Growth I Have Seen In Myself

As I have shared a lot of the reason I have this blog is not only a creative outlet but also to help me document moments in my life that have changed me to help me become a happier and healthier me!

Sometimes it isn’t the until a challenge presents itself when growth is seen and it’s surprising because it all sinks in at once.

A few weeks ago I was presented with a difficult person. This person wouldn’t let up and just kept slinging words at me left and right. It began to bubble over to the point they were inches from my face yelling and screaming at me.

The old Courtney would have spouted right back. She would have stood taller and attempted to look down on this other person. She would have retorted back in an even harsher tongue. She wouldn’t have let this person forget her and learn to never cross her again.

However a new Courtney emerged. She remained calm and was handled this person with a soft hand, attempting to deescalate the problem rather than adding fuel to the fire. She lowered her voice and with grace explained her reasoning.

This interaction was so much of an outer body experience for me I couldn’t even believe I had just handled that situation the way I had! But once the moment had come and gone and I was reflecting on the moment I couldn’t help but to think of how proud I was of myself for this positive change.

I really have grown and seeing that change in my mind is possible is so overwhelmingly amazing. I have been working hard on finding better ways to manage my stress and I have been trying to journal more. I have found that reading new and different self improvement books have really made an impact as well. It truly is the simple things that have been making the biggest difference.

The other big moment was learning that I need to let go of the things I cannot control. It can be difficult at times but once you have released the hurt, the hate, the anxious feeling and realized that there is a plan in place you really feel liberated.

Remember you are a work in progress and you can change.

I wasn’t sure it was possible as an adult but I’m seeing more and more that I can grow and change more than I ever though possible. I always thought “that’s just how I am, deal with it”, but in fact I can change and I can grow!

I cannot wait to see how much more I can change and how much more satisfied I can be life! Just a short few months ago I was down and down deep. I had reached a point of unhappiness that I didn’t realize was achievable especially when I felt I was such and optimistic person and such a happy person. But now I see a brighter light and I know that my sparkle is back!

Always keep growing and always keep your sparkle bright!

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