Amazon Haul : August 2018

For my anniversary present this year I talked my husband into letting me get a starter kit to do my own gel nails at home! So I want to share with you all what I got!

I ordered everything from Amazon so that’s why I have titled this as an Amazon haul. The thing I love is that we have Amazon Prime so I got almost everything within 2 days.

This has been so much fun for me to play with and start doing my own nails and actually have them turn out nice! In this post I will show you everything I got and then in a coming soon post I will show you how I use everything!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional! I just like to do this for fun so that I can save some money in the long run and change my nail polish when I want to.

Let’s dive right in!

SUNUV 24 W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp in Pink


I got this lamp just to start out because it wasn’t really expensive and was the Amazon Choice and had prime! It’s been working great for me and I really have been loving how easy this whole process is.

Current Price $25.99 (I purchased at $35.99)

Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scented Shellac and Gel Nail Polish Remover

img_1829I found this through watching many different YouTube video’s on at home and DIY nail tutorials. And I loved the idea of the fact that it has a slight coconut scent to it as you use it which is much less harsh than regular acetone.

Current Price $24.99 ( I purchased at $21.49)

Onwon 10pc Professional Plastic Acrylic Nail Art Soak Off Cap’s in Pink

img_1828 I got these thinking they would be helpful when removing my gel polish and I’m not totally convinced they are really worth it but for now I do like that I don’t need to work with tinfoil too much just because as weird as it may sound working with tinfoil can make my teeth hurt (anyone with fillings understands what I’m talking about).

Current Price $5.96

2 Sets 100 Tips Fan Shape White and Transparent Plastic Nail Art Tip Display


Pictured here are only the tips I have used with the different colors I have on the clear tips. I figured I would save the white tips for when I get more colors and what not. These sets come with the nice ring to hold them all together as well. I have found these to be super helpful when I want to know what a color actually looks like vs. what it looks like on or in the bottle.

Current Price $6.69

Gellen Top and Base Coat & Aimeili No Wipe Top Coat and Base

Two sets of top and base coat might seem excessive but I got two different brands of polish so I thought I needed the top and base to go with each brand well that’s not the case I can work with any top or base as long as it’s cured right and it’ll work just fine. I was really happy thought that I got the no wipe top coat from Aimeili because then I can try out doing my own chrome nails with some of the old pigments I have!

I also got the Gellen in a bundle with some other polish so I got a better deal than the 9.99

Current Price: Gellen-$9.99 and Aimeili-$10.99

Gellen Gel Nail Color-Assorted colors and bundles


These are actually mini size bottles. Which for me isn’t a big deal because I really don’t for see myself going through an entire bottle even if it is a mini. These colors came in two different sets. One I got as a set of four and the other as a set of six. Gellen offers a nice option for these sets so you can get a number of different colors at a discounted rate. Both of these sets are very neutral colors and one glitter which I love!

Prices range from $12.99-17.99 for the sets

Aimeili Soak Off Gel Polish- Various Colors

Of course I couldn’t just do with a few different colors! I had to get a bunch! These are a different brand but these are full size bottles of color and I really like the shade options and range. Some of the glitters are less opaque than I was expecting but all are really nice shades. These I ended up purchasing mostly individually but I did get one set of 6 because it was more cost effective and I ended up getting two additional shades that I can always use later on.

Prices range from $6.99-$23.99


Again I want to state that I am NOT a professional! I only got this set to get started and to give it a try in hopes that it will save me money in the long run and I will say it is pretty easy and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help if you ever have questions!

This whole lot of stuff cost me about $200. Yes that is a lot of money up front but the benefit is you will save money in the long run. Think about how much it costs to get your nails done professionally it’s anywhere from $35-$45 with a tip so you add that up and in three months you have paid for this whole set. Now the reason that this is so much too is because of all of the different color polishes I bought. You don’t have to start out with that many by any means. I’m just obsessive and want as many options a possible! So in order to get started with one or two polishes this whole thing would cost less than $100! I really recommend purchasing items separately or in smaller “kits” as some times the starter kits are more expensive than when you break it down.

I’m hoping that in the next month I can put together a tutorial to post as well, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Taking A Big Step

I never thought I would do it but I took a big step the other day and I am so proud of myself for finally doing it!

So what did I do you may ask?

I bought a gym membership!

The reason I say that this is such a big step for me is because I have talked about it for some time now but always decided against it because I would tell myself that I didn’t need to go to a gym I couldn’t work out at home with what I had.

But the truth of the matter was I wasn’t working out at home. I would find excuses not to work out. I would tell myself I would start another day. I would wake up late and start again on a different day. There was just excuse after excuse!

You may ask why I finally dove in head first and why I finally too the big step to get a gym membership? Well I was calling on life insurance for my husband and I just to get a quote and it really hit me hard when the estimated cost for mine was $20 more than my husbands because of my weight and how I am considered unhealthy.

It finally all just sank in in that moment and I thought to myself I can’t wait any more, I can’t put this off, I can’t keep lying to myself. Now is as good a time as any to get this started and working toward my goals!

And now all I need to do is wait for the access pass to come in and then starting the beginning of September I am going to start taking it seriously and heading to the gym in the mornings! The nice thing about this is I have a co worker who is wanting to make some serious changes as well and is going to be doing it right along side me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the support system from and for her as well!

Wish us luck as we start on this new journey and work to get into better shape for ourselves! I don’t know that I will feel comfortable enough yet to post before pictures but I know I will one day, I just need time!

Here goes nothing!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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TJ Maxx Haul : August 2018

Let’s be honest, I am a shopaholic and Tj Maxx is one of my biggest vices!

It takes all of my conscious effort not to apply for their rewards credit card because we all know how bad that could end up being. But I do love spending some time at TJ Maxx digging through different area’s to see what I can find. And I wanted to share one of my more recent hauls!


I am such a stationary junkie it’s not even funny! Love stationary, journals, note pads, note books, pens, pencils, holders, paper clips, sticky notes, etc. You name it when it comes to stationary and I love it! So when I found this absolutely adorable top binding spiral note book I couldn’t resist! I also love the quote create your own happiness because a lot of times in life we need to work harder at this than we know. I like having the daily reminder staring right at me when I open this up each day!


So sticking with my stationary theme I also got a super cute planner for next year. This one is from the same company I got my planner from last year. This is the one I like to use most when meal planning and working on my grocery list. I love how it has not only a monthly calendar lay out in the beginning but it also has a weekly lay out with nice room to write out recipes!


And guess what?! Another floral note book! Why, you may ask? Well because I wanted it that’s why! Haha! I am so in love with the current floral trend that I have been taking full advantage of it! I love the pinks and blues and purples! I don’t have a use for this note book just yet but I know I can find one!


Next up is one of the rare finds I have come across when shopping at TJ Maxx. It’s a weekly meal planer with a magnet on the back of it which is perfect for the refrigerator. I use these all the time to help my husband know what the dinner plan is so that we don’t have two different things planned especially when he beats me home most nights. I love these so much but I have the hardest time finding them. I even looked up the company that makes it online and it’s like they don’t make them any more, which would explain why it’s at TJ Maxx. But any time I see these I will always purchase them because they make our household run much smoother!

img_1236I know another stationary item….what can I say! This is a fun rainbow desk calendar that I actually like to hang on the wall to help plan out my work outs and to help me “X” off the days as I do them! I haven’t been the greatest at sticking to anything but this is a fun way to write it all out and keep track!


About a year ago I wrote a whole post on the importance of a hand written thank you note and ever since then I have tried to keep thank you notes with me and take time to write them out. I’m not the best at it but I do try. When I came across these thank you notes in the clearance section and I couldn’t resist. Pink and glitter! I mean these just scream ME! so These are my new set of thank you cards I have for the coming year!


I couldn’t resist these key chains that were also in the clearance section! These matching key chains are for my best friend and I. With her birthday coming up I wanting to find some cute things to give her on the day of!


This month one of our dogs turned 3 years old! She is my husbands dog through and through and every year we celebrate her birthday! When I was wondering through the dog section I came across these sweet treats and I thought it couldn’t be more perfect for both of our dogs (we have a girl and a boy). Because they don’t comprehend sharing very well (haha) I made sure to get one for each of them. These actually smelled like birthday cake and our little furbabies loved them so much!


The last thing I picked up was these dish gloves because I have a bad tendency for tearing holes in the tips  because of my fake nails. So any time I can find a cute pair I like to get them and plus I have been doing more of a natural nail recently and now I have a new set to start with so I don’t have to worry about tearing more holes in the fingers! Plus with them being pink my husband won’t touch them!

That concludes my TJ Maxx haul and all of the fun finds I picked up! I love TJ Maxx and I swear when my best friend and I are together it’s not a complete day until we have gone to TJ Maxx! Do you like shopping at TJ Maxx or Home Goods? What are some of your favorite finds? I hope you enjoyed my haul this time!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Boxy Charm : August 2018

Boxy Charm is $21 a month for 4-5 full size products. The box is always guaranteed to a value of $100 or more each month. They offer a wide range of brands from emerging to well known. There is a beauty quiz you can take similar to Ipsy to go over your skin tone, skin type, hair color, eye color, so on and so forth. They also offer a user friendly website to allow you to review the items in your box.

Lets get into this months box!

img_1721The theme this month was Life of the Party! This was to highlight the palette included this month called party animal!

Now for the goods!

Laura Lee Los Angeles; Party Animal Pressed Pigment Palette           Retail Price $19

Frist off I want to say that Boxy Charm is killing it! A couple of months ago they had a palette that was created by one of their very own employee’s and this month they have included a palette from a YouTube creator which I think is a first! I think it’s so awesome that Laura Lee was able to partner with Boxy Charm with this new palette and I am so excited we received it this month! Now I know a lot of people won’t like this because it’s not very wearable and it’s super bright and “out there” but isn’t that the fun of getting new things in subscriptions to try them out and if you like the brand try more from the brand? I am really excited for this because it gives me an option to play with more color and I really like the pink and blues and purples for a look. This really makes me want to be more creative! I do have to work harder to figure out how to work with the yellow and orange just because these aren’t colors I use regularly and aren’t my favorite to be experimental with any way but I am really looking forward to experimenting. Now when I swatched these shadows they felt slightly stiff. The pigment is there but the texture is just off for some reason. These don’t feel as creamy and buttery as other shadows I have played with and the purple swatched funny on my hand. I’m hoping to play with this over the weekend when I don’t have any where to be so I can see if I can pull off a really beautiful and colorful look. I will try to put in an update if I have created a look using palette.

Adesse New York; Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil                                           Retail Price $18.00

This was kind of a different addition to the box this month. We don’t normally get nail care items but I was really excited for this. I have recently started doing my own nails (look for a post about this coming soon) and I absolutely love putting on a cuticle oil to help my nail beds clean up a bit nicer. For some reason now that I have just my natural nails I find that I have more areas where my cuticles ripe and tear. But I’m hoping that in a few months my nails will start to grown out nice and my cuticles will be looking fresh and nice!

Bang Beauty; Gel Eyeliner; Shade-Chocolate                                        Retail Price $22

I’m not really the biggest fan of gel liners but I’m always willing to give them a try. I like the fact that this isn’t the standard black eyeliner like we usually get in subscriptions. The only thing that was kind of concerning with this is the formula was kind of stiff and when I put my finger in it to get a feel for it I was hoping it would be creamier. And as you can see in the swatch above it came off a little patchy. I am going to try and see if this just needs to be warmed up some to give it the max pigment pay out so we will see. This is something else I will try and update once I have played with it some.

House of Lashes; Siren                                                                                    Retail Price $9

These are not my favorite. I am not much of a lash wearer but if I can find some that are easy to use and look nice then I will always give them a shot. These, however are not worth the time if you are an inexperienced lash wearer like I am. They have a very thin, clear band that is hard to get set on the lash line. I also don’t like the shape of these because they look like I am wearing fake lashes and I have a hard time getting them to blend into my natural lashes. I personally don’t like playing with lashes much and when they are hard to apply like these I really don’t like them. I’ll just stick with my blessed natural lashes and mascara.


Wander Beauty; Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks                     Retail Price $13

Yay for fun masks! With items like these I don’t normally buy them for myself so when I get them in subscriptions I get super excited. These are super fun and luxe! The gold foiling on the off side is awesome, I feel so bougie. I did get a chance to try them out and I really like how they made my under eyes feel. I looked more awake and super hydrated.


Smashbox Cosmetics; Be Legendary Lipstick; Shade- Mulberry              Retail Price $21

I was super excited to get this lipstick in the box this month! There were a few other options I could have gotten and I’m really glad this is the one I got! It’s a really wearable color with a nice cream finish. I think this is going to be my go to color for the fall for a wearable look. The formula is really smooth and the lipstick glides on without any skipping or tugging on my lips. I now understand all of the hype with these lipsticks and maybe in the future I may try another shade.


And with that I conclude my Boxy Charm for the month of August! I have really been loving all the new items that are coming out and heading into the holiday season I can’t wait to see what we have coming our way!

The value of my box this month is:


Again well worth the value and a great subscription box to get. If you have been even considering getting Boxy Charm, take the plunge and get it! It’s well worth the money and gives you an opportunity to try different brands and products that we don’t normally get to try.

Boxy Charm is also coming out with a new Boxy Luxe edition that will come out every quarter and if I understand it correctly would be $28 on top of the $21 for the month but would have a value of $300 or more. The first one comes out in September so I will check it out and see what it’s all about.

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!


Yes, Oh YAS! : August 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box ! They offer 3-7 full size products each month for $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become an affiliate for their subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!

img_1701This month our theme was Cali Love and all about this gorgeous palette we got in the box! Lets now get into the products!

Beauty Creations Cosmetics; Cali Set Eyeshadow Palette                       Retail Price $17

When this palette was sneaked on the Yes, Oh Yas! Instagram my jaw just dropped this is such a gorgeous palette! The shades are all ones I use daily and love to create everyday looks with! I know the bright magenta Valley Girl shade might seem intimidating but in reality it blends beautifully and adds so much depth to a look. The formula on all of this shadows is incredible! They are buttery and creamy and smooth and amazing! And the pigment! This will quickly head up to my everyday rack as I will be using this all the time! This palette is such a great product to receive in the box!

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics; Natural Green Tea Blotting Papers         Retail Price $10-15

Sorme is a whole sale brand so when I look for different places to purchase these I found a variety of price ranges. We have gotten products form Sorme in quite a few of our most recent boxes and I really like the brand. It’s a really high quality brand. I personally haven’t every tried blotting papers (I normally just use coffee filters). These are really nice! I have been packing them around in my purse with me since I got them and I love to use them in the afternoons when my skin is getting just slightly oily in my T-zone. The thing I like the most about these blotting papers is that I can press them on my face and my make up isn’t disturbed. You also get a good amount of sheets in the package which is always super nice!



Masker Aide; Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask Retail Price $5

I am always a sucker for sheet masks so I really enjoy getting them in subscriptions. However I wish this would have been a set rather than just one. This will be added to my pamper myself collection of masks that I use on days when I’m in need of some rest and relaxation.




Laqa & Co; Cloud Lips Lip Stick; Shade- Cherub                                        Retail Price $17

I have received one of these lipsticks before from Laqa & Co in a darker shade and it’s amazing! The formula is very opaque and very, very smooth. I love how comfortable these are to wear and I was really excited to get this shade because it’s a more everyday wearable shade for me. I think these are super high quality lipsticks and the packaging is adorable with the shinny rose gold tube. A new favorite for me!


Crown Brush; Ombre Angle Brush Retail Price $14

Another favorite of mine to get as we all know are brushes! This feels like a natural hair brush with the ombre effect with the darkness at the ends. I have been using this to apply my blush the last few days and it really applies the product nicely. It picks up a lot of product as well so I have found I need o use a lighter hand depending on the product I am using but a good brush none the less.





Alrighty! That concludes my Yes, Oh Yas! box for the month of August and I love that we are getting a palette every month because the palettes are getting better and better! The total for this month box is:


Not the best value as we have had in the past but I do want to point out that Yes, Oh Yas! has inflated their values again which is kind of irritating to me. The only product I couldn’t find a price for was the Sorme product which happens often for me because of it being a whole sale company I have to find different retailers or trust the retail value provided. This month was probably the worst I have seen with how off their retail value was printed and what it actually was.

The printed retail value was $94.

That is almost a $30 different which is really shocking to me. I really like this subscription and I really like that they have set out to provide a new palette every month for the subscribers but I still find it misleading that they aren’t printing the write value. I don’t know if maybe the companies are providing conflicting information or if there is just a lack of researching being done but it doesn’t take much to look up these products and find the actual price.

That said, I am going to keep my subscription and continue to monitor the actual values. They have provided me with an affiliate link but after this research I don’t feel confident in putting it in my post this month. I am putting Yes, Oh Yas! on a probation in my mind and if I find that September is in a similar situation I am going to reach out to the company and see if I can get an answer to this debacle. I really hope it is just a mistake.


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!




Ipsy Review : August 2018

For those of you who don’t know about this subscription bag it is  $10 and contain 5 deluxe size samples (and sometimes full size products)  each month.

Ipsy starts with a beauty quiz that asks you questions about different things you like as well as your different features (i.e. Blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin). Each month you also can review the products your received; so if you love something you let them know and if you hate something you let them know.

Lets get into this months bag!

img_1682For some reason I forgot to get a full photo of the bag this month but it’s a bright orange canvas type material with bright yellow trim. It’s not may favorite bag just because I’m not the biggest fan of orange and yellow but I always find ways to use my bags after the fact.

Now for the goodies I got this month!

Pixi by Petra Blush- Shade: Beach Rose

This is such a nice blush! I always love getting powder products like this because it allows the ability to try them without the full commitment. This shade is a beautiful dusty terracotta shade and the pigment is there! I have s couple of other Pixi products and I think it’s a really luxe but affordable brand! I have loved everything I have tried from them so far and this was a really nice addition to my collection for the summer! I couldn’t find this on the Pixi website so I wasn’t able to link it to day.

Hikari Cosmetics; Cream Pigment Eyeshadow; Shade: Fierce             Retail Price $13

I am going to have to check but I’m pretty sure I have gotten a shadow from Hikari before. These are really nice high quality shadows with fantastic pigmentation and amazing shine! I don’t normally go for red shades like this so I will be stepping out of my comfort zone using it but I am really looking forward to giving this a try this coming fall and winter. This has a really nice and buttery consistency that I find amazing!


Glow For A Cause; Lip Love Lip Blam; Shade Flirt

This was a cute addition to our bag this month and for such a good cause. Glow For A Cause donates a good portion of their proceeds toward lots of non-profit organizations that range from cancer research to college scholarships to no-kill animal shelters. Which is really awesome that we are getting a product that serves a dual purpose. This is a really nice lip balm as well. It has a really nice smooth application and is buttery and leaves my lips feeling hydrated. I really enjoy that this came in our bag this month! I can always use different lip balms for at night and for the upcoming cold months.

Glamour Dolls; Sweet Treat Popsicle Lip Gloss; Shade; Peach                     Retail $4.99

This is my absolute favorite item I got this month! First off it’s the most adorable packaging which I am a sucker for and secondly this is a really nice gloss that smells like candy! The peachy color is one of my favorites and it has an very so slight shimmer to it that I absolutely love! I have been pairing this with a few of my other lipsticks as a center lip topper and it’s been the most adorable lip gloss! I am really loving this!

Ciate London; Glow-To Highlighter; Shade- Moondust                       Full Size Retail $29

Last but not least is this amazing highlighter from Ciate London! I was so impressed to see this in our bag and to be a really nice size I just couldn’t believe it! This highlighter is absolutely beautiful and makes such a statement when applied! It has a very smooth and buttery texture and I have been using it almost every day since I got it! The shade has a pink undertone which I am totally drawn to and love to apply! This also works really well with my more cool tone make up looks! The only thing I didn’t like about getting this in out bag is that it came in a plastic pan. Normally these come in metal pans and I can add them to my magnetic palettes with out any issues…this one will just have to sit on my desk and get used….clever marketing maybe on their part? you be the judge!

Any how that concludes my August Ipsy bag. I really loved this month! I hope I keep getting good bags like this! Do you get Ipsy? What did you get in your bag this month?

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Sephora Haul : August 2018

For my birthday my best friend got me a gift card for Sephora so I waited until I found a few things I really wanted and then made a small order! I thought I would share with you all what I got and the great deal I got on a couple of items!

So lets jump right in!

img_1414Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation-Shade Snow

I finally got the right shade of this foundation and I couldn’t be more happy with it! I will say this still has a yellow undertone to it but from watching different reviews of different Too Faced face products it sounds like most of their foundations and concealers are much more yellow based even when they claim to have neutral undertones. I do love this foundation however and it’s been a go to for the summer especially when I’m headed out somewhere in the heat and I know I need my face to stay all day!

Too Faced Melted Latex- Shade: Peek-a-Boo

When I ventured on to my Sephora App they were have a sale on the Melted Matte and Melted Latex lippies and I got them for only $10 each so of course I got two different shades! I really do like these latex lippies because you get the pay off of a lipstick with the shinny of a gloss. The one thing I have learned I need to do with all of these however is line my lips other wise they tend to bleed outside of my lip line which as we all know “ain’t cute”. But for more than half off I couldn’t pass these up!

Too Faced Melted Latex- Shade: But First, Lipstick

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss- Shade: Pure Peach

I have really been into glossy lips the last few months and I had wanted to try one of these when they originally launched but I just couldn’t see myself spending $19 on a lip gloss so I passed. Well when I got the gift card I thought now was a good time to give it a shot because I wasn’t really spending my own money on it. I do really like this gloss but the scent it slightly over powering. The shade is really flattering for me and I love to use it as a topper for some of my lighter lip colors! It’s not sticky and leaves my lips feeling nice after I have worn it for some time. I am happy I purchased this but I don’t think I would repurchase this or any of the other colors.

Tatcha- The Deep Cleanse

I had some points saved up so with the purchase I made I decided to give this a shot as one of the 100 point perks. I have heard such great reviews about Tatcha skin care and I thought it would be nice to give a try. This product has a mild exfoliant in it which I have found really helps get my skin clean! I have really liked using this and even though it’s a sample size there is quite a bit in there to use. I have really liked it and I may look at getting a full size!

But that concludes my most recent Sephora haul! I know it wasn’t much but I thought I would share regardless! I really have been loving using all of these products! If you like seeing Sephora hauls even if they are small like this post and I will look at doing more of them when I can!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Wedding Wednesday : August 2018 (Late)

Another Wedding Wednesday is here! This month we are talking about bridal party gifts and a few DIY’s on a budget!

This is becoming more and more of a trend in the recent years to give gifts to your bridal party as a thank you for being apart of the big day. I do partially agree with this because let me just say it can be expensive to be apart of the bridal party of someone else’s wedding especially if your having to fork over the amount for your dress, tux or suit, money for a gift and anything else you may be pitching in on to be apart of the bridal party- including bachelor and bachelorette parties and showers, etc.! It’s just can be expensive.

So as a bride and groom even though you have already been spending a chunk of change on your big day it is nice to put some money out to say thank you to those who have agreed to stand beside you on this big day!

I wanted to share with you all a few idea’s! This will be in a top five kind of style like we have done in the past.

1. Bridesmaid Survival Bags

I loved this idea for my bridesmaids! I went through and found all of the big day survival necessities. In this I included mini alcohol bottles, Band-Aids, hair ties, deodorant, hairspray, baby powder, chocolate, granola bars and a bunch more. It was nice to have this as a gift at the rehearsal dinner because then if any of them had forgotten anything then it was there and ready for them. I also found the most adorable bags that had “Bridesmaid” written on them so I thought it was super cute!

2. Groomsman Survival Kits

So similar to the ones for the bridesmaids I think it’s fun to put together some groomsman survival kits. I find these ones to be a little easier to put together. For this one you want to find a nice grooming bag or shaving kit bag to put everything in. Then you get pints of alcohol and snacks and that’s really it! The guys are usually easy. I do think the idea of socks and adding in aspirin are great for any hangovers that might be coming or any forgetful groomsmen.

3. Matching Jewelry Sets

I think is this something so special to get for you girls to remember the big day and all being together. Plus you want to find something that the girls can wear in the future so looking for something classy and chic with necklace and earrings. Rose gold is such a hot trend at the moment I think a nice and simple rose gold detail with some pearls would be stunning! Not only does a jewelry set really say thank you but it’s also something that will last a while!

4. Engraved Decanters

So for those that don’t know what a decanter is- it’s the really nice glass bottles that hold different types of nice alcohol. These are the perfect guy gifts because most of them won’t have one and you can have it engraved with just about anything you want highlighting not only them but also that they shared in you big day. I really love this idea!

5. Flask Sets

This is something that works well for the whole bridal party! Flasks can also be engraved with names and fun phrases to commemorate the big day! I also really like that if you give these ahead of time then you all can use them at the wedding and make it like a secret just among the bridal party (especially if you don’t have an open bar). I absolutely love having special moments with the bridal party as a whole because these are the people you have asked to be involved in your big day and these are the ones you will be spending the most time with during the wedding! Make it count!

These are only a few ideas and there are so many out there but they are some of my favorites! I love the sentiment a gift carries and as a bride and groom it’s really important to remember the time and money that the bridal party puts out to be apart of the big day. Thank them!

I hope this is helpful in planning out some gifts! It’s really does mean a lot when you put together a thoughtful gift!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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Growth I Have Seen In Myself

As I have shared a lot of the reason I have this blog is not only a creative outlet but also to help me document moments in my life that have changed me to help me become a happier and healthier me!

Sometimes it isn’t the until a challenge presents itself when growth is seen and it’s surprising because it all sinks in at once.

A few weeks ago I was presented with a difficult person. This person wouldn’t let up and just kept slinging words at me left and right. It began to bubble over to the point they were inches from my face yelling and screaming at me.

The old Courtney would have spouted right back. She would have stood taller and attempted to look down on this other person. She would have retorted back in an even harsher tongue. She wouldn’t have let this person forget her and learn to never cross her again.

However a new Courtney emerged. She remained calm and was handled this person with a soft hand, attempting to deescalate the problem rather than adding fuel to the fire. She lowered her voice and with grace explained her reasoning.

This interaction was so much of an outer body experience for me I couldn’t even believe I had just handled that situation the way I had! But once the moment had come and gone and I was reflecting on the moment I couldn’t help but to think of how proud I was of myself for this positive change.

I really have grown and seeing that change in my mind is possible is so overwhelmingly amazing. I have been working hard on finding better ways to manage my stress and I have been trying to journal more. I have found that reading new and different self improvement books have really made an impact as well. It truly is the simple things that have been making the biggest difference.

The other big moment was learning that I need to let go of the things I cannot control. It can be difficult at times but once you have released the hurt, the hate, the anxious feeling and realized that there is a plan in place you really feel liberated.

Remember you are a work in progress and you can change.

I wasn’t sure it was possible as an adult but I’m seeing more and more that I can grow and change more than I ever though possible. I always thought “that’s just how I am, deal with it”, but in fact I can change and I can grow!

I cannot wait to see how much more I can change and how much more satisfied I can be life! Just a short few months ago I was down and down deep. I had reached a point of unhappiness that I didn’t realize was achievable especially when I felt I was such and optimistic person and such a happy person. But now I see a brighter light and I know that my sparkle is back!

Always keep growing and always keep your sparkle bright!

Make Up Tutorial : Full Face Colour Pop

With the latest launches from Colour Pop I now have the ability to share with you an one brand tutorial! I am so excited to bring on another tutorial and with such and affordable brand!

So lets get started!

As with anything you will want to moisturize your skin before applying anything thing else. I find this to be a big step in my make up routine so that I don’t have to much odd texture or weird area’s with my skin. I can definitely tell when I haven’t been taking care of my skin because my make up doesn’t apply nearly as well as it should!img_0782

Like I stated in my wedding make up routine I absolutely love the Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer.

Ok now for the tutorial! I love that Colour Pop has come out with incredible face products! We are going to start with the All Star Matte + Blur Primer. This stuff smells like candy.img_1403 Like I stated in my last haul post about this I don’t know that this totally keeps my face matte because my skin has been acting up but it is really nice and I do enjoy using it.


Next up depending on what I am feeling like doing I either choose to start with my eyes or my face. If I’m doing darker colors on the eyes then I start there. If I am doing more of an every day look I start with my face. Today because I am heading to work I am going to do more of an every day look.

After I am primed and ready to go I apply my foundation! I was so excited about this foundation and the match tool that Colour Pop offered!img_1564 And because of it I ordered the perfect shade! I am in the shade Fair 30. img_1566I like to apply my foundation first with a brush and then I blend it out with my sponge.

Next up is concealer and YES! I finally found the right shade! I am in shade img_1569Light 12 and now that I have been using it more I like to use Fair 06 to some specific spots to really pull some brightness to certain areas. img_1570

I like to apply this to the under eye’s, down my nose, cupids bow, chin and forehead. This helps to bring light to the center of my face. And I also blend this out with a sponge.

Now it’s time to set. I will set area’s where I put concealerimg_1573 with the Translucent Loose Setting Powder they offer.  If I’m feeling fancy I will do a bit of “baking” though I’m not the best at it but I try it every once in a while. With this I use my damp sponge to pick up some powder and press it into my skin over the concealer. I find that it really applies nicely and really sets my concealer.

From there I like to set the reimg_1575st of my face with the Light Pressed Powder foundation. This doesn’t really give off a whole lot of coverage and it makes my face look smooth without looking cakey! I really like it to help blend out the rest of the powders on my face.

At this point I like to finish up my face. I will do my bronzer, blush and highlighter.

The Step Right Up face duo with bronzer and highlighter has been one of my favorites recently and I feel like I have been using it like crazy! For blush I used an older palette that I have had from when Colour Pop first started dabbling in pressed powder formulas and it’s still one of my favorites. The blush is a nice bright pink and the highlight is a soft peachy pink that I absolutely love!

And now just take a moment for how beautiful these two highlights are together! I was so surprise I actually was able to get this to pick up in a photo! I don’t normally get this lucky but here we are blining it up!

Now before you scoff and say “I thought this was an everyday look!” this is pretty close to every day for me and it’s a Friday Every Day so a little bit extra at the end of a long week!

Alright who is ready for brows! Well I’m not going to do anything too in-depth because I was blessed with a decent brow shape and I just given them a little more structure and depth. Colour Pop offers really nice brow pencils with very fine points that I truly love! With the colors they offerimg_1584 I use two different ones. I use Blondie and Dope Taupe Precision Brow Pencils. I put the Blondie shade in the front part of my brows to give a more natural look and then I fill in the tail with the Dope Taupe. This shade is just slightly too dark for me so I don’t like to img_1587be too heavy handed because I really like a  more natural brow. I finish it off with the Brow Boss Clear Brow Gel!

img_1588-5And BAM! Brows!

It’s now time for the eyes! I love eyeshadow! I know not everyone likes to fuss with it on the daily but I absolutely love creating different looks even if they are just to wear to work! So for this I used the Fortune Palette which was the big warm tone palette they came out with earlier this year.

And just a reminder! I am not a professional by any means I just really enjoy doing my make up and having a good time with it! This also is what I would wear for an everyday look to work and in fact I’m wearing it today at work!

So to start I used the shade Mo Problems as my transition color. This shade comes off much more orange on the eye than it looks in the pan but I’m not made about it. I like to blend this in and build it up a bit.

Next is the shade Wiser. This one is lighter than the first but I used it to add some depth and another color to the crease. I tried to keep it a bit lower than the first shade I applied just so that it really just was adding in depth.

I personally don’t feel any eye look is complete without some sort of burgundy or red in my crease/outer corner! I absolutely love how it makes my green eyes pop! So I took the shade Tave and added that to my look.

Now it’s time fore SHIMMER!!! This palette has so many amazing and gorgeous shimmers to choose from including a duo-chrome shade. I personally decided to keep it simple and use the soft gold shade called Oracle. I always apply shimmers wet but these really don’t need any thing to help them look amazing!

To deepen up the outer corner I added a small amount of the shade Fortunate just to help blend the shimmer in and to give my eye a little more depth.

And just like that we are all finished! The only things left are setting spray, mascara and lipstick. One thing I have learned to do is to use my setting spray prior to putting on my mascara because for some reason I always end up with some sort of transfer and I just don’t have time for that!

So for my last three steps I used the All Star Setting Spray. img_1401Like I had said in my haul post this stuff smells like candy! The sprayer isn’t the absolute best I have used but I do really like how it sets my make up. I don’t stay matte the whole day but with some simple blotting I can take care of any excess oil.

To finish off the look the last Colour Pop product I used was the Ultra Satin Lip in the Shade Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful warm pink shade. I don’t wear it as much as I would like because sometimes I forget I have it but I thought it fit perfectly with my look today.  I also applied some mascara which is the only non Colour Pop product on my face today. I have a few good ones at the moment and a couple of samples I have been trying to use up so I used the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara today.

The finished looked:



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you like seeing this content. I really love playing with different eye looks and I feel like I am only getting better each time!

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