I have applied my concealer/shadow primer I like to set it with translucent powder or a skin colored shadow just so that when I start to blend all of my shadows it’s smooth and even.img_1375 My go to powder that is both amazing and inexpensive is the Coty Airspun powder in translucent or naturally neutral. This powder is amazing for baking under the eyes, setting the whole face or setting concealer.


Now for the shadow’s I used to create a classic and simple bridal look!


These four shadow’s are all the from Colour Pop and are $5 a piece. Sometimes they do run specials that help cut costs but these are some of the more inexpensive options for shadows that are also really high quality. There are also some other quad style shadow palettes that Colour Pop offers that would make a great look that they have for $12 so plenty of good affordable options. The shades I have here are Bel Air, Conundrum, Noche and Snake Eyes.

Another great palette that offers great shadows for wedding make up that are high quality is the Jaclyn Hill palette with Morphe. I used that palette for my wedding and it was so nice to have option incase something wasn’t blending well.





So starting with Bel Air and a fluffy brush you will want to work in windshield wiper and circular motions to blend in the transition shade into the crease. I like to pick the lightest brown color to really blow out in the crease so that everything blends nicer on top of it.







Next I add Conundrum into the crease to deepen it up. You can use the same fluffy brush or you can use a new one but any fluffy brush will do just fine to help add color to the outer portion of the eye and add depth and dimension.









From there I like to add in Noche to help darken up the outer corner and really give depth to the look. I don’t add very much in the beginning because I like to build up the dark shades. I do switch brushes when I’m adding in this shade to a smaller more domed shape brush to help with placement of the color and making sure I get it precisely where I want it.






Now for the shimmer shade! Not everyone wants to have the shimmer on the lid and sometimes depending upon your eye shape a shimmer shadow might not be the best option. I personally love to had shimmer shade to the lid because not only do they brighten up a look but who doesn’t need a little sparkle in their life!

Tip!: When applying a shimmer shadow wet your brush with setting spray before applying the shimmer shadow. It will make the shade pop even more on the lid helps with not having fall out as well.

After I have applied the shimmer shade to my lids I go back in with Conundrum to help just blend all of the shadow’s together in the crease, making sure there are no harsh lines.

Now for the face! Just as important as primer for your lids are primer for your face is just as important as this is what preps your face for foundation application.




My newest love and recommendation to all for summer time or long lasting make up is this Primed and Peachy Cooling Matte Skin Perfecting Primer. This stuff is amazing! It melts into the skin and combats oil. Ever since I purchased this it has been my go to primer! Now this is a more expensive primer so if you want to find a more drug store friendly option Wet and Wild’s Photo Focus face primer is a really good one.



Once you have primed now comes foundation. This is another area where you will want to pick something that is your tried and true, all day wear, perfect shade foundation. If you don’t have one it’s time to start shopping around to find one that will work wonders for you. I personally used a mix of Milana Conceal and Perfect and Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundations. img_1379Not only did I mix these to get my perfect shade but I also mixed these to get the best coverage and all day wear for the big day.

My newest obsession is the Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation! Like I have said before I have oily/ combo skin and this foundation is amazing! I have worn it all day and in different climates and I always end up looking amazing! The coverage is medium to full which is nice to allow it to be built up.

Another favorite that I find holds up really well for me is theimg_1373 Colour Pop Pores No More Foundation. This one is a more inexpensive option compared to the peach perfect. I also really like the Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation  as another inexpensive option.


Tip!: Keep in mind to match your foundation to your body. If you plan on getting a spray tan before the big day make sure you have had this done before and that you have a foundation shade that matches! And always match your foundation to your next and chest. You don’t want to look like a floating head.

Now that your foundation has been blended out it’s time for concealer. With concealer you want to get a couple of shades lighter than your foundation so that you can not only conceal but brighten up your face as well.img_1374 A favorite of mine is the Maybelline Age Rewind in the brightener shade. The pink undertone compliments my skin tone and helps to brighten up the center of my face.






Tip!: To highlight your face you want to apply you concealer to any where you want to bring lightness to. I like to put mine on the under eyes in a triangle, next to and around my nose, on my cupid’s bow, a little on my chin and the center of my forehead.



From here I will blend out the concealer into my foundation. At this point you also can cream contour is that is something you are comfortable with and if you really like the way it looks on your face. I personally didn’t want to cream contour but just used powder to give a more blown out and natural shadow look.

Now it’s time for powder! I like to set my under eye’s first followed by my whole face. I personally find it important to set img_1375my whole face with powder to help with blending out my other powder products like bronzer, blush and highlight. For this I use my tried and trusty Coty Airspun Powder in translucent. This really is a nice powder and is only $5 for a pretty large container. I have been using this for some time now and I have only purchased one other shade and still have both of them that I use almost every day! Great powder option!


Once I have put powder on my face I go in with bronzer, blush and highlight! My newest favorite bronzer, highlighter duo is a new one I got from Colour Pop.

This is the Step Right Up Duo that was release with the Fame and Fortune Palette. I really liked how the bronzer is more on the neutral/cool side so that it actually looks like a shadow if I want to contour or it can buff out and make a really light bronzer. img_1383The highlighter is also very blinding if build up but also applies softly and beautifully! Some brides might not want to highlight but I really like to add a highlight to give a glow to the skin so that you look like your radiating.  Then I like to add my all time favorite blush Luminoso by Milani. It’s a very flattering and beautiful peachy blush with the ever so slight sheen when applied! I find that this compliments many skin tones and gives a slight color to the cheeks.

At this point before I apply the finishing touches of mascara and lipstick I like to apply my setting spray. Some great options are img_1380the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, the Morphe Setting Spray, the L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray and my personal new favorite the Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray. This is an amazing setting spray to use for hot weather that will keep you matte all day long. I really love all of these setting sprays I just happen to be really loving the Peach Mist at the moment.

The one thing to remember if you purchase this setting spray is because of the mattifying properties you have to shake this spray really, really well so that all of the contents get mixed in together and you don’t end up with little while splotches. I have made that mistake once but won’t again.



So now that the face is set this is when I like to apply mascara and lipstick. Now for the wedding day I strongly, strongly recommend water proof mascara. My personal suggestion is the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Water Proof mascara. No only is this mascara amazing to use but it also is water proof so when those happy tears start to flow you aren’t left looking like a raccoon!

Now when it comes to lips this is all personal preference as far as color goes. I personally love bold lips and wore a medium pink color when I got married.

Tip!: Applying a lip liner all over the lips first will ensure that even through eating and drinking that you will still have lip color left even when you apply a lipstick on top of it.

The other recommendation that I have when it comes to lipstick for the big day is choosing matte liquid lipstick. These tend to last the longest and with the lip liner underneath you don’t run the risk of having too much lipstick loss over the course of the day and evening.

For this look today I chose a soft peachy pink lip color from Colour Pop (as you can tell one of my favorite brands-also super affordable). img_1394

So for the finished look!






















My biggest Tip when it comes to doing your own makeup for your wedding day is

Practice, Practice, Practice!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get the routine down and make sure that you know how each product will react with your face on the big day! So this means testing in all different weather and doing various activities. I was testing out make up 4 months prior to the big day to make sure I had everything down to an art!


I hope you enjoyed my take on a bridal make up tutorial. Again I am no professional but I do enjoy make up and I’m all about doing things on a budget!

If you enjoyed this tutorial let me know and I will try and do a few simple wedding day hair tutorials for you as well including products that will help with making your hair stay put all day!


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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