Wedding Wednesday : August 2018 (Late)

Another Wedding Wednesday is here! This month we are talking about bridal party gifts and a few DIY’s on a budget!

This is becoming more and more of a trend in the recent years to give gifts to your bridal party as a thank you for being apart of the big day. I do partially agree with this because let me just say it can be expensive to be apart of the bridal party of someone else’s wedding especially if your having to fork over the amount for your dress, tux or suit, money for a gift and anything else you may be pitching in on to be apart of the bridal party- including bachelor and bachelorette parties and showers, etc.! It’s just can be expensive.

So as a bride and groom even though you have already been spending a chunk of change on your big day it is nice to put some money out to say thank you to those who have agreed to stand beside you on this big day!

I wanted to share with you all a few idea’s! This will be in a top five kind of style like we have done in the past.

1. Bridesmaid Survival Bags

I loved this idea for my bridesmaids! I went through and found all of the big day survival necessities. In this I included mini alcohol bottles, Band-Aids, hair ties, deodorant, hairspray, baby powder, chocolate, granola bars and a bunch more. It was nice to have this as a gift at the rehearsal dinner because then if any of them had forgotten anything then it was there and ready for them. I also found the most adorable bags that had “Bridesmaid” written on them so I thought it was super cute!

2. Groomsman Survival Kits

So similar to the ones for the bridesmaids I think it’s fun to put together some groomsman survival kits. I find these ones to be a little easier to put together. For this one you want to find a nice grooming bag or shaving kit bag to put everything in. Then you get pints of alcohol and snacks and that’s really it! The guys are usually easy. I do think the idea of socks and adding in aspirin are great for any hangovers that might be coming or any forgetful groomsmen.

3. Matching Jewelry Sets

I think is this something so special to get for you girls to remember the big day and all being together. Plus you want to find something that the girls can wear in the future so looking for something classy and chic with necklace and earrings. Rose gold is such a hot trend at the moment I think a nice and simple rose gold detail with some pearls would be stunning! Not only does a jewelry set really say thank you but it’s also something that will last a while!

4. Engraved Decanters

So for those that don’t know what a decanter is- it’s the really nice glass bottles that hold different types of nice alcohol. These are the perfect guy gifts because most of them won’t have one and you can have it engraved with just about anything you want highlighting not only them but also that they shared in you big day. I really love this idea!

5. Flask Sets

This is something that works well for the whole bridal party! Flasks can also be engraved with names and fun phrases to commemorate the big day! I also really like that if you give these ahead of time then you all can use them at the wedding and make it like a secret just among the bridal party (especially if you don’t have an open bar). I absolutely love having special moments with the bridal party as a whole because these are the people you have asked to be involved in your big day and these are the ones you will be spending the most time with during the wedding! Make it count!

These are only a few ideas and there are so many out there but they are some of my favorites! I love the sentiment a gift carries and as a bride and groom it’s really important to remember the time and money that the bridal party puts out to be apart of the big day. Thank them!

I hope this is helpful in planning out some gifts! It’s really does mean a lot when you put together a thoughtful gift!

Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!

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