Yes, Oh YAS! : August 2018

Yes, Oh Yas! is a new monthly subscription box ! They offer 3-7 full size products each month for $14.99 plus $3.99 shipping. This box allows you to discover new make up and beauty brands.

Yes, Oh Yas! actually reached out to me to become an affiliate for their subscription box.  They did give me a code to share with you all for 10% off you first box.


I will always keep my opinions on the products honest, true and my own.

So lets get into this months box!

img_1701This month our theme was Cali Love and all about this gorgeous palette we got in the box! Lets now get into the products!

Beauty Creations Cosmetics; Cali Set Eyeshadow Palette                       Retail Price $17

When this palette was sneaked on the Yes, Oh Yas! Instagram my jaw just dropped this is such a gorgeous palette! The shades are all ones I use daily and love to create everyday looks with! I know the bright magenta Valley Girl shade might seem intimidating but in reality it blends beautifully and adds so much depth to a look. The formula on all of this shadows is incredible! They are buttery and creamy and smooth and amazing! And the pigment! This will quickly head up to my everyday rack as I will be using this all the time! This palette is such a great product to receive in the box!

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics; Natural Green Tea Blotting Papers         Retail Price $10-15

Sorme is a whole sale brand so when I look for different places to purchase these I found a variety of price ranges. We have gotten products form Sorme in quite a few of our most recent boxes and I really like the brand. It’s a really high quality brand. I personally haven’t every tried blotting papers (I normally just use coffee filters). These are really nice! I have been packing them around in my purse with me since I got them and I love to use them in the afternoons when my skin is getting just slightly oily in my T-zone. The thing I like the most about these blotting papers is that I can press them on my face and my make up isn’t disturbed. You also get a good amount of sheets in the package which is always super nice!



Masker Aide; Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask Retail Price $5

I am always a sucker for sheet masks so I really enjoy getting them in subscriptions. However I wish this would have been a set rather than just one. This will be added to my pamper myself collection of masks that I use on days when I’m in need of some rest and relaxation.




Laqa & Co; Cloud Lips Lip Stick; Shade- Cherub                                        Retail Price $17

I have received one of these lipsticks before from Laqa & Co in a darker shade and it’s amazing! The formula is very opaque and very, very smooth. I love how comfortable these are to wear and I was really excited to get this shade because it’s a more everyday wearable shade for me. I think these are super high quality lipsticks and the packaging is adorable with the shinny rose gold tube. A new favorite for me!


Crown Brush; Ombre Angle Brush Retail Price $14

Another favorite of mine to get as we all know are brushes! This feels like a natural hair brush with the ombre effect with the darkness at the ends. I have been using this to apply my blush the last few days and it really applies the product nicely. It picks up a lot of product as well so I have found I need o use a lighter hand depending on the product I am using but a good brush none the less.





Alrighty! That concludes my Yes, Oh Yas! box for the month of August and I love that we are getting a palette every month because the palettes are getting better and better! The total for this month box is:


Not the best value as we have had in the past but I do want to point out that Yes, Oh Yas! has inflated their values again which is kind of irritating to me. The only product I couldn’t find a price for was the Sorme product which happens often for me because of it being a whole sale company I have to find different retailers or trust the retail value provided. This month was probably the worst I have seen with how off their retail value was printed and what it actually was.

The printed retail value was $94.

That is almost a $30 different which is really shocking to me. I really like this subscription and I really like that they have set out to provide a new palette every month for the subscribers but I still find it misleading that they aren’t printing the write value. I don’t know if maybe the companies are providing conflicting information or if there is just a lack of researching being done but it doesn’t take much to look up these products and find the actual price.

That said, I am going to keep my subscription and continue to monitor the actual values. They have provided me with an affiliate link but after this research I don’t feel confident in putting it in my post this month. I am putting Yes, Oh Yas! on a probation in my mind and if I find that September is in a similar situation I am going to reach out to the company and see if I can get an answer to this debacle. I really hope it is just a mistake.


Thank you for stopping by and keep an eye out for what might be up around the curve!




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