Make Up Tutorial : Full Face Colour Pop

With the latest launches from Colour Pop I now have the ability to share with you an one brand tutorial! I am so excited to bring on another tutorial and with such and affordable brand!

So lets get started!

As with anything you will want to moisturize your skin before applying anything thing else. I find this to be a big step in my make up routine so that I don’t have to much odd texture or weird area’s with my skin. I can definitely tell when I haven’t been taking care of my skin because my make up doesn’t apply nearly as well as it should!img_0782

Like I stated in my wedding make up routine I absolutely love the Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer.

Ok now for the tutorial! I love that Colour Pop has come out with incredible face products! We are going to start with the All Star Matte + Blur Primer. This stuff smells like candy.img_1403 Like I stated in my last haul post about this I don’t know that this totally keeps my face matte because my skin has been acting up but it is really nice and I do enjoy using it.


Next up depending on what I am feeling like doing I either choose to start with my eyes or my face. If I’m doing darker colors on the eyes then I start there. If I am doing more of an every day look I start with my face. Today because I am heading to work I am going to do more of an every day look.

After I am primed and ready to go I apply my foundation! I was so excited about this foundation and the match tool that Colour Pop offered!img_1564 And because of it I ordered the perfect shade! I am in the shade Fair 30. img_1566I like to apply my foundation first with a brush and then I blend it out with my sponge.

Next up is concealer and YES! I finally found the right shade! I am in shade img_1569Light 12 and now that I have been using it more I like to use Fair 06 to some specific spots to really pull some brightness to certain areas. img_1570

I like to apply this to the under eye’s, down my nose, cupids bow, chin and forehead. This helps to bring light to the center of my face. And I also blend this out with a sponge.

Now it’s time to set. I will set area’s where I put concealerimg_1573 with the Translucent Loose Setting Powder they offer.  If I’m feeling fancy I will do a bit of “baking” though I’m not the best at it but I try it every once in a while. With this I use my damp sponge to pick up some powder and press it into my skin over the concealer. I find that it really applies nicely and really sets my concealer.

From there I like to set the reimg_1575st of my face with the Light Pressed Powder foundation. This doesn’t really give off a whole lot of coverage and it makes my face look smooth without looking cakey! I really like it to help blend out the rest of the powders on my face.

At this point I like to finish up my face. I will do my bronzer, blush and highlighter.

The Step Right Up face duo with bronzer and highlighter has been one of my favorites recently and I feel like I have been using it like crazy! For blush I used an older palette that I have had from when Colour Pop first started dabbling in pressed powder formulas and it’s still one of my favorites. The blush is a nice bright pink and the highlight is a soft peachy pink that I absolutely love!

And now just take a moment for how beautiful these two highlights are together! I was so surprise I actually was able to get this to pick up in a photo! I don’t normally get this lucky but here we are blining it up!

Now before you scoff and say “I thought this was an everyday look!” this is pretty close to every day for me and it’s a Friday Every Day so a little bit extra at the end of a long week!

Alright who is ready for brows! Well I’m not going to do anything too in-depth because I was blessed with a decent brow shape and I just given them a little more structure and depth. Colour Pop offers really nice brow pencils with very fine points that I truly love! With the colors they offerimg_1584 I use two different ones. I use Blondie and Dope Taupe Precision Brow Pencils. I put the Blondie shade in the front part of my brows to give a more natural look and then I fill in the tail with the Dope Taupe. This shade is just slightly too dark for me so I don’t like to img_1587be too heavy handed because I really like a  more natural brow. I finish it off with the Brow Boss Clear Brow Gel!

img_1588-5And BAM! Brows!

It’s now time for the eyes! I love eyeshadow! I know not everyone likes to fuss with it on the daily but I absolutely love creating different looks even if they are just to wear to work! So for this I used the Fortune Palette which was the big warm tone palette they came out with earlier this year.

And just a reminder! I am not a professional by any means I just really enjoy doing my make up and having a good time with it! This also is what I would wear for an everyday look to work and in fact I’m wearing it today at work!

So to start I used the shade Mo Problems as my transition color. This shade comes off much more orange on the eye than it looks in the pan but I’m not made about it. I like to blend this in and build it up a bit.

Next is the shade Wiser. This one is lighter than the first but I used it to add some depth and another color to the crease. I tried to keep it a bit lower than the first shade I applied just so that it really just was adding in depth.

I personally don’t feel any eye look is complete without some sort of burgundy or red in my crease/outer corner! I absolutely love how it makes my green eyes pop! So I took the shade Tave and added that to my look.

Now it’s time fore SHIMMER!!! This palette has so many amazing and gorgeous shimmers to choose from including a duo-chrome shade. I personally decided to keep it simple and use the soft gold shade called Oracle. I always apply shimmers wet but these really don’t need any thing to help them look amazing!

To deepen up the outer corner I added a small amount of the shade Fortunate just to help blend the shimmer in and to give my eye a little more depth.

And just like that we are all finished! The only things left are setting spray, mascara and lipstick. One thing I have learned to do is to use my setting spray prior to putting on my mascara because for some reason I always end up with some sort of transfer and I just don’t have time for that!

So for my last three steps I used the All Star Setting Spray. img_1401Like I had said in my haul post this stuff smells like candy! The sprayer isn’t the absolute best I have used but I do really like how it sets my make up. I don’t stay matte the whole day but with some simple blotting I can take care of any excess oil.

To finish off the look the last Colour Pop product I used was the Ultra Satin Lip in the Shade Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful warm pink shade. I don’t wear it as much as I would like because sometimes I forget I have it but I thought it fit perfectly with my look today.  I also applied some mascara which is the only non Colour Pop product on my face today. I have a few good ones at the moment and a couple of samples I have been trying to use up so I used the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara today.

The finished looked:



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you like seeing this content. I really love playing with different eye looks and I feel like I am only getting better each time!

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